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Found 11 results

  1. Corner BUG

    Hello everyone, today, together with a friend we tested several things on Battalion and we found a huge bug. In all these cases the enemy could not see me. We wanted to analyze this problem because often my friend when engage with the sniper died without seeing the enemy, this makes the game quite unbalanced so it seems appropriate to report it.
  2. On dedicated server, it is not possible to decrease the score for a teamkill. teamkillscore=-5 doesn't work, .... it gives +5 instead to -5 ! teamkillscore=0 gives +5 points
  3. Hi ! New player here. Been playing for like 1 day, everything seemed to work. But now, when i'm launching the game through steam, the launcher runs, i select my region and click play, the game runs on the start screen but this message is appearing : "Game was run without anti-cheat enabled. Please restart from the laucher." I've seen many people talking about this issue but there is no real fix Thanks for your answers if you have some !
  4. Hello devs, i'm reporting this bug that i hope you can fix. I can't set the process "battalion.exe" to high priority in task manager. I was normally doing it 3 days ago. I used to do it in order to fix fps drops and improve the smooth of the game. I've also reported the bug in the game. I'm really enjoying the game but i would like to play it smooth like 3 days ago. Other people have this problem aswell and used to fix with my same method Thank you.
  5. I have had a couple of games where filling players were put into the wrong side making the game a 4v6 or worse. I thought they just didn't select the right team/auto select when connecting but I got put into the allied as a 6th man when specifically choosing the Axis side. Matchmaking servers should probably not allow a side to be over 5 players to begin with. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Hello there, I am not sure if someone already meantion that but on German helmets there is an inconsistence – vectors of the model are not connected together which happened into a small empty space – in the place of symmetry. It is a small graphic design bug. It is not so important but it is still a defect. Thanks M. I. – krvo
  7. Server Log Day 1

    Hello, Just thought I'd pop the log up from Day 1. Noticed a lot of crashes relating to too much CPU being used for 0 players, hope it is of some use.
  8. Lootboxes when leveling up?

    So my mate got a lootbox when he reached level 2, i didn't?
  9. Untrusted system file

    I cannot post in tech support forum dont blame me pls I select EU-WEST, click play, soon a message pops up indicating error 0xc0000005. I click ok, then another message appears saying "Untrusted system file (C:\Windows\System32\api-ms-win-core-file-l2-1-0.dll)
  10. Cant create bug report

    Hi, I'm unable to create a bug report. Is there some limitation?
  11. Club Error

    Hello, @[CM] BigTuna or whomever runs the forums on this website. I tried making a blog under our platoon and it totally bugged out.. Whenever anyone tries to view it to join it you get this error. I clicked the contact us and haven't heard back. Sincerely, UCJOHN