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Found 8 results

  1. After seeing the Gallantry LAN I wanted to play the game again and see what the MU2 is all about. A little history about me is below. I've been playing CoD2 competitive since 2005 and later switched over for CoD4. Between the death of CoD4 and Battalion 1944 I've played Overwatch and PUBG. I'm generally a nice guy who get's along with others. Real name: Paul Polling Game nick: Xtreem Age: 27 | Role: Scope, but can adjust with other weapons to fit the team their need! City: Breda, the Netherlands Spoken Languages: Dutch, English and German (Can understand 75% of it, speak around 1%) Activity: I work in a rotating work schedule with early, day, late and night shifts. LAN’s: Dreamhack Winter 2008, The Lag v1 and v4, Regroup 16, NRG LAN v1 and v2, The Party 5, 7, 9 and 10, LAN-macht, TLS Prague, Campzone 2008, FoM 10.1, 14.0 and 15.0, The Reality 7, CIC 7, AEF 2010, BGLAN v3 and v4, SAGE, ESM, Antec Arena 2012 and GAMEBOX LAN. Teams CoD2: Potencial (poEEE, sPi, FEVER, deadeye, Xtreem) diamondZ eV (stuwow, mEp, prekii, Qic, Xtreem) mouseFX (bluez, phanz, glowixz, bazu, Xtreem) Target eSports (rix, fastx, head, hirannor, Xtreem) proteq eSports (rix, dommel, bluez, pRinS, Xtreem) Teams CoD4: MCON eSports (blitzz, wAde, IVO-, Qic, Xtreem) Regez (xndR, ploxxio, ROBZZ, Rk0, Xtreem) Versus.Pro (xndR, neyki, kix, pride, Xtreem) Regez (xndR, switcher, bluez, Xtreem) ART Gaming (smy, drayen, snatje, stoonez, Xtreem) Results CoD2: #1 Benelux Gaming LAN v3 #1 The LAG v1 #1 The LAG v4 #2 Xleague.tv Steelseries tournament (online) Results CoD4: #1 Benelux Gaming LAN v3 #2 LAN macht #2 Antec Arena LAN 2012 #2 Frag-o-Matic 15.1 #2 Campzone 2008 #3 GAMEBOX LAN #3 eNeRGyLAN #7-8 The Party 7 #7-8 Frag-o-Matic 10.1 #7-8 The Reality VII Some Old Screenshots Video’s https://youtu.be/zwzhlvXOQxE https://youtu.be/f18EYBZWWIw Contact Steam: ppollingx Twitter: https://twitter.com/XtreemNL Discord: Xtreem#6612
  2. HappiDada

    Steam Beta

    Hey guys, Im not sure if you would be up for it but I know Steam has the ability to issue "beta" updates to clients that have a valid beta key. To avoid so much 0day push back on potential errors and to increase QA with those users who know what it means to actually be a dev and not necessarily find all bugs it may be nice to setup the ability for a select group to help you with the QA. Just a thought and I'd be happy to be part of that. Could be as simple as an opt-in on the forums. Thanks; Happi
  3. SojerManLan

    Will I be able to run CB?

    Hello, I want to check out new beta, but I'm curious about my FPS. Will Core 2 Duo E8400 proccessor, Geforce GT 730 graphics, 4GB RAM and Windows 7 run this beta?
  4. YouTube video about my opinion in greater detail coming on my channel! Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR4sMd9eRpN_i8O1ha6JILw?view_as=subscriber Ok so I have received email two days ago regarding my participation in beta. I have read the email yesterday, downloaded the beta and waited until 6pm (UK Time). Here are my first impressions of the beta. Started the game around 18:05, only to find out my client is "outdated", little research allowed me to find out that it means the server is not on yet. I launched the game again after 15mins, again after 30mins, and again after 45mins and still the same problem, I was getting really impatient at this point Finally the client updated itself around 19:05, so I was waiting until it finishes and relaunched the game First problem was when clicking the ARCADE button in multiplayer section the game didn't respond. Now I would like to clarify that I have participated in BETAs before and I understand that there may be plenty of game-breaking bugs. I decided to play around training area, to see the guns and basic animations, nothing impressive there but wasn't bad either so can't complain. Controls were also pretty straightforward (a thing I expected from FPS games at this point) So I decided to relaunch the game only to find out that anti-cheat failed (like I said it's beta so I expected it at one point or another). One more relaunch the game allowed me to join the queue for the match So after 5mins in a queue the game decided to turn itself off, so at this point I was getting a bit more stressed out Relaunched the game and anti-cheat failed again One more launch and the game joined in the multiplayer match. One of the maps was loading for around 5mins and after that it kicked me out again Ok I must admit at that point I was getting really furious, but decided to give it one more chance regardless Finally after about 10mins of total loading I joined the match, but PING was too bad (may be my internet because it is acting strange recently) When it tried to launch another map it crashed yet AGAIN Ok so I gave up at this point. In total I spent maybe 30mins playing (20mins in TRAINING area) and a good 1hr of loading screens So my opinion of this beta is really bad, possibly the worst beta I have ever played (I have played CBT in games such as Don't Starve Together, War Thunder Ground Forces and World of Warplanes) and of course I did encounter some bugs but NO WHERE NEAR as many as in this game. A very stressful experience didn't allow me to do more that 5mins of gameplay recording and the rest was just phone recording (which I use for webcam in my videos) of me waiting, playing with guinea pigs and getting pissed off. But forgetting about beta experience, I tried to also look in game's mechanisms and very limited gameplay time. The game is just like old CoD, which it describes itself to be on Steam page. There are no major improvements in anything gameplay-wise. The graphics were rather average, didn't shine but I won't hate the game on this because that was one of the few pros I have experienced. The guns feel well in shooting, the recoil settings are perfect, and the reloading animations are very well made. They were smooth and realistic. All other animations were also decent (I have seen alpha's sprinting animation which was ridiculous that thankfully was changed). Now let's get to the cons. The game is no different to standard FPS games we are used to. I know that in this genre you do not have much area to shine and to make substantial improvements, but I did have hopes that this game would redesign some aspects to make them better. Maybe just my hopes, but they were crushed as soon as I joined the first match. 5v5 players is far too small to make match interesting, and with the fact that I was already furious by bugs and getting killed by quickscopers. In fact it felt like a CoD copy with less players. The only map I have tried was with a church in the middle and wasn't great in design either. Of course the game wasn't well optimized yet for my system (my rig details at the bottom of this review), but it's a small con since I still could play at 40fps with recording on (keep in mind that it was beta so I expected it). But what I think the game's biggest cons is the Western European Front of 1944/early 1945 is used waaaayyyy too many times. It's so popular that in fact it shouldn't be used anymore. Any attempt of creating something interesting on that subject will make me feel like a copy of a more popular title. Why can't you use other frontlines or time periods of WW2 (for example early Eastern Front of 1941-43, Sino-Japanese War, Polish, French, Norwegian or Dutch occupation of 1940, Blitz, or even North Africa)? This is a note for ALL FPS developers! One last con to top it off is that the game is Multiplayer only, a campaign would always be a welcome addition (this is a con I used for Red Orchestra 2 and Rising Storm Vietnam). Ok so to finish my review here is more straightforward list of pros and cons: PROS Graphics aren't bad Shooting felt decent Animations are well made Controls aren't complicated Gun details are ok CONS THE WHOLE BETA FELT INCREDIBLY SHITE AND MORE LIKE EARLY ALPHA A copy of older CoDs with all mechanisms just copied over The whole game felt just lazy in design, the developers took no initiative to create something unique and remarkable Seriously the MOST used WW2 frontline of all (Western Europe 1944) got boring No campaign 5v5 matches are not encouraging involvement and are boring Mediocre map design This game crushed all my hopes and dreams of breaking FPS genre Here are some notes to developers: Next time please take notice of other WW2 events to make your game more unique If this games manages to be successful than please invest in campaign Increase 10 players cap to at least 12 (preferably 14 even) Maps aren't engaging too much, why not add explosions there and there or animation of building collapsing (if the budget allows of course) When releasing beta at least bring it to some standard (my experience of it as you can tell was extremely bad) My rig details: CPU: AMD FX 6300 (3.5Ghz 6 core) RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz GPU: MSI GTX 1050ti HDD: 1TB 7200 RPM Western Digital (the one I installed the game on, I also have an SSD) OS: Windows 7 Pro 64bit Thanks for reading this review, and please understand that I do not try to hate the game without a need, just giving it rough time where it deserves and credit where it earned it.
  5. sHope BRAMMERTRON-Today at 1:59 PM @everyone GIVING AWAY 10 KEYS ON TWITCH - http://twitch.tv/Brammertron SEND ME SOME COOL BATTALION CLIPS TO WATCH! Hope its not to late
  6. If someone has more keys, i like one!
  7. Hi, I was wondering if I could get in contact with any dev because I had pre-ordered the game from humble bundle (closed beta) after the end of the kickstarter and have never received my key (I obviously have evidence of purchase). Thanks in advance.
  8. MickyKlashnikov

    PS4 and Xbox One timeframe

    I’m just itching for any shred of info on Console timeframes. Any words or thoughts. I know PC is the focus right now, so I’m just hopeful for any news at all. Did I mention I’m super excited to get my hands on this game so I can stroke it gently