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Found 1 result

  1. Sup fellas. So i just wanted to make a small post on some quick thoughts iv had about battalion recently...mostly out of boredom So we have all seen the gameplay video for battalion and fuck me its great looking...already looks more fun than any game iv played over the past few years. Bulkhead as expected know what what the community want and how to deliver it and to me this reinforces how successful this game can be. I backed battalion and days of war as they both started on kickstarter and iv always had the feeling that bulkhead had a more concrete basis and bigger target audience than driven arts had meaning they would more than likely be much more successful than driven arts. Since the start of DoW being kickstarted iv been signed up to there forums and reading/making topics and same with battalion but the big difference is that driven arts had attracted the day of defeat playerbase who fundamentally reject mostly anything CoD like to the point of basically alienating themselves to there own very small community as they had driven away any other feedback or ideas on how to change DoW on the forums and discord etc. This in turn has now lead to the game being basically dead and as of current anyone of their discord is now just awaiting new updates from devs (mainly the new movement animations). What i would say here is iv done everything i can on the forums,discord and chatting to the devs at driven arts to try get the dev's to move away from the DoD gameplay direction they have pursued and made them aware during the full development process of the risk there taking in catering to the DoD playerbase as small as it is and not taking seriously enough the feedback from other players from different audiences which in turn is a much bigger audience than DoD. Iv told them what they should consider changing direction through out the process to make there game more successful and its not been until very recently after they released to EA and videos of feedback on their game have been made by people like Phantasy that they seem to be listening a bit more and making changes based on these videos (the same changes iv been telling them to make during there full alpha process) but its all a bit too late as most people interested in the game got there taste of DoW and didnt like what they seen so then driven arts since have taken a more broad variety of feedback onboard from non DoD playerbases but again too late as first impressions count most and they missed that with there DoD based EA release. Anyways what im getting at is mainly that the bulkhead team seemed to have had there heads screwed on during the full process of development and knew exactly how to make there game successful whereas driven arts i cant say the same. I dont want to specifically bash the driven arts team as iv talked to lee and they have done what they said they would do ....taken feedback onboard from the community...but they have taken the wrong feedback onboard and iv told them this several times and most often its illogical feedback from the DoD playerbase they have taken onboard and what makes me sad is the fact that even the DoD playerbase dont play the game ...the game is dead as of now and whether this will change is to be seen and if it does it will be with the introduction of the map maker. Iv posted many indepth topics on driven arts forums to try help them make there game a success and planned on doing the same on this forum for bulkhead ..difference is iv made little posts on this forum compared to driven arts as iv said before bulkhead seem to not need anywhere near as much help from the community as they already know what we want and how to produce this whereas iv made loads of topics on driven arts forums to try help them as from the kickstarter i felt they needed much more help to make there game more successful and to get them to open there minds to feedback from other communities and not just DoD. Final thing id like to say again is a massive welldone to bulkhead on how they have done things so far and what they have produced and id like to point out iv seen mostly positive feedback from people who seem to be informed of what this game was actually meant to be and most of the negative feedback seems to be from misinformed people who didnt read any info on the kickstarter for battalion on what type of game this was supposed to be. Phantasy's video describes this perfectly. Id like some comments on whether the current gameplay video has met your expectations of the bulkhead team as of yet