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Found 6 results

  1. KevinES

    Gun Balance fix please

    As mentioned very often.. please give a better balance to the guns. Rifleman: M1 Garand vs. Kar98k You have to make the M1 more usefull. atlest one of this points: More Damage (and less ammunition), More Shots per Magazine (dumb because than you can play default ^^), higher rate of fire or reduce recoil for longer distance .. or maybe give 2 smokes to this class ? Just one of this ideas would give a huge difference for the performence on Allies-side Heavy: Bar vs STG 44 The Bar needs more ammunition, more damage, higher rate of fire/shots per second or atleast 2 nades to the class. The bar doesn't spray properly.. in generell i don't feel comfortable with heavy and rifleman on allies side.. and i am not the only one. Please do something about it. The Defense has slightly better spawns, positions and spots on most maps.. don't give them also better weapons. see ya
  2. comagnum

    Message to the players

    First of all, I’m glad we have a good platform for constructive and productive conversation and ideas. Between here and Reddit I’ve seen a number of good points, ideas, suggestions, etc. However, we as a collective need to understand a few things. Firstly, issues with launches happen. Especially early access launches. This game is by no means a finished product and we need to take that into consideration before losing our minds on forums/threads/review pages. That’s not to say we should ignore said issues, but we also need to be realistic with our expectations. We’re currently a week removed from launch day and the devs have already taken action on a number of aggravating and game hindering bugs. As I type this, they’re still currently testing fixes, addressing crashing issues, and things of the like while also trying to improve the overall experience with map fixes, gameplay additions, balancing fixes, and economy based changes to the card system. They’re being active in their approach to this game, not resting on their laurels, and trying to put out the best product they can. Be mindful of these things when you’re having issues of your own. With that being said, please also realize that the issues and things you experience, especially related to crashes, are not everyone’s experience. There are a ton of different hardware configurations out there and I am fairly certain it takes a small development group a lot longer to pinpoint these issues and implement fixes than a larger group. Again, be mindful of this. While there may be issues right now, it seems like there’s a few of us (the loudest ones usually) that are convinced that the game is crap, will always be crap, and it’s never going to improve. These people are not productive members of our community. The devs are clearly passionate about improving on their game and I’m willing to bet that in 3-6 months time the game we have then will be much improved over the current landscape. Battalion will continue to improve, will continue to be balanced, will continue to have features added, and will continue to grow. And I’m hoping that we can come together as a whole and be patient, respect the process, and acknowledge that we’re still in this games infancy. Best wishes.
  3. Hey Guys, I noticed during wartide on manohouse v2 that the linesystem is too big for a 5v5 or 6v6. You can barely hold all lines and crosses with only one player for each sector. it makes it really complicated since you have 3-4 ways through mid, 3 or 4 ways to get on A side and atleast 2-3 ways to get on B spot. You should close the long right corridor on a side (from CT perspective) and maybe rework the mid a bit. In my opinion the map is not playable on wartide, atleast when you play with randoms.
  4. Choosing between a flash or smoke during the buy stage would be pretty sick. This is would be able to make sites easier to take and punish teams/players that are too pushed out. Aim punch would be a nice addition to this game as well. My friends and I would out react a sniper lay a few shots into them but still die to that same player cause him aim seems unaffected. It gives snipers and bolt players absolutely no punishment for being out reacted or even being caught out of position against a smg/rifle player. Please remove the hitmarkers. It makes spamming smoke less of a knowing the angle kind of thing and more spraying moving the mouse left and right til you see a hitmarker. Make the sprint time longer. The way that the current stamina system is implemented makes the movement feel a bit clunky. The way that jumping works also doesn't help with clunky moving 1 jump is high and then you have to wait for a reset. Which doesn't feel too good in my opinion. I would personally like to see jumping stay the same height consistently. Give the snipers some jumping/ slight movement inaccuracy. Bullet spread is too wide when not ADS'ing. A player shouldn't feel they need to aim down the sights when the enemy player is 2 feet away from them. A loss bonus or 2-3 extra cards per class would be a very nice improvement to the game. It feels almost impossible to win a game when your team is being stomped. This would be a way to give the losing team a better way of making a comeback. This one is an idea people probably wouldn't like but it would be nice to hear some thoughts about it. All the cards you pick up in a round can be dropped. Example of this would be that you just got a 4k and the last player of the opposite team kills you. Punishing the other player for being too kill hungry and not playing back and holding site and the other guy would have a huge incentive to save because he now has his team mates cards. Would make for some incredibly tense and fun to watch rounds.
  5. SMG: It should be king of CQC and flanking. It should feel somewhat like aku in promod but it doesn't, ttk is too low and recoil(Insane horizontal recoil) is all over the place even with ads. ADS walk speed is insanely slow as well. It really makes you feel cheated some times. You start shooting guy in most optimal range and aim at his canter mass perfectly, you hold fire button but he doesn't die fast enough. This shouldn't happen. Another issue is that smg damage at medium range is non existent. Yeah it is going to be weaker at that range but still usable. Bar: This weapon is joke, it can take you 4-5 bullets at medium range while it only has 20mag. That is insane, on bright side at least it has nice recoil. Bar should be king at holding angles but right now you are probably going to get shot in face by any rifle even default one. It really needs bump in damage or something because this is unacceptable performance. Assault rifle should be able to challenge anything on mid to long range even scope. Sniper: It is overall fine except ads needs an increase and we need option to turn off auto zoom in after shot. We should be able to make it act like regular bolt action. Hip fire for automatic weapons needs to be more accurate so you can actually use it predictably, right now you press the trigger and pray you kill the guy. Default: I feel like this class should be exactly like m1 garand 2 shots to kill it just feels right. While M1 garand should be replaced with more appropriate Springfield bolt action. Pistol: Pistol should headshot kill at any range and need again better hip fire and a bit more power. For sake of gameplay it needs to punch at range as well. If you pick operator you need some range ability and pistol should fit that role. Tweaks: Overall I think ADS walk speed needs to be increased so peaking corners while ads is actually viable. Right now it is really awkward to turn corners your ads is too slow and your hip fire is trash. Switch animations is pain in the ass and needs to be slowed/smoothed out. So you can start firing from hip then ads to tighten it up. I would like to see double switch tricks in game since those are amazing skills to have. Thoughts? Anything you guys would like to change ? Some examples: Aku and ads transfer : Just look how powerful it is. Double switch for perfect hip fire accuracy . This worked on any weapon. It is also good to note that canceling could be used to reload faster.
  6. dr_nikif0r0s

    Can be balance in this game style?

    Hello to everyone, I m wondering about balance between weapons, not from dmg,recoil,time to kill etc optics but from "only sniper can be a star in game" aspect. In beta i saw many times bad things from cs. One of them (for me of course) is that sniper is always far away to remain at corners and for that reason stay alive longer and alove vs more enemies. Of course many times i saw them to kill their enemies with beautiful solo frags. My question is, can not to be sniper only the leading actor in this game or we will see everyone to play sniper all the time because this will be trend for bt1944?