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Found 5 results

  1. Hi ! New player here. Been playing for like 1 day, everything seemed to work. But now, when i'm launching the game through steam, the launcher runs, i select my region and click play, the game runs on the start screen but this message is appearing : "Game was run without anti-cheat enabled. Please restart from the laucher." I've seen many people talking about this issue but there is no real fix Thanks for your answers if you have some !
  2. I would like to have that at least the competitive mode gets provided by any type of anticheat, i don´t want that this awesome game gets like cs:go or something. I´m also not telling that this anticheat system must be the best and has to detect everything, i just want something to get at least the known cheats so that the comp mode is playable and not unfair through any third party programs.
  3. iroN_-

    Anticheat guys

    @Battalion1944 I'm abit confused about this game, you guys promised us that you will do exact something about the cheating problems in FPS games, i was playing in the morning 1-2 rounds Battalion 1944 and fellt already abit weird about player movement and shooting-accuracy. After i was searching " battalion 1944 " cheats/hacks i found already a thousands of cheats/hacks that are already coded and out to sell/free, Since you guys promised us you gonna use a working and efficient anticheat (EasyAnticheat)<--Good joke. I just have to say i was so hyped and motivated for this game, but having after 2 day's of release already a cheater community booming more then the official community just dissapoints me. Watching stuff like or https://www.unknowncheats.me/forum/other-fps-games/258355-ue4-battalion-1944-a.html and ppl that coding from other games making jokes about that they gonna make also fast some cheats for this game. Just shows me you guys, fucked totally up and are not even trying to make the game cheatfree/enjoyable otherwise not a single srs gameprovider would use stuff like " easyanticheat " it's more useful to use Windows firewall. Do something about it. I dont even wanna think about how the game turns out in 1 month when the big coders also start to sell cheats. Battleye as an example is very nice and one of the best i thought.
  4. Hello, first I'd like to express how much I appreciate your development of this game. Promod has been my personal highlight in competitive gaming and I got so hyped when I heard you guys developed a game with promod, movement and bare bones being a big source of influence, I really want this game to succeed! The product as of now also LOOKS great, but I can't launch the game. You see, I've disabled all of Microsoft's telemetry and privacy invading background services, aka their system wide espionage (last step before emigrating my main desktop to Linux ;)). You can do this by disabling services manually and editing the registry, or you can use a tool like W10 Privacy. Your anticheat system in use seem to have dependencies on said services.. I've never encountered this error with any of the other current popular games. On top of this, you get a bit disheartened reading topics like this: ..Realizing That this horrific flaw in the anticheat system isn't even there for the greater good. No gain, all pain..? I hope you consider implementing an ordinary, stable and field-tested anticheat system which doesn't build upon shady privacy invasion, or at least provide a workaround.
  5. nickwithtea

    EAC vs Battle Eye

    Just curious was Battle Eye considered as an AC or is it a cost issue? From a user stand point battle eye has been pretty reliable as an anti-cheat for the games I've used it in. And if not, any chance it could be something in the future (even if far?) or do you believe EAC will be reliable enough. (I do have faith you guys will be good with moderation/banning in-game alongside the anti-cheat as most developers just leave it 'only to the AC' which doesn't always work)