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Found 5 results

  1. After seeing the Gallantry LAN I wanted to play the game again and see what the MU2 is all about. A little history about me is below. I've been playing CoD2 competitive since 2005 and later switched over for CoD4. Between the death of CoD4 and Battalion 1944 I've played Overwatch and PUBG. I'm generally a nice guy who get's along with others. Real name: Paul Polling Game nick: Xtreem Age: 27 | Role: Scope, but can adjust with other weapons to fit the team their need! City: Breda, the Netherlands Spoken Languages: Dutch, English and German (Can understand 75% of it, speak around 1%) Activity: I work in a rotating work schedule with early, day, late and night shifts. LAN’s: Dreamhack Winter 2008, The Lag v1 and v4, Regroup 16, NRG LAN v1 and v2, The Party 5, 7, 9 and 10, LAN-macht, TLS Prague, Campzone 2008, FoM 10.1, 14.0 and 15.0, The Reality 7, CIC 7, AEF 2010, BGLAN v3 and v4, SAGE, ESM, Antec Arena 2012 and GAMEBOX LAN. Teams CoD2: Potencial (poEEE, sPi, FEVER, deadeye, Xtreem) diamondZ eV (stuwow, mEp, prekii, Qic, Xtreem) mouseFX (bluez, phanz, glowixz, bazu, Xtreem) Target eSports (rix, fastx, head, hirannor, Xtreem) proteq eSports (rix, dommel, bluez, pRinS, Xtreem) Teams CoD4: MCON eSports (blitzz, wAde, IVO-, Qic, Xtreem) Regez (xndR, ploxxio, ROBZZ, Rk0, Xtreem) Versus.Pro (xndR, neyki, kix, pride, Xtreem) Regez (xndR, switcher, bluez, Xtreem) ART Gaming (smy, drayen, snatje, stoonez, Xtreem) Results CoD2: #1 Benelux Gaming LAN v3 #1 The LAG v1 #1 The LAG v4 #2 Xleague.tv Steelseries tournament (online) Results CoD4: #1 Benelux Gaming LAN v3 #2 LAN macht #2 Antec Arena LAN 2012 #2 Frag-o-Matic 15.1 #2 Campzone 2008 #3 GAMEBOX LAN #3 eNeRGyLAN #7-8 The Party 7 #7-8 Frag-o-Matic 10.1 #7-8 The Reality VII Some Old Screenshots Video’s https://youtu.be/zwzhlvXOQxE https://youtu.be/f18EYBZWWIw Contact Steam: ppollingx Twitter: https://twitter.com/XtreemNL Discord: Xtreem#6612
  2. asabla

    Alpha section went missing

    I'm guessing you guys have disabled that part of the forums until further notice, but I wanted to make sure nothing weird has happened to my account. And if it has been disabled, would there be some options to at least view old post from that section? It's always nice to go back in history time to time and just see how much this game has evolved
  3. Lyseeq

    Alpha tonight??

    Is there any chance to get into the alpha tonight?? I wanna play/try this game so much! Wanna find some bugs to help with polishing your masterpiece! and also test game performance on older PC. I am following the game since start of kickstarter campaign and active forums member since march 2017. I am amazed how you(devs) are shaping up your game during the development time. (judging by videos you published). Cant wait to try it on my own and judge by my experiences. AND be part of one of the best community ever created! Hope it will be possible
  4. esku

    Next alpha weekend?

    Just interested of next alpha weekend, can somebody give some info ? thx
  5. [CM] BigTuna

    Alpha v0.3 Changelog

    Hey Guys! (Although this Changelog is being released to the public. Battalion 1944 is still only available to those who have purchased Alpha Access) I want to start out with a big thanks to everyone that play tested Alpha v0.2. It was really successful and it was great to see so many people playing and enjoying Battalion. We had even more players than we expected so we hope you jump back in for V0.3 and take a look at some of the improvements we’ve implemented. If you want to see our YouTube video on this here. This Alpha contains quite a few weapon tweaks so we are really interested to hear your feedback on these. Internally we have outlined some issues from your feedback that we have worked towards getting fixed. Thanks for your patience with us as we’ve been working really hard to add as much as we can to make the wait worthwhile for you all! We saw how much you all enjoyed Battalion in Alpha v0.2 so we are hoping you enjoy it even more in v0.3! Alpha v0.3 Dates and Server UpTimes: Alpha v0.3, Session 1, Launch date: 18/08/17 Session 1, Start times (approx): 18:00 (BST), 13:00 (EDT), 10:00 (PDT) Alpha v0.3, Session 1, Close date: 19/08/17 Session 1, End times (approx): 08:00 (BST), 03:00 (EDT), 00:00 (PDT) Alpha v0.3, Session 2, Launch date: 19/08/17 Session 2, Start times (approx): 18:00 (BST), 13:00 (EDT), 10:00 (PDT) Alpha v0.3, Session 2, Close date: 20/07/17 Session 2, End times (approx): 08:00 (BST), 03:00 (EDT), 00:00 (PDT) Alpha v0.3 Changelog: Maps: ManorHouse_v3 implemented - We’ve made a few changes to our ManorHouse map. We added a new courtyard area between the A & B bomb sites. This is to make the map a little bigger and add other avenues for combat. Other changes implemented into ManorHouse_V3 include improved foliage & trees to allow for better visibility and improved grenade collision. Gameplay: Strafe jump distance slightly reduced. Introduced recoil patterns for certain automatic weapons. Increased muzzle flash for all weapons. General performance tweaks to increase FPS. [EXPERIMENTAL] "Join game" through Steam friends [EXPERIMENTAL] "Invite friends to game" through Steam. Team balance - We have fixed the bug where you were unable to join a team with more players than the other. (Auto balance planned coming in a future update). New items added: M1 Carbine for American faction. Gewehr 43 for German faction. Weapons Changes: M1 Garand: M1 Garand Animation Tweaked. M1 Garand Recoil Slightly Decreased. Thompson: Thompson Animation Tweaks. Thompson Recoil Pattern Added. Thompson Damage Slightly Increased. Thompson Size & Hand placement adjusted. MP40: MP40 Animation Tweaks. MP40 Recoil Pattern Added. MP40 Damage Slightly Increased. MP40 Size & Hand placement adjusted. Pistols: M1911 & Luger Animation Tweaks. M1911 & Luger Accuracy Increased. M1911 & Luger Size & Hand placement adjusted for better accuracy. M1911 & Luger Equip Speed Increased. M1911 & Luger Muzzle Flash Decreased. Sounds: Footstep sound radius increased on all surfaces. Aim down sight volume reduced on all weapons. M1 Garand firing sound changed. Thompson firing sound changed. MP40 firing sound changed. Servers: General Network Improvements. Bug Fixes: Removed the rocket jump bug (Thanks for finding and reproducing Dark!). Numerous fixes applied from Alpha v0.2. Good luck and Remember our Alpha NDA is still in place so please stick to it! Please only speak about Alpha in the dedicated channels e.g. Alpha Discord & Alpha Test Zone Forum or directly to developers. Thanks guys and see you all on the 18th! Tuna