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Found 1 result

  1. Just wanted to drop by and try to give some constructive and positive feedback from a casual POV, since much of the discussions seems to be from experienced/professional ex COD players etc. Maybe all of these things are already mentioned and discussed but I think it wouldn’t hurt to hear them again and maybe from someone with a little bit of different experience. First a little about myself, I had not touched an fps game since Quake World and early Counter-strike 1.6 before I bought PUBG last year to play with some friends (I totally missed the COD era) so during the last year I have mostly played PUBG, a bit of CS-GO Deathmatch, briefly tried Fortnite and Black Squad. As I have gotten more and more bored with the battle royal format and sick of the bad net code/hitreg in PUBG I have started to play more and more CS:GO, and I do like it but I was really excited when I heard about the Battalion 1944 release since CS:GO movement is a little bit dull. In the beginning I couldn’t really decide if I hated or loved the game, there was a lot of rage quitting due to being killed from every single angle and position that I didn’t know about, being jump shot, short TTK etc. But there was something about the feeling of the movement and gunplay that really attracted me and kept dragging me back. And during the last 2 weeks I have been playing more and more (still only rank/lvl 18) and I really starting to love this game, so I think it’s a slow growing game for people that have no experience with COD or similar games. So here is some ideas that I think would create a better game and maybe keep new players that trying it out for the first times. 1. Auto team balancing in casual games Many times the game start 3vs5, this shouldn’t be a hard fix so this should really be fixed ASAP, because it’s really demoralizing to get a 0-6 start with no cards left, especially if you are a noob. Next idea could be a little bit more controversial but let say in the event 2 players quits during the match I think the “mvp” player in the wining team should be offered to swap over, to even out the odds a little bit. Because let’s be honest, it’s the close thrilling games what makes us remember and keeps us playing this sort of games, at least for me, I think it’s more satisfying to win a close 13-11 rather than the other team giving up after a few rounds. For the effort of “swapping over” there could be a chance to get a loot crate or additional xp or something else... 2. TTK Have been mentioned a lot before, but a little bit longer TTK. This will also emphasize on the head shot mechanic more and award good aim. I also think it’s easier to accept “being deleted” by a good player that is HS:ing you rather than getting own by a SMG 50 meters away from a position you had no idea about. 3. Hitboxes / 1-shotting snipers Here again I’m not sure how it works, only speculating from my own kind of short experience with the game. But anyway maybe the torso can be divided into 2 regions where a sniper shot in the upper region and the head is a direct kill. While a sniper shot in the lower torso region needs to be follow up by a quick pistol shot to secure the kill. To make this kind of play work we need alot quicker weapon switching. 4. Sprint The burst sprint mechanic is kind of confusing in the beginning, I don’t like it now either, but at least consider adding a stamina monitor bar or something. I do understand that fine tuning with TTK, hitboxes and so on is hard and takes time, and can completely change the feel of the game. But at least this 4 points I have brought up was the main issues that made me consider uninstalling/refunding the game in the beginning. Glad I didn’t though, and I hope and think this game can be a success! Thanks. /Faceroland and btw. is there any way to use the console to load up an empty map (like in cs:go) to just run around and learn it or do you need to setup an dedicated server?