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  1. WaxWeazle

    Unable to change sensitivities

    In game I can't change it properly at all. I can type it fine; I can enter, used to work fine - now it just goes to 0. If I click away -> 0. If I click save -> 0. I'll try the config file thing again but the problem is if that won't read it -> it'll auto make a new one and end up having reset everything again, which can turn up a pain in the ass to try make the original config working again.. Long live back ups!
  2. I've been unable to change my sensitivities since the Q1 update and it's pretty dreadful to play this way to be fair.. I'm still trying to find the "sweet spot" for my perfect sensitivity, however I'm currently stuck with it. Whenever I try to type in any sensitivity, it automatically resets it to 0 and I can't move at all anymore. I can't change it in the config file either because there's a difference in what I write down in the game and what the CFG file gives me. Example; my ADS is 0.42 at the moment. In the cfg file, it says; "mouseADSSensitivity": 0.41999998688697815 What I tried and what didn't help; - Creating a new config - Reinstalling the game - Verification via Steam Creating a new config actually ends up throwing EVERYTHING into a 0/unbinds everything - from sensitivity to controls to graphical settings to weapon settings, name it. Everything get's thrown down to 0. PLEASE help me out here if you can, this is a genuine pain in the butt, I want to be able to continue supporting the game! Anybody else who's got/had this issue? Or am I alone on this?
  3. WaxWeazle

    Toxic community..

    I most certainly try to find these servers. It's a pity, however, that most servers seem to be empty most of the time and that there's a zillion empty servers in the list which, in my opinion, is caused by the easy "click to join a game" button.. It'd be interesting if there'd be more of a focus on the actual servers people set up as well. I tried having my own server, but alas nobody joined at all so I ended up stopping with it, as I'm not looking to pay for an empty server. While I completely agree and understand; I'm also talking about Competitive play. I definitely am intrigued by the whole ladder thing - but when you get arseholes who continuously whine and shite all over other players because they think the game evolves around them, then how are you going to keep people interested in that mode? It's a huge turn off. Truly is. I haven't touched the game once since those last games because I'm currently just done with the community. I'll have a gander through the servers again soon, but for now I'm actually satisfied with a break from the game.
  4. WaxWeazle

    Toxic community..

    I don't know if I'm one of the fewer ones who's bothered to death by this - but I'm more and more tempted to just uninstall Battalion 1944 for a while and give it a break. As much as I'm loving the game itself, the toxic behaviour that I see in 99% of the games is absolutely atrocious and it genuinely puts me off to play any more. I myself come from COD4 and loved playing it to death. It's via COD4 that I met one of my current day best friends and the game's given me a lot more friends as well that I still keep in touch with today. The social aspect of a game like this is an important part for me. If a game is perfect for the full 100% but has a toxic community - I won't bother with it. I really cannot enjoy the continuous flaming, disrespecting and trolling with vote-kicks all the time. To give an example of how bad it is for me; In the past 5 games, I've had 3 matches where I was receiving vote kicks all the time by some flamer for no reason. In all of those, I got whined at continuously for not doing what someone else wanted me to do. Fun detail: I'm talking about Unranked as well as Arcade. Not Competitive. Is there ANYTHING that will be done towards trying to get this community to be less toxic like this? It's really offputting in many, many ways and I honestly can't see people enjoying this game if they don't even get a chance to play it casually without being flamed left/right or vote kicked. I know turning off text and voice chat is an option - Voice chat is already disabled for me. I do not need to hear continuous flaming in my headset while I'm trying to have fun. Text chat is not disabled however, because I still want to try and get in touch with those very few non-toxic players that are out there who don't seem to feel the need to whine every time they die, or who feel the need to troll and just be downright disrespectful to others. I've had a few friends who were interested in Battalion 1944 who also hooked off very early because of the toxicity going around. I'm currently at around 85 hours and I will try to continue to support the game as long and as much as I can - however if this toxicity is going to continue like this, for me it'll end up with me writing the game off; despite the game being a pure bless of a shooter already.