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  1. Hi all, just curious what game-modes will be availabe during the closed-alpha. Will it be possible to queue matchmaking and get into an S&D game or will it be just TDM as seen in the gameplay video?
  2. Cool! Thanks for the replies guys!
  3. Yea I suppose it does stray away from 'old-school shooter', didn't think about that. Isn't it obvious? There's a sniper, a smg, and in battalions case a rifler, and a trench. In cod4 there was a problem where every mix and pug you played you would have someone crying for scope the whole time. Some people even leaving the game, not playing at all, or tking the scope until he gave it up. That's the reason why this idea popped into my head. It's not about me wanting to play scope every single game. Maybe that's why I used "you" instead of "I"? Plus, I'm a smg anyway.
  4. Ranked Team Builder in League of Legends works like this: Someone that plays mid would queue as a mid-player. He will be matched with a bottom player & support player, a top laner, and a jungler. It makes it easier on everyone else so you don't get into the game and you have 3 different people saying, "I wanna play mid u prolly suk lol". Was just wondering what people thought of this idea being in an fps.
  5. Hi all, was just browsing the forums and an idea popped into my head and I was wondering what everyone thought about it. What if there was a 'Ranked Team Builder' feature in matchmaking? I'm thinking of the way it works in League of Legends where you pick your position and it places you into a team so no one is disputing about which position everyone will play. For Battalion, you could queue as a scope and get placed into a game with the 4 other positions. Smg gets placed with a scope and 3 other positions and so on. I was thinking about when I played ESL Versus for Cod4 promod years ago and you would get into a game only to have an awful scope trying to hit crazy noscopes and bounce-shots and what not. Scope queues as a scope, gets put into a team. If he's a responsible player and is having a poor game, he can drop the scope to someone else like any other situation. Thoughts?
  6. good idea