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    Generally irritated

    Hello guys is anyone still here? So I got myself a GTX 1060 from Asus and 240 gb ssd. Everything run flawlessly on ultra now with 80-100 fps.
  2. Dcease

    Generally irritated

    Hello community - this game generally irritates me due to that it is NOT compatible with Unreal Engine 4. This engine causes so many issues for well at least my computer Yes it is fairly old, GTX 660, I5 3470, 8 GB ram, but that should not change the fact, that opening the game takes about 2-3 minutes. Joining the server is a 50/50 chance, either way it takes 1-2 minute to get in, and by that I will either lose connection to host or get in and have stable 40-60 fps, but crazy stuttering every now and then making it unplayable. Yes, spare me from your "It is early access comments" never have I experienced an early access game that had stuttering, and literally killed your computer memory wise. Closing a game should not rely on your computers specifications. I'm not sure whether it's just me or highend computers too, but closing this game literally destroys my computer for about 2-3 minutes making it slower than a laptop from 10 years ago. The memory usage from UE4 Game in my Task Manager exceeds 1200 memeory and it feels like it has killed Windows. If it is plausible I would like to refund my game - I highly doubt it since I backed it up on kickstarter a long time ago. // Dcease