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    Way over 144fps all the time. It hangs around 200fps for good amount of time. I do have a strong CPU i7 8700 and GPU RX VEGA 64
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    2560x1440p 100% Scale Ultra settings
  3. shankly1985

    Anyone got a beta key yet (not influencers)

    Got my key today but I not sure if it's from kickstarter.com or signed up for the beta.
  4. shankly1985

    The bomb

    In these big games I known has Bomb Man Shank its my duty to carry the bomb!
  5. Take it on the chin haaa
  6. Yeah I signed up and also bought Kickstarter early access £15 I thought it had Beta access but I checked after I posted this and was upset haaa
  7. Really? I didnt receive a key from Kickstarter? edit Dam I wrong here I thought I bought into the beta access. Only Early access.
  8. Hello its great that I will soon be able to play one of the most anticipated FPS games this year very soon. But I after say has a Kickstarter backer I expected better from the 19th to the 20th for BETA and then 20th to the 22nd for everyone? Not only is the BETA short, just 4 days but only ONE day for us guys that backed? Anyway good luck with the launch I cant wait BETA DATES: JANUARY 19th 18:00(GMT) to JANUARY 20th 06:00(GMT) (INFLUENCERS ONLY)JANUARY 20th 18:00(GMT) to JANUARY 22nd 06:00AM(GMT)(ALL PLAYERS)