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  1. They probably don't know fully yet but guessing 100-500MB depending on how many players and actions happening. Bandwidth is probably similar to other games (few KB per player).
  2. @Razor Yeah looks fine to me too. I'll go ahead with the plans then!
  3. Ah, thanks for the kind words!
  4. Thanks @WolfEnstein and @Novex I'm sure it will be fine, just wanted to ask and also let people know about the idea. Hopefully @phantasy will also use the service for Battalion like he is for CoD4
  5. Hi, I'm an alpha backer and I'm looking at hosting free Battalion game servers for people over at [FSHOST -] when it's available. I was wondering if this is OK to do so or if there were any restrictions on hosts? If all goes well, I'm also looking for potential partners on the server side to help with possible large demand on release. There's already 5,000 unique gamers getting servers per month on the site at the moment.