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  1. bashy

    Hosting Battalion 1944 game servers for free

    Done some initial testing and all seems well. If you use the service, thanks and enjoy!
  2. bashy

    Hosting Battalion 1944 game servers for free

    Almost completed this. I'll post again once it's live and you can all test it if you wish
  3. Thanks for pushing it to GitHub! Saw the package you were using and I managed to use that for my free server host. Didn't know it used source protocol in UT4?
  4. Hi, I'm an alpha backer and I'm looking at hosting free Battalion game servers for people over at [FSHOST - https://fshost.me] when it's available. I was wondering if this is OK to do so or if there were any restrictions on hosts? UPDATE: So this is now live and working. Thanks to the devs for releasing a game with proper server files. Hopefully see you around! I'm also looking for potential partners on the promoting side. There's already 5,000 unique gamers getting servers per month on the site at the moment. Can't say what percent will use Battalion servers but so far it's looking good.