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  1. Honestly like 90 percent of the questions on different game modes it comes down to basically someone will make a custom server where it's tactical and you won't be sprinting. With custom servers, comes endless possibilities.
  2. Yeah, I went from a 10 dollar HP keyboard, got it for free. Going from that too such a touchy keyboard is tough.
  3. I use a corsair k70 lux cherry mx blue. Looks sweet, feels great, but the keys are way tooo touchy for my liking.
  4. Damn, not a lot of Americans haha! REPRESENT!!!
  5. I suppose I never had this problem before, I bought Diablo 2 and Cod 1 from the shelf at age 9, so guess my stores didn't really care either lol
  6. What about rated M games don't you like?
  7. It's a war game that you will be shooting people and what not. That being said I have no clue what the ESRB will be, but probably M.
  8. If this anything like the old cod games, people will be making tons of maps. You'll have huge 30v30 sniper only maps, you'll have even smaller aim maps, you'll have all sorts of maps, and servers playing them. The game itself will have a 5v5 comp, as their way to be competitive, but I bet there will be teams that will play scrims that are 7v7, 10v10 and so on. If this game get's enough people to play it, you will see endless game types, hide and seek, tag, jump servers, you name it will and it will all have different amount of slots for players from 10 to 16, to 64. No different than cod1 and 2 were. The skies the limit for modders, that's the hope and is kind of how it's sounding.
  9. Definitely have it off. I hate when games have it on default, and make it a pain to take it off.
  10. Hey

    Welcome TMD! I honestly think it will in some aspects. Most of the fan boys will still get the new Cod game, but those that actually want a fun quality game (assuming this will be, I have hope) then they will hop over and play this instead.
  11. I don't see this being a problem in the slightest. I've played cod 1 for years, upon years, and even in the smallest maps, say Harbor, people will be playing DM, and I will have a rifle and they will have a Pshh. In any close combat situations, with the rifle not being 1 shot, you would assume that the rifle would lose. This is far from fact, and it usually comes down to position and most of all skill. If Battalion 1944 is anything like the classic call of duty games, sound will be a huge factor, and leaning. If you add these two together a Rifle is soooo much better, because you can hear your opponent coming, and you can lean them and easily get a hit off, before they know you're even there. Then it's as simple as taking out a pistol and shooting them once or twice. If they plan the speed, reloads, sounds, and everything right, both will have their apparent advantages, and disadvantages, but neither will be superior, and it will be all up to skill.
  12. haha, It was worth the try. I really don't know if I wanna drop $70 plus dollars on the game right now, but at the same time I so badly want to.
  13. Jesse, I almost never get Smiley in any game oh well.
  14. Sounds like a horrible investment my dude! If you're interested in selling that key if you find it, let me know hehe
  15. It also forces people to perfect a certain way of playing. It's boring when the fastest way to A is just run there. If you gotta strafe certain jumps, and hold walls and go above and beyond it makes it more satisfying, and rewarding. Also @Razor in that video is it just me, or is the body moving faster than the feet are moving?? Kind of tripping me out haha. Looks good though