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  1. Rifle Balance

    Headshot = Kill Upper Body = Kill Its the best solution I think. Battalion is based around movement, so just evade them by using the right movement. The sniper is powerful in most games if you use it right.
  2. Classic playlist

    Even now when I go back to play Call of Duty 2, I miss the Sprint. I got so used to it.
  3. Re-make Carentan

    The Devs shouldnt waste their manpower on it. Modders will anyway remake that old maps.
  4. Mostly new Maps... because I will play S&D and TDM only for sure. Maybe the best maps could make it in the official map pool for new seasons to keep the game fresh. I also would like to see classic maps like... mp_carentan mp_dawnville mp_toujane mp_matmata mp_railyard mp_bridge mp_tigertown and from the newer maps... mp_vacant mp_broadcast
  5. What happened?

    I dont think they should remove the repuation system BUT they should remove the "negative reputation". Getting downvoted for bringing new ideas in is not the right way to do things. Its like an fascist regime here if you cant express your ideas without getting downvoted. A positive reputation could be more like a motivation to invest more in the community to make this game better. A forum is generelly about discussion so we could discuss new ideas and agree or disagree on whatever..... but in the end the developers will look at the ideas anyway and decide what they will implement in the game. With Alphas and Betas players will test the game and decide if a feature should be implemented or kicked out of the game. In the end is all about an AGREEMENT between players and developers to make the best game possible. The rest is a problem of our modern society. Most of the people dont care what they write on the Internet. With a growing community will we automatically have more idiots in our community thats a problem we have to deal with. In real life we have the law enforcement and our justice system. On the Internet we have forum rules and moderators for the forum. They need to overlook that everyone sticks to the forum rules. Its not a 100% System in real life we also have murderers, rapists, thiefs etc. and on forums we will have selfish users, trolls etc.... nothing is perfect
  6. Help us decide our competitive rank names

    1. Personal Level I would go with military ranks there. 2. Solo and Team competetive ranks I would go with the same Ranking System here. Just add a Solo and Team there. Bronze I Bronze II Bronze III Silver I Silver II Silver III Gold I Gold II Gold III Master (League) Grandmaster (League) Legendary (League) The (competetive) ranks from CS:GO are terrible, every non cs player can't tell what rank is good and what rank is not. But everyone knows that gold is better than silver or master is worse than grandmaster.
  7. Hi, I would like to introduce myself too. I am from Germany and started playing Online-Shooters after we finally had Internet at my Parents House. The first Game I played online was America's Army and after that I started playing Call of Duty (1) with some of my Friends. I established a Clan in January 2005 and we started making Clanwars against other Clans we knew from a Server we were always playing on. By the Release of Call of Duty 2 we were already quite good Players. We played ESL, Clanbase etc. and did good. But with the Relase of Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare most us werent that hooked anymore. I stepped back from playing active Call of Duty 4 with a team and let other Players I knew play for my Clan a bit. They managed to be #1 Ranked in the Call of Duty 4 EAS when it was new. After some Time they wandered off to a bigger Team and I "closed" my Clan. After that I played some Battlefield 3 and 4 for Fun because it came the closest to the Shooters that I like. Its crazy to see that Clans like H2K, Dignitas, n!faculty are now these famous Organisations that I used to play against when I was younger. With the Announcement of Battalion 1944 I am motivated to play competetive again to see if I still have what it takes (Unfortunately I also missed the Alpha Key, so I hope I will be able to fetch a Beta Key)
  8. Battalion 1944 User Interface - Ideas Thread

    HUD in the Multiplayer Bring back the Compass! I dont want a Minimap, I would prefer a normal Map with the Names of the different Locations on it, accessable via "M". Maybe also shown in the Loading Screen of the Map so Players could have time to learn the Locations while the Map loads. The Compass should be in the Center of the Monitor as a linear Compass (already shown by some people) or only show the needle. The CoD 1/2 Version is too Big. It should also show nearby Friends and Enemies. It shouldnt be too easy to spot Enemies, in every other Shooter I can easily do that because of a Minimap. NO Teamwork needed. For a competetive Search and Destroy Match I would love if it would look somethin like this I made. Every Information that is needed is shown without blocking the important Area of the Monitor.

    I dont have a problem with Skins for Weapons etc. but they should only be Skins not new Models than I am fine with it. Maybe not pink Weapons but look at Battlefield 1, they have Skins too. The people that complain so hard about authentic should just buy Days of War, Sniper Elite 4 or something else. The Skins will secure money for future Developement and will tie Players to the Game. Systems like this and competetive Seasons will help to make Battalion 1944 a successful Online-Shooter.
  10. Division Insignia

    These are the best Wehrmacht Insignias I could find. Most Insignias from the Wehrmacht are simple. I wouldnt include many Insignias with Swastikas because you would need to remove them from the german Version of the game. 3rd SS Division 57th Infantry Division (Because I am from Bavaria) 164th leichte Afrika Divison Infanterieregiment 9/23. Infanterie-Division („Fridericus Rex“ monogram of Prussian Kings) 254th Infantry Division Panzer Division Lehr The US Army had much better Insignias. These are my Favourites. 1st US Infantry Division (Big Red One) 2nd Armored Division (Hell on Wheels) 11th Airborne Division (Angels) 13th Airborne Divison (Unicorn)