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  1. As I first heard about Battalion 1944 I was hyped. I haven`t played much different Online-Shooters since Call of Duty 2. Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Insurgency, CS:GO.. I had fun with them but nothing could bring back the excitement of the past days. My expectations for this game were high. In the Kickstarter campaign they even showed Call of Duty 2! This could only get good, right? The time passed and I sometimes engaged in the conversation around this game and shared my ideas. First doubts about this game came up when Brammertron talked in an interview about the weapon recoil. That players could easily adapt to the recoil of the weapons and that they want to focus more on the movement. A game that should bring back the mechanics of the oldschool games without much recoil? After all the first Call of duty was known for much recoil especially the BAR. As I had the first oppurtunity to play this game myself when it released into Early Access I began to see the problems of this game. The game was not what I expected. I played bad, but didn't have fun. I played good, but didn`t have fun either. The guns felt mostly the same and not satisfiying. Because of the fast gameplay there were no evolving cool gunfights. To be honest it remembered me more of the new Call of Dutys than the old ones. I can live with crashes, bugs and delayed updates but why should I play a game that I simply do not enjoy? Discussions began and many players had the view that Battalion needs big changes on the core mechanics. Often discussed was the "time to kill" but I never saw a statement from the developers about it. Also the full time community manager is rarely seen replying to people. Even if some guys are assholes and shout their same phrases "dead game" etc. it wouldn`t hurt to show more presence. In the big announced march update they said there wil be changes to the gameplay but only a small nerf to the smgs was made. Critics were called "braindead". It doesn`t matter if they critism was justified or not. It just isnt professional for an developer to do that. The maps indeed got better but the core mechanics of this game were still nearly untouched. What I want to say is, Haters don`t just appear out of nowhere. They have a reason to hate the game and they are sometimes not that wrong but they voice their opionion in the wrong way. Bulkhead Interactive gave them enough reasons to be mad. First off Bulkhead Interactive built up a massive hype around the game that they simply couldn`t fulfill. If you are dissappointed you sometimes get angry. In their kickstarter campaign they seem to have not clarified enough that Battalion is NOT an shooter that aims for realism. And you can easily find more. Both sides are to blame. Even my hopes for this game are almost gone. It is not the game I had hoped for. I even reinstalled Call of Duty 2 to see if maybe I was wrong and I simply didn`t enjoy this type of game anymore. But no, I still have a lot of fun with this game. I only miss the sprint in this game. I got so used to it. It maybe was too optimistic to await that a small team of developers could make an game that is as good as Call of Duty 2. I mean Call of Duty 2 was made by maybe the most expierenced developers of that time. But on the other hand I could also be evil and say that the developers can`t even optimize the game that they made. I have 50 FPS or less when playing this game while I have in Battlefield 1 in Full-HD more FPS.. Which is also true. I am not even angry or something, just dissapointed. If only the developers could state if they are going with this super fast gameplay or if they are ready to make drastic changes for the core mechanics. If they want to keep the super fast gameplay without recoil and fast time to till they should just say it and I could find my peace with this game and move on. But if they say they I will make bigger changes to the gameplay I will stick around and atleast try it.