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  1. Black Screen

  2. Crashing after update

    Same, since update. Stuck in black screen and crash
  3. Got mine yesterday, was in promo section of gmail. If anyone from NA wants to play, add mcnair9 to steam
  4. Competitive Players

    Played cod1 competitively towards the end, cod2 cal-main with deCoy, divine talent, g6. played cod4 early main with rebels, radiance, and later zen mechanics. Tried to get into CSGO but got bored
  5. Former NA CoD1/2/4 Player

    vaguely remember that! sup was so long ago, could be! played cod1 since 1.1
  6. Hi guys, wanted to introduce myself and see if any former CoD1/2/4 players were active still. Hoping to get Beta access for this game. I played CoD1, 2 and 4 competitively e.g. CAL, CEVO etc. Most recent/prominent handle was LYNXXX`, cod4 played with Radiance and a few other competitive teams (earlier cod4 days). If you remember me or were around during the period I described, is there still a community? IRC? Anyway, can be found on steam under handle LYNXXX` Cheers
  7. Hi guys, was long-time CoD1, 2, MW player, only recently became aware of this project due to the large void since early CoD4 days and there being a centralized community. Love what I see thus far, but I am a little bit bummed out that I could not have been an early supporter. Will you be opening registrations/purchases up for Alpha access? Just built a new PC, would love to pre-purchase this and get into the action rather than wait til Q3/Q4.