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  1. Elemeno

    what you been working on?

    ive started working on random objects that were commonly seen ... what have you been making?
  2. Elemeno

    Game's Dead guys..

    im sick of this game!! the constant bouncing around corners and having perfect accuracy!! its actual joke.. smgs have hardly any recoil.. can chuck loads of bullets into people without even having to try to control it. no flinching when you get hit.. thing is if you said its early access then no. they have decided with this gameplay and thats final but personally i wont be playing anymore. its become boring very fast.
  3. keep this short. 1. the jumping around the corner and being crazy accurate ruins any kind of fun or competitive feeling this game gives... Solution: making the guns less accurate while in the air.. but it needs to add recoil the weapon and not just inaccuracy.. a double recoil added should do.... rifles will stay inaccurate while jumping so they will be useless even trying to.,shotguns to have a wider spray while in the air. 2.smgs over powered..!! Solution: add more recoil to the guns making them harder to just spray at.. but will be useful close but harder to use further away. 3.going prone. split second while dropping you wont be able to fire the gun until you are grounded. making it only useful for holding an angle and not evading a barrage of fire and shooting at them as you drop. hopefully this will fix some of it because the amount of people who jump bounce around corners killing people from distance is a joke and the amount of people ive seen complain about it.. it seriously needs fixing.. it will ruin the game eventually..
  4. Elemeno

    some subtle changes... (ideas)

    DFK... i dont really touch on hitboxes so i wouldnt know but thank you for letting me know and i hope you get what i mean about the lungs...
  5. Elemeno

    Americans vs. Germans

    I would like the Springfield unscoped ... that's my favourite bolt rifle ... unfortunately they won't
  6. Elemeno

    Soviet Union

    well maybe ppsh would have a crazy amount of horizontal and vertical recoil but 4 bullets bursts would be effective. there are ways around everything
  7. Im going to keep this nice short and sweet ,to the point... the garand... alot of people are asking for a bolt action allied weapons(including myself) but devs have written this off.. so i propose a few changes to make the garand seem more inviting to use . firstly ill start with the weapon, A reload system for the m1 garand would be so helpful!.. for these reasons. when youve killed someone a team mate would normally come to find you, lets say you have 2 bullets left and want a full clip. you have to shoot those last 2 and get a reload but this will show you exact position on the radar... not very good for getting into a sneaky position for a counter attack. when you reload regardless of whats left in the clip disappears from ammo count and a brand new clip is loaded. secondly a hitbox damage change for kar98k at the moment i believe they use boxes and not spherical shapes.(not being technical just ideas) something like this. as you can see the torso and head are one hit kills.. legs and arms just damages alot but not kill. if you. had a one hit kill for just lungs and head and belly be lets say 99 dmg but again wont kill... then this might help with the balancing of the kar98k and garand. slightly more flinch would also contribute but not essential on to snipers... maybe when sniper is equipped there wont be a crosshair this will help with not lining up shots for quickscopes making them not seem so powerful... and i know what youll say.. they will just put a dot in the middle of their screen... , thats all well and good but how many will actually do this? also make the hipfire be more random. a slightly bigger increase of inaccuracy while jumping and moving for all guns... just even though its perfect for close ranges im still finding people using this technique at a much longer distance and becoming successful... this isnt a major problem for me but its something ive seen pop up on forums and elsewhere... please let me know what you think.
  8. Elemeno

    Onslaught Gamemode

    well seeing as battalion doesnt have an ai system... this might take a bit of time....