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    Why don't they just have a setting in the options , where you can disable all skins and play with the original textures that way everyone is happy ,
  2. Modelling some Props

    I'm currently building Eindhoven and using the flak88 as the destroyable object .. Will post progress soon
  3. The mp40....

    Will do
  4. The mp40....

    Raff ... Didn't say anything about the colour ... But it it does need changing , it's completely out of place
  5. The mp40....

    I can't deal with the mp40 having the incorrect iron sight , ive been told this is to help with visibility but yet the Thompson has the correct iron sight and that gun covers the most of the screen .. So why have every other gun correctly positioned and not the mp40.. What at I suggest is line up the mp40 but widen the field of view while aiming ... It's currently too close to the screen same goes for Thompson . i know it's a silly thing to complain about but I don't think I can play it like this ...