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  1. <82ndAB>CPL.NastyDog

    Tactical Realism

    We always work whit B3 admin program ,only need to wait that game is ready before they can at it to B3 .
  2. <82ndAB>CPL.NastyDog

    Welcome to the "Tactical" place

    Yeah it were fun some good round , only B3 , mod and some more large maps and bigger amand of players in futere, and we have someting to play a long time again .
  3. Have buy it because price is verry cheap . First touch of it Grafics whit my 4k monitor look damm good Happy whit a sever browser server list ( realy dont understand that all this kids want to play true peer to peer connection in this game to, even dont understand that they build it in . The only thing i get sick of is only snipper kids and they jumping around if they have someting whit battery up in there buxxxxxxx and dont like i can not cooking a nade hope they writting the game code ,that modders can mod it in to the game love it to see it as a server option if i play some more i writting some more of my touch of the game regrads NastyDog
  4. <82ndAB>CPL.NastyDog

    Server Browser Filter

    Need olso a option to at a server in a favorite server listing
  5. <82ndAB>CPL.NastyDog

    Any casual mappers/modders out there?

    hey firefly that map is map is in my top tree list of maps i like the most . me try to learn how the unreal 4 mapping tool (sdk) works total noob in this stuff fore now this map is what i try to make now fore some time . i think some of the better mappers out here on the forum can make a sick looking one .in winter ,spring summer or autum setting.
  6. <82ndAB>CPL.NastyDog

    Welcome to the "Tactical" place

    Hey Rayn & SwissWolf thxx fore the update about the things i ask . I sall tell the other of the 82nd , and me let them joint the Tatical realisum Club. And Rayn dont wurry,s about your Englich ,me as a Dutchie me can better talk it to than writting it . NastyDog
  7. <82ndAB>CPL.NastyDog

    Welcome to the "Tactical" place

    Hey Ryan Nice you have make this Tactical Page (Club) The 82nd have a eye on this and love to play it ,only there are some consurens about the game me and some others of us have watching some streams the last days ,and have to say not everything looks good ...Still on one of use have get a cloose beta key yet so nobody of the 82nd have get a better look on it this all is not to mean the be a nagative messege ... Some points Grafical this looks not that spot on fore a 2018 game The only game play we have see is 5 vs 5 ..? or is it possible to run more slots on a dedi server? Sound of weopons sound all the same And there are some little things Hopeful this thinks can get mod out of the game If you know more of this game fill in the gabs fore us Greezz 82ndAB NastyDog
  8. <82ndAB>CPL.NastyDog

    Tactical Realism

    Yeah other tr mod players are here to . We all ready want this to .... talking and resurging it.