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  1. CODWW2 beta public

    nice anticheat they have, my ass....this why cod have sinking deep away https://clips.twitch.tv/VivaciousGrotesqueOpossumPanicVis
  2. Leans

    Can you rebinding all keys how you like it ...something like on the ride side arrows keys fore walk and delete key and pagedown key fore leaning?
  3. Call Of Duty (2017)

    + 1 No dedi..severs / modtools / maptools no buy fore me . Thats why i have my hope on Bat..1944 team to give modders and mappers the freedom to creating the stuff of the old days cod were having in cod 2/4/5
  4. <82ndAB> 82nd Airborne Tactical Realism Clan has room for you

    Good work Gruber boy Looking forward of this game as well .My hope is we get a nice TR Mod fore this 1ne.