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  1. What keyboard do you have?

    i have small hands so it works just fine for me
  2. What keyboard do you have?

    i recently switched to a noppoo choc mini and i love it
  3. Alpha access

    you bought the full package as a gift (so full game + alpha + beta).
  4. wouldnt get my hopes up , there are so many people around looking for a key and so few wanting to sell one ...
  5. Hello from the Netherlands

    There is an NDA on the alpha so you have to wait with your streaming until the beta starts welcome though!
  6. Cards effecting competitive play?

    Haha , hanzo is fine but widow is Love
  7. Cards effecting competitive play?

    The only thing i am worried about, is that the sniper ends up on one of these cards so that i cant snipe every round :D. Other than that it sounds cool and i think they will make it work
  8. Cards effecting competitive play?

    I think the "card system mode" will be the default competitive mode.
  9. When will the EA stage be?

    i think i read somewhere that they are aiming for an early access release in august !
  10. Weapon Restrictions

    i have another question regarding this topic, will the US have a bolt-action rifle like the lee-enfield in cod2 or only the garand ?