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  1. Well its the end of the month no updates

    Interview With Phil Elliott Head of Indie Development at Square Enix Collective: http://www.theouterhaven.net/2017/10/interview-phil-elliott-head-indie-development-square-enix-collective/
  2. There have to be. With a game at around 11€ you need something to sustain the game.
  3. Idk man ... Skins were always something nice to have, because who doesn't like to have some options for customization. Some devs/publishers just have to take what was good a working and make it much worse and add a bigger price tag on that. One would think that as time goes, we should have better and improved games than what we had before. But the reality is completely opposite. These days we have expensive and often unoptimized games with a very little content, repetitive gameplay, unfinished mechanics, a lot of bugs + server issues, preorder bonuses, tons of dlcs and now slot-machines in the form of "loot crates" that are starting to become p2w. All that + before they release something they are usually already working on a new game "Recycled 2.0". It's really hard to find a good game these days.
  4. Potato Pc

    Although I don't know what do you consider a "smooth" gameplay. I don't think that you will be able to play this game at all. It's running on UE4 that is very demanding on pc and while there will be for sure a lot of optimizations, devs don't know magic, so it's very unlikely for you to have any playable experience I am afraid.
  5. Destiny 2 on PC

    Hmm. I know that a lot of Destiny 1 players were very frustrated by that game, yet they still played it. I've never played the first game, never really played anything on console. Destiny 2 looks interesting to me. I really want something fresh to play and since I don't have any specific feelings from the first title, I also don't have any high expectations from this game. It's hard tho, people are used to hate on everything these days, it's such a stupid nature (look on CoD WW2 hate lol ...). And while they might be right in some things, sometimes they just like to jump on a hate train. So many players were bitching about Fortnite's PvE, because it has a lot of grind, something they call "paywall" (not true) etc.. Yet I love that game a lot. People just don't get a mmo style sometimes. Or they have a wrong expectatitons. Destiny 2 is going to cost me like 10€ and it will be something to fill the empty space before Battalion, so I am actually really looking forward to it.
  6. Well its the end of the month no updates

    For that extra money you were able to influence the development of the game and support the project. Not bad at all imho.
  7. Beta Release

  8. Beta Release

    You are crazy if you think a game can survive just on sales in a long term. Let me quote something i wrote about skins:
  9. Few Ideas by jackis

    I would like to react only to health regeneration. And since I did already talk about that on Alpha section, but it didn't include anything under NDA, let me quote myself here:
  10. Simple map Poll

    Since these people would be talking from their real experience on Alpha and not only from some footage, yes, it's under NDA. There is a difference if your opinion is based of some gameplay you saw or if you really played it.
  11. Gamescom 2017

    Idk man. If it was prohibited, there should be someone to prevent that.
  12. Gamescom 2017

    That one guy is Mazarini and from what i know, he was invited on that action by Nvidia, had access even to sections for press only and is supposed to play PUBG tournament here.
  13. Buying into Alpha testing?

    There is none atm.
  14. Price Strategy

    Ye? So why it does feel like they took their last game and applied a different texture on it with their each "new" game? Their 4-5h campaign is WAY too short to justify the price and MP is really just a reskin. Also microtransactions are really not a reason to have a low price. Most online games these days have some sort of microtransactions.
  15. Price Strategy

    It's never only about price alone. It's about people being able to try the game before they pay for it. So they know the price is justified. They are more likely to buy something, when they can try it first and they leave with a good impression from that.
  16. Battalion 1944 Bless you

  17. Rifle Balance

    Watch out guys, we got a badass over here ... Most players here are veteran players from the old CoD games, some with competitive experience on the highest level and yet this guy comes with this argument.
  18. Rifle Balance

    This ^ As I once said. Bulkhead should balance weapons around rifles/sniper rifles if they aim to have a competitive and fun game. CS is very slow compared to what Battalion is trying to achieve and even there you have 1 shot kill with a sniper rifle. Battalion will have much faster movement and players will be harder to hit, so I don't see a reason why should we even have this kind of discussion to nerf rifles so much in a fast paced game. I would love CoD4 promod sniper rifles with a weaker secondary weapon.
  19. What kind of mods would you like to see in Battalion 1944?

    But someone would have to create a big map first.
  20. Battle Cry

    Only if you can turn it off and don't hear it from other players. I find it kinda annoying after some time.
  21. Price Strategy

    Well, that's why it's not a bad idea to have an open beta at some point. One or two free weekends would be enough. So people can try the game and make up their minds. A lot of popular games had some sort of public beta before release.
  22. Price Strategy

    If it was f2p, there would most likely be a lot more issues with cheaters. I expect it somewhere around 30€. But I don't really care as long as developers have enough finances to keep working on the game and the player base won't be super low. At the end, it's not like Bulkhead and Battalion can survive just on sales, they need something from a long-term point of view.
  23. What kind of mods would you like to see in Battalion 1944?

    This might not even be that hard to create. I would love that!
  24. Like the idea.
  25. What kind of mods would you like to see in Battalion 1944?

    Yeah, I do. I think if devs will give access to some advanced tools to use for modding then someone will have a chance to create something really great from this. Battalion is fast paced and that fits into zombie mode very well. The only real challenge might be zombie's AI.