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  1. What kind of mods would you like to see in Battalion 1944?

    But someone would have to create a big map first.
  2. Battle Cry

    Only if you can turn it off and don't hear it from other players. I find it kinda annoying after some time.
  3. Price Strategy

    Well, that's why it's not a bad idea to have an open beta at some point. One or two free weekends would be enough. So people can try the game and make up their minds. A lot of popular games had some sort of public beta before release.
  4. Price Strategy

    If it was f2p, there would most likely be a lot more issues with cheaters. I expect it somewhere around 30€. But I don't really care as long as developers have enough finances to keep working on the game and the player base won't be super low. At the end, it's not like Bulkhead and Battalion can survive just on sales, they need something from a long-term point of view.
  5. What kind of mods would you like to see in Battalion 1944?

    This might not even be that hard to create. I would love that!
  6. Like the idea.
  7. What kind of mods would you like to see in Battalion 1944?

    Yeah, I do. I think if devs will give access to some advanced tools to use for modding then someone will have a chance to create something really great from this. Battalion is fast paced and that fits into zombie mode very well. The only real challenge might be zombie's AI.
  8. What kind of mods would you like to see in Battalion 1944?

    I actually think that Battalion will have a perfect zombie mode.
  9. My friend wants buy the game, when he can?

    There is no info about that. No later than on EA.
  10. What FPS are we expecting on low settings

    This kind of information is still under NDA. Optimization is most likely something that will change more once the game will be closer to EA phase (thus open to public). The game is in early development stage, so it's critical for developers to focus on a core gameplay elements. Optimization usually takes place later. So there is not even a reason to be worried about fps right now.
  11. Days of War ?

    @Zane There is a short line between passion and obsession.
  12. E3 Battalion

    Well, CoD community would not be able to hit anything with just iron sights.
  13. Battalion 1918!

    ^ This. Like there is not even a reason to discuss it. Several years ago, esport wasn't what we have today. "Competitive" games that had a sequel, were not created with "esport scene" in mind. It just happened, that they perfectly suited this kind of scene and people liked them for this reason. Also several years ago, microtransactions were not a thing. Developers had to keep creating these sequels, because it was the only way for them to have a profit back in time. But with microtransactions and very popular "crates", developers now have a way to sustain further development on the game and they can effectively support an esport scene on their game. So idk what exactly is a "brain fart" on that for you, but you are still living in the past. How many counter strikes had a loot crates? Ehm? Yeah, exactly ... Don't fool yourself, CS GO is an old game and they will stick with it for a long time. Since when became UT a competitive game again? Last I checked, this game didn't even had a scene. But anyway, let me answer the question by asking the question. How many UTs had a microtransactions? dlcs? Same for Quake. Yeah, lets just ignore the biggest esport game on the scene. And your statement is kinda funny. First, any popular game has a lot of clones. Second, shouldn't game with a lot of clones have less players, because people are spread across these clones? Because when the game doesn't have a competitor, then players are forced to play that game, because they have no other choice, when they like that style. Clones have nothing to do with sequels and never had. Developers won't earn anything from a "clone" of their game, so they need to make sure, they have a way to sustain the development. Sequels were a way to earn profit before microtransactions were a thing. But when developers manage to create a great competitive game these days, they have no reason to plan a sequel not even in the distant future. LoL, CS, Dota2, Starcraft, Hearthstone, RL, OW, WoT, R6 Siege (well, they try to be "esport"), HotS, Smite and most of the other games won't have a sequel anytime soon, because they have no reason to do that.
  14. Battalion 1918!

    Who says there will be another Battalion? That's nonsense. If you want to create a good competitive game, you simply do not plan to create a sequel. You would be effectively creating another CoD. Look what games we have on eSport. How many of them have a sequel? And how old is that sequel already? You know, if you manage to create a good competitive game, you spend your time on perfecting that game.
  15. Estimate Release date?

    There was never any official release date. So idk where you get your info, but "May 2017" was for the alpha only and "end of 2018" is just a speculation. And since when CoD became a competitor for Battalion? I still wonder why people keep believing that. You know what these games have in common? One thing. WW2. And yeah, that's it. Did you try Verdun and BF1? They are both from WW1. CoD has no competitive scene whatsoever. And it's just a bad port from consoles for a casual community. It won't even touch Battalion. As for: Nah. The best is to rush the release. Open a broken game to public. And after 3 months let the game die. That's the most "pro" and common tactic these days. You know. Once you let people try your game and they won't find it exciting enough, most of them won't ever come back. What boat? There is no boat. The game is not expected to be open to public anytime soon. There are no dates set in stone. And I am not aware of any similar competitive game being in development.