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  1. DarkMortyr

    Update on progress please

    Great idea being made by arrogant inexperienced developers without a pinch of humility. They kept saying how great they are, yet they failed completely. They talked about huge competitive plans, some casual plans, great progress system. They kept saying how much they understand the market and how their plan is going to work out, how this year is going to be so huge for Battalion and everyone is going to be excited. Well, so far it's hugely dead and I am very excited to use this fiasco as a reminder for me in the future. It seems like anybody can "become a developer" these days. Promise you something exciting, create a hype around it and when the time comes, show you a middle finger. So thank you Bulkhead. This was a really nice lesson learned.
  2. DarkMortyr

    Battalion 1944 it’s my WW2 game

    I didn't know they used to strafe jump all the time in WWII. If Battalion 1944 is "accurate to what millions of people fought 70 years ago" then CoD WWII is a simulator.
  3. DarkMortyr

    Graphics and FPS improvements

    It was quite alive for a long time. Yet, they ignored it anyway.
  4. DarkMortyr

    Moving Foward (reddit post) and comment

    They started with Kickstarter made in a way to attract as many people as possible. Mentioned games like CoD, MoH, ET. Created an article in CoD2 community to advertise their project. Hell they even promised authentic WW2 experience. Word "authentic" was used 5 times on Kickstarter page and 6 times on Kickstarter video. Promised genuine/real animations. Showcased museums and real places to be used for inspiration. Recording sounds of real guns. Promised support for Xbox+PS. Promised modding tools, great netcode and anticheat. Later they promised advanced spectator and replay system. Some people wonder why part of the community expected realism or not so much arcade game ... I honestly can't blame them. Some people expected something more like CoD2 / MoH. Something without constant strafe jumping. I can't blame them either. Nowhere on Kickstarter was mentioned Promod or wannabe Promod movement. If it wasn't for Phantasy, most people would not know then. They took our money, asked for some feedback but always acted so superior and above us. "Don't tell us what to do" "We are experienced and know better than you" "You won't understand until you have 1000 hours like me on Battalion" all the time. They say they want to be different from other devs, want to communicate with their players. Yeah they did. But in the most arrogant way. They needed more money once again, used Battalion's hype for it, rushed into EA and the only working thing was crate shop. A lot of players came to play that day and even some days after. But with misleading advertising, game not being ready for EA, a lot of issues not being addressed soon enough and toxic behaviour from Bram on public, this was supposed to happen. I'll be honest to say that I expected a lot from this game, but my expectations were crushed completely. And I supported this project so much during alpha phase. I expected more from game and I expected way more from devs, their vision, skills but mainly from their behavior towards community. I didn't want to believe that before, I hoped that this is something interesting I was waiting for for a long time, but it's clear now, it was just an illusion. I am interested in some bigger project with higher goals and meaningful plans. That is clearly not Battalion since their target players are "very small community that has mostly moved on from gaming". With that in mind and as this title suggests, I guess it's time to "move forward". - Battalion 1944 Kickstarter video
  5. DarkMortyr


  6. DarkMortyr


    @reached -100 downvotes :D I never said anything about 50 years old players lulz. You came with this age, not me. Some people talk about 24 years as a catastrophic age, because you start losing your reflexes from this moment. But the truth is that it varies from person to person. For some it's sooner, for others it's later. And you can also delay and lower this decay by taking care of your lifestyle. Ofc there is a difference between 50y old dude and 20. But some people act like it's already game over 4 years later, which is a complete bs.
  7. DarkMortyr

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    By the time they will release some meaningful content for casual scene, casual players will be playing new Battlefield and CoD.
  8. DarkMortyr


    I wonder why people still keep spreading this myth ... Like if age would make you automatically better or worse. No matter your age, it's more about your lifestyle and keeping yourself in shape than anything else. I guess some people forget how incredible unhealthy lifestyle these "tryhard" competitive players can have. And yeah, that does effect your capabilities in a long term. Older players are in a disadvantage? Lol, sure.
  9. DarkMortyr

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    You could very well change title from LawBreakers to Battalion and it would still stay true in most cases. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/as-lawbreakers-struggles-continue-dev-working-on-n/1100-6457980/
  10. DarkMortyr


    I told bunch of people about this game. Most of them were CoD4 Promod veterans and they loved that game. But they all are looking at me now asking for explanation what is going on with Battalion. It's ok for me if I hype myself for something (does not happen very often these days) and then it disappoints me. But it's not ok if someone else is hyped because of me and then it fails. And I am still kind enough to tell them "well, it's not great atm, but devs believe to have a whole year of development ahead of them before the game is finished". But they are all very sceptical about that and I don't blame them.
  11. DarkMortyr


    I wouldn't say Battalion is like CoD4. It's more like CoD4 is like Battalion. But better in every possible way I can think of. If Battalion 1944 was released 10 years ago and CoD4 + Promod today, it would actually make sense to me. Because CoD4 is a huge improvement over Battalion. Graphics, movement, map design, animations, time to kill, netcode, casual environment (vanilla cod4), etc. But having CoD4 first and Battalion more than 10 years after that while saying "it's like CoD4 Promod"... Well, that takes courage. Right and you are supposed to be that old school gamer? Am I correct? Because West and Zampella sure did have all that when creating CoD4. What a huge studio. And MW2 was such a copy paste ... Oh, hell yeah. Fun fact is that after MW2 they didn't even want to continue working on another "same" CoD, that's partially why they were fired. But I guess your story with hundreds of developers and copy paste tools sounds better. You don't even know what you are talking about at this point. But I guess it doesn't matter as long as it supports your argument.
  12. DarkMortyr

    Ironsight F2P

    You might want to read the article that I posted.
  13. DarkMortyr

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    This. ^ Well, then you know me too. And you know that I never ever hated Battalion during Alpha / cbt stage. Nah. This might be applied for development of the game. Game is actually dead when there is no one left to play with. Reason one is true. Reason two is a complete bs, sorry to say that. Have you ever tried to look for example for hate on PUBG? And I don't mean now. No. Since the first CBT. This game had (still has) crazy amount of issues. A lot of people could not even play or run this game properly. There was (and still is) a massive shitstorm about that. Hell, it even has the same steam rating like Battalion. Or ever heard of H1z1 King of the Kill before PUBG happened? You could seriously write a book for the amount of game breaking issues it had. Yet, a lof of people played it and even much more players are playing PUBG atm. Despite all those problems. It's never only about issues. If the game has a fun concept that makes players want to come back and play more, they can endure a lot of crap. But that's not the case for Battalion. And sure, part of that problem is rushing EA release, that was a huge mistake. But that's not the only reason. For example, since the start of the development, they don't seem to care about casual players very much. There is very little effort to create some fun enviroment for them (there was none around alpha/cbt stage). They are also very passive atm, they stopped responding even to constructive criticism and all they seem to care about right now are lans/tournaments. Which is funny considering how unfinished their game is atm. This might be partially true for the first day of EA release, but in general it's far from true. I already reacted on this topic here: Now I am talking only for myself but this "strafe jumping issue" to me is because it's used so extremely much. I love CoD4 Promod with all my heart, it's still the best fps game (mode) I've ever played but strafe jumping here was never so extreme. Not on any skill level. And I honestly feel, this is one of the things that is killing the game atm. I also don't see a reason why anybody should not be able to turn off strafe jumping on his own server if he doesn't like it. Sure, it would require some work, but there are clearly a lot of players that are interested in that. I don't mean to be harsh but I would advise you to read / watch their kickstarter page and then come back to your comment. While I knew what Battalion is really supposed to be back in time, I don't think it's completely fair for those who supported this project based on their kickstarter campaign. I wrote my insight on that here: I refuse to believe that there are only two groups "like-minded players" and "haters". There are also players that do care, put a lof of hope into Battalion and have some serious concerns about the future of this game and want their voices to be heard and responded to. Because you know ... criticism is kinda important thing for any development / project / product / etc. It's completely natural thing in any segment and it's important for it's future development, so it should never be completely ignored. Sure, some people take it way too far. Some are pure toxic and doesn't really provide any meaningful insight, but that doesn't make it right to ignore other people.
  14. DarkMortyr

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    Well, "hate" was probably a mistake to say, but he lost excitement he had for this game. He was really hyped at the beginning but that changed very quickly. Another important fact is that his viewer base didn't seem to like it very much and streaming this for a longer period of time might actually hurt him. I am not gonna rewatch all of his VODs to find a specific examples of that, but I do have one where he states his opinion. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/225995722?t=03h12m49s
  15. DarkMortyr

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    Shroud already hates this game (honestly most bigger streamers I saw streaming it, didn't like it very much). I don't think he will be interested to come back. They might pay him, but I bet he likes his viewer base more.