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  1. I play games to have fun and avoid problems in life. And not to have more of them.
  2. Warcraft III, C&C Generals, Fear Combat, Little Fighter
  3. Update the news page

    I hope they have some plans to involve some streamers into their marketing campaign. EA is right around the corner and there is still not a lot of hype around this game. I don't think one gameplay trailer will change that. But who knows ... maybe it will be mind blowing and I am wrong about that. Yet, I don't think creating hype so slow and on such a low level is a way to go.
  4. Destiny 2 on PC

    Yeah, the event is amazing. Also got two armor pieces from two engrams, exclusive sword from a third one and bought one armor piece, so I am happy. But that's the way you like it, isn't it? Getting a skin / reward by leveling / progression / challenges. You get several items by doing milestones every week and then you can literally buy anything you want (everything should appear at the eververse shop at some point) for "free" by just playing / leveling and dismantling rewards from bright engrams. I get around 200 bright dust every single day, so that's enough for me to get w/e I want. It's not like OW does it any better during the events.
  5. Steam Game Award nomination

    Doubt that. There is not a single category where I could vote for it.
  6. Lets talk about skins

    Sure, there might be. But from my experience skins acquired by progression, rank, achievements and challenges are usually only some basic / lower quality. Those eye catchy are mostly in lootcrates. And sure, it might not be a case in Battalion (hard to believe tho), but this specific part should be imho made by the example I described. But there is close to no point of doing that if you don't have a need to burn some spare money or you are unable to grind for a specific skin during some event. You can get everything for free. Even every single event item and you can also buy the rest on top of that. And it's not even that hard or takes that long to get what you want. And once again, this might work for Blizzard with huge player base. Not so sure about Battalion.
  7. Lets talk about skins

    The problem is that in Overwatch, you never have to pay for anything and still manage to get everything in the game. And while this might work for Blizzard and their huge player base, I am not so sure this would be a good decision for Battalion.
  8. Lets talk about skins

    Idk what do you mean by "most people" but I have a completely different experience. I don't know anybody who doesn't like some sort of customizations. Be it skins or something they unlock by playing. It gives the game more depth and is very requested and nice option to have as long as it doesn't create a p2w situation. I would also prefer one of these three options: 1) Connect the skins with steam market 2) Have an in-game only market but with option to trade skins like in Rocket League 3) Scrap the crate idea and allow us to buy whichever skin/s we want The reason behind that is -> I hate not being able to buy w/e I want. And while I do understand that crates most likely generate a better profit, the game should at least give me the option to trade whatever I got and don't like for something I might actually like to use. That's why I listed these three options. Not being able to buy w/e we want and having to rely on stupid RNG is bad enough, give us at least an option to get rid of it for something better. Or let us buy whatever we want. One more thing. Although Valve takes around 30% from every transaction, having skins on steam market should increase the player base. And Battalion might end up with more players playing and more money at the same time.
  9. Questions about servers and mods

    That would be a huge no go for me if something so major would change.
  10. Destiny 2 on PC

    But sure, I don't think anybody actually tested this gun before it was released. It's power was so obvious. That's why I love pvp. I don't care as much about pve (even though I have everything completed every single week on two characters). Back in time, this might maybe even bother me. But that's a long time ago. I use TS/Discord for any game I play and I usually play with a specific small group of people. It's not like you need a clan with 50 or more members to play anything in the game. Stable group of 6-10 people is more than enough. Also clan chat is supposed to come soon.
  11. What languages will Battalion 1944 support?

    From my experience. Translations made by community are sometimes better than the ones created by devs. Here it is how it could look like: https://translate.escapefromtarkov.com/
  12. Destiny 2 on PC

  13. Destiny 2 on PC

    I expect that. I knew there is no way for D2 to have just 2 DLCs, so I never thought Expansion pass will be enough for whole content. I would like CoD more if it was on a 3 year cycle tho. While I do have Expansion pass for some time and this won't affect me, this was some really shitty move from them. I heard they did the same in D1. I am not sure what's a common thing on consoles in terms of DLCs, but this will backfire on them on PC community really fast. But that's not even what pisses me off the most. They added exotic rifle Prometheus Lens that is completely OP to the extent when not a single weapon in a game can go 1v1 against that. And they still didn't remove it / fix it / disable pvp.