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  1. Where do you see Battalion in two years from now?

    Since the first alpha test, there is very little focus on casual side of the game. And here we are, one year later and nothing really changed that much in this regard. If they are going to continue like this, there just won't be any casual players at all. And 2 years from now it's either going to be dead or with enough luck, end up like Quake. This is not something I would want tho. Despite everything, I still want to like this game.
  2. Ironsight F2P

    I honestly don't. Never felt that need to search for it. But I know for a fact that it ruined several games they used to have.
  3. Ironsight F2P

    Honestly, I played it yesterday and it's not bad at all. But A.V.A wasn't too before they got rid of it.
  4. Battlefield V back to WWII

    Said Days of War fan. Oh look, it had whole 1 player peak today!
  5. Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    No amount of tournaments could ever push the playerbase drastically. The only way to do that is to make the game fun for casual players. And Battalion is very far away from it atm.
  6. Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    To some extent yeah, but he usually ventilates it back to the community. That's not how you should act to your customers. Fun fact, when something doesn't work for him (like google servers) he does the same thing and is publicly super toxic. When exactly he did something like that? He usually just blames other circumstances. He hardly ever acts like he takes responsibility for anything really. Everything is either "working as intended", because they still have a year of development or something is not working because of some higher power. It's human nature to create an opinion about something as fast as possible. That's how your brain works to recognize new things. And sure your opinion will develop as the time goes, so it's more about how much time you are going to give it before you set that opinion in stone. I heard from other devs that Brammer is not like that. That he acts way more friendly in person. I followed him since the start of Alpha testing. And sure, I can't possibly really know him. But his public actions never ever proved me wrong. You know, it does matter how you look like in public. Because of the fact that not everybody can know you in person, everybody is going to judge you based on your public actions. That's the most logical thing. And you can't simply say, "you can't judge him, because you don't know him". By this theory no one could ever be judged. Just by the fact that he is morally capable acting like that on public, shows me part of his real face. But they are not creating games. They created one game so far (to my knowledge). I don't get why some give them so much credit. I have yet to see some prove about their experience. To me, their skills are very limited, time consuming and are constantly more learning how to do things than really developing. You can easily see that on Battalion. For example Psyonix is (was) also a small team but with them I at least know that they have crazy amount of UE experience like not so many developers. It's a fact and they can prove it. And you can also see their skills. At the end of the day and for all that shit which is going on, even the last VAC ban wave. I guess, that's karma.
  7. Battlefield V back to WWII

    Are you that parody maker?
  8. Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    Yeah, right? I was excited about this game at first, I told about it to everybody I know who might like it. So for around a year, I advertised it a lot and most people around me knew about Battalion and a lot of them were also looking forward to it. But honestly soon after last alpha test I started worrying about this project. And the main reason was Brammer. The way he acted ... Like he knows everything, is best at everything. His level of arogancy was incredible high. Like that moment when he publicly laughed at CoD competitive scene and started some serious shitstorm. Like wtf ... what kind of lead developer does that? Because you know ... they at least don't have only a fking 500 active players. Joke on you. And yeah, he is always like that. And when someone with this kind of personality is in a lead of some project, well ... shit happens.
  9. Lil Joe

    Isn't that obvious? There is very little empathy for casual players. But on the other hand, competitive aspects of the game are not great either. It all comes down to Bulkhead not caring how many players they have atm. They are confident, that they still have one year of development and everything is going to be ok after that.
  10. Ironsight F2P

    "Aeria games", they are gonna release it and then abandon it later. Their common tactic. No thanks.
  11. Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    The thing is, Brammer thinks that it's ok to have just a few thousands of active players and a playerbase that is going down super fast. It feels ok to him, because he supposedly didn't expect high numbers anyway. This is so unbelievable wrong mindset to have. As if we didn't learn anything from the past. It's so easy to hype a game (No Man's Sky anyone?), but it's very hard, sometimes close to impossible to come back if you fail to deliver soon after you allow anybody to play your game. Call it alpha, call it beta, call it early access but honestly people judge something soon after they try it. It's human nature to do that. Analyze new things as fast as possible, it's what your brain does and you don't even have to think about it. Sure, you might keep in mind "it's just a beta", but no matter what that experience will always leave you with some feeling about the game. And if it's not positive, chances are, you won't be interested to come back to it again. EA games are such a delicate thing. There are tons of them and they keep increasing in quantity almost every day. But a lot of them won't make it very far. A lot of devs use it just to milk customers with tons of microtransactions (probably the only thing that worked on Battalion day 1) and leave their game in EA even after several years (let's call it forever) without any significant improvements, so they can use EA as an excuse for all the problems their game has. There is bad aura around EA games, because most of them leave you with a nasty taste in your mouth. Battalion had minimal advertising, yet there was a lot of hype around it. Core of gameplay was decent, same for content ideas. Alpha community also wasn't so bad. But they just decided for the most stupid move I can think of. There was very limited Alpha testing, same for cbt and they just rushed it straight to EA. Killed the whole hype, created a bad name to their game, made a lot of people abandon it and on top of that they act like they don't even care.
  12. Battlefield V back to WWII

    That's very nice! I am also looking forward to CoD this year. It's gonna be from Treyarch if I am not mistaken.
  13. Game's Dead guys..

    Fun fact: So many players from Alpha community laughed at LawBreakers for how fast it was dying. Looking at it with such a contempt. It also tried to hit competitive scene. In an oversaturated market. But for some reason I just can't say that Battalion is in much better situation right now. Most people play it atm only for the sake of nostalgia. If there was an alternative, it would be already dead.
  14. Are we being heard by the developers?

    The reason why they released it on EA and completely killed the hype around it when they clearly needed more time.