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  1. 82ndAB_BrentMydland

    Who will be playing TR in Bat 1944

    Clan Name: The 82nd Airborne <82ndAB> Clan Website: www.the82ndab.net Contact(steam): BrentMydland Discord: https://discord.gg/CekX5Pc
  2. 82ndAB_BrentMydland

    Greetings from <82ndAB>

    Thanks! Hey Noodle! If there's a good WW2 game you know I'm there.
  3. 82ndAB_BrentMydland

    Greetings from <82ndAB>

    I am an Officer with the The 82nd Airborne Division <82ndAB>, a Tactical Realism clan that formed in 2004 during COD1. With our realism mod and the way we admined our servers we exploded with growth in the United Offensive days (my personal favorite) and came to maintain 2 public COD2 servers that were full 24/7. We created a TR mod for COD4 that still packs our server to this day. Our clan and servers are 100% financially supported by our members and donations from the public. We are a competitive breed having competed in various leagues and friendly matches over the years. To that end, we put together an extensive boot camp program for new members and hold practices for upcoming matches. We currently have a public COD World at War server and match server. We also have an ArmA 3 server, the COD4 server I mentioned as well as Discord and a website. We also have members and pubbers trying new games as they come out with different levels of interest. How do we like our games? We mod all of our games to be realistic, removing all the cartoon stuff off the screen, hit indicators, the big stupid cartoon things above player's heads etc. and rely on uniform recognition, communication and tactics. Dead men don't talk! No dog tags, you have to confirm a kill as you would in real life. You listen for footsteps, gunfire, what type of gun fire, some moments you camp others you rambo but that is always your choice. Friendly fire is always on and we enforce ledging, nade spam and bunny hopping among other rules. Run speeds, weapon sway, damage etc are all modded to be more realistic, you do not survive wounds you wouldn't survive in real life. Our COD games run almost exclusively search and destroy round based missions. All weapons/classes are unlocked but limited, ie each team gets 1 sniper rifle and a couple of MG's etc. You don't build a character by unlocking things and scoring points rather you build a reputation for yourself on the server and within the community based off your own actions and skill. This formula hooked me in 2004 when I got bored of whack-a-mole and found Tactical Realism and it has kept me entertained nightly ever since. Since 2004 we have striven to build a fun but serious gaming environment with an emphasis on Tactical Realism. We have loyal members and a loyal public following. The COD games have become old and have lost their player base. We are looking for the next big game to breath some life back into WWII PC gaming. We are excited with what we are seeing in Battalion 1944! Please let us know how we can help. Regards, <82ndAB> BrentMydland
  4. 82ndAB_BrentMydland

    Working With TR rules

    The more you can have the mod take care of the rules makes a huge difference in trying to run a server and in the enjoyment you get while playing. For example our COD World at War mod made RNG not applicable. We simply set it so the weapon caused no damage when you weren't aiming. There is nothing to police and nothing subjective to argue about. Most nadespam happens in the first few seconds after spawning, people hurl a nade at the contact points. We set it so you did not get grenades until 30 seconds after spawning. Takes care of 90% of nadespam situations. Badjumping, set it so the damage you take makes everyone think twice. That leaves you dealing with ledging, bunny hopping and general asshatery, much more manageable.