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  1. Game-Modes in Alpha

    According to something I read in their development plan sometime around the end of 2016 I believe they intended alpha to be mainly for fine tuning the actual gameplay and the beta that follows to address/stress test all the infrastructure around the game such as matchmaking, ranks etc. Not that I have alpha access anyway..
  2. Hey, Just a small idea regarding the new homepage, which looks great by the way; add publication dates for the the news/articles. This makes it a lot easier to check if there is some new news, and also to keep an eye on how fast things are moving. Im not sure I made this thread in the right category, but please move as/if needed. Thanks! //John
  3. Help us decide our competitive rank names

    YES! Something like this, please.
  4. I do think I paid 40€ (or something like 39.99), so that means beta? Meaning I will still get access before steam early-access or?
  5. Hey guys! I'm so hyped, but a bit confused. Someone mind recapping what the different purchase options were? I bought it a while back to get the Alpha access but now I'm starting to think I might've bought something less than that. This is what it says in my humble-bundle confirmation email; Does this mean I will only get access when the game hits early-access some time in the fall? And if, then did I not gain anything from purchasing early, since I could've just waited and purchased it when it arrives on steam? oO Thanks for helping me clear this up.. J