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  1. When is the next beta?

    Aye.. I bought in to the supposed to be beta myself, and to be honest, I don't even mind if it's skipped if it's for the best for the game. I DO mind though that they don't tell us what's going on, while strongly implying that we have paid for something we won't be getting. That's why I tried calling out the devs in that other thread, but without result.. I just hope they tell us their plan and compensate the beta backers if it's indeed being left out.
  2. Early Access etc

    Theres no detailed confirmed info info on the current development roadmap, but most likely the next playable phase will be Early Access taking place in January 2018, at which point everyone will be able to buy in. In other words, to answer your question: no, you most likely cant.
  3. When is the next beta?

    Yep. And them going silent now, not saying anything about the development road map other than early access in January, all strongly implies that they are happy with the amount of testing they have gotten done and will now finish the game without a beta. At least that's my best guess. So see you all in January! Hype.
  4. When is the next beta?

    If by next beta you mean first beta, and most likely only beta, nobody knows. Likely something playable in January tho, as already stated.
  5. DDD saying hi

    Aye, Im probably mistaken.. long time ago. I just remember losin out in quarters to YYT on Cross and you were scoping for them.
  6. DDD saying hi

    ddd here, Finnish scope from cod4 around the time of i42. Maybe some old pals on here?
  7. DDD saying hi

    Ono! I scoped vs you several times online, and also at i42. I was playing with this very much unknown eu team called Virtual at i42, and if my memory isnt failing me I believe you guys knocked us out in the quarter finals. Ill even go as far as to say it was 13-11, at crossfire. That was the last game I ever played of cod4, but I was mainly playing with uk/eu mix teams and I wasnt very well known. Great to see that youre on here! EDIT: now that I think about it I remember walking over to you guys' room and meeting up with you after the game, so weve probably even met briefly. Tomzki was playing with you wasnt he?
  8. Aye, well said. I agree with that part too, I guess Im just so hyped that part of me want some more information..
  9. @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON @[DEV] KingHoward Dear developers, I think that this is a good move, and cool for you to announce in the way you did. However, for the alpha / beta backers it would be pretty rude not to say something more regarding the development road map, in my opinion. I know you said some people would be disappointed, but I just think you should confirm whether or not there will be a beta and whether or not you will compensate their backers in some other way. I feel we backers deserve that, for showing us trust and giving you our money early on when you really needed it. Just some info, even if your choice is not to give us anything more than future buyers. That being said, can't wait for January and I think it'll be great in the end! Thank you.
  10. DDD saying hi

    Thanks guys! Dont see any old names yet, but hey, new friends are always nice aswell.
  11. There's been no confirmation that's all you'll get. Im certain they'll compensate their backers in a proper way.
  12. I mean yea, I dont think anyone is expecting anything more than a slight update regarding the development roadmap. Still, that should and most likely will be made public on here soon!
  13. I'm afraid you are. Brammer said himself, in the interview linked at the end of the previous page, that he can't say exactly when they're releasing but that he can say it's early 2018.
  14. Theyre not allowed to talk about it outside the Alpha forums I believe, but as far as I know theyve only been given one map.
  15. Great find, thanks for sharing. So what do you guys reckon these scary news are gonna be? I was thinking its gotta be about the game not having any more alpha/beta and just EA in January, but in the end of that interview he said; “I can't say when we're coming out, but I can say it's early 2018 and it's looking good. You may see some scary things from us soon that will surprise a few people but all I can say is look out in January, we're gonna make some noise.” That makes it feel like its gotta be something else.. thoughts? Im just tryin' to keep my mind occupied 'til they drop the news I suppose.
  16. Rifle Balance

    Yea that's a fair point. I understand that most people are for the rifle one shot, like it was back in the days. Myself I don't really care as long as it makes a nice balance that works in competitive play, and after all I've heard the developers say I don't doubt for a second that it will.
  17. Wallbang's

    Sounds perfect.
  18. Oh my god.. hype overload. Just what we needed. Thanks @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON
  19. Oh. Thx for that update. Where did you hear that?
  20. Give us the neeeeews!!!
  21. Price Strategy

    I've honestly been checking for "the announcement" here and on twitter 5-6 times a day since the start of egx.. No I'm not ok As far as this topic goes I feel like they really need to communicate to their backers, and compensate this price drop in some way. I think the new price strategy is grand, and I would be more than happy with some cool cosmetics or an extra copy of the game.
  22. Rifle Balance

    So what's the point of playing sniper if you're doing the same damage without the scope? I realise that it's not realistic for them to deal different damage, but irl the scope gives you the range advantage I guess you won't really need in the game. If anything I feel that the scope would only hinder you. Maybe some cod 1/2 players could enlighten me as I only played 4/promod. What about having the scoped rifle 1shotting with upper body and ironsight version only through hs?
  23. Stacks - in-game economy

    That's some really solid arguing. I guess whats sort of grinding my gears is just the situation where you spend some resources that you end up not even having a chance to use, and you still lose them. But then again I guess that is on yourself for spending a lot on the same round. Also I believe this would be very rare, and when it happens you'd still have a won round so nothing to cry over I suppose.
  24. Stacks - in-game economy

    Hey so on this topic; is there any info/leaks regarging whether or not cards will carry over to the next round? Could you for example keep sniping next round if your entire team wipes them without your help, or is ur sniper card used up then? I recall them not wanting people hiding away saving their guns, but I dont know if this is really such a bad idea for the competitiveness of the game as it adds a nice game of risk/reward. However if they do want to get rid of it, how about getting to keep the gun if you win the round but not if you lose the round, thus removing the need to hide and survive? Thoughts?