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  1. I'm pretty worried something will go wrong and I won't get a key for Friday as promised. I'm a 40e humble bundle backer. So hyped! Here's hoping that it'll all go well 🤗
  2. WIN a Beta Key and Help Kids

    So I've still gotta be online and watching the actual drawing to participate?
  3. Sounds to me like you are completely neglecting the fact that the sniper will lose if he isn't lucky enough with his close up shot. Of course it will be a huge risk going all in, and not having it one shot that close would be crazy. Unzoomed accuracy might need some tweaking, but let's all try the game before we get mad about imbalance, no?
  4. Wow mate you're the king of cringe!
  5. Cant wait! So glad to hear this.. the hype is killing me. :3
  6. "Proved" Players & Clans

    Doubt ppl would like that. Who would confirm? Who would sit on all that info? Who would want ppl to have access to your real life identity..?
  7. Price Strategy

    Nah I'm pretty sure we just have to wait. When I asked tuna on here he just gave me the link to the sign up page so I guess we'll get keys with everyone else
  8. Price Strategy

    Did you get a beta key? Or did you just sign up on the page available to everyone, like me?
  9. Same situation. I already contacted tuna and the only thing he told me to do was to sign up for the beta and that I'll get access.
  10. Update the news page

    Aye, that's great news. I just find it very weird that you didn't even post the thing about going dark. For someone new finding this page and checking it out it looks as if the game died in alpha in August last year.
  11. Closed most likely but nothing has been said publicly. Other than the fact that you'd get access by sharing and liking some links on Facebook, but that later changed to giving you a CHANCE to get access. I'm not sure they have decided themselves exactly how they wanna handle the beta yet.
  12. Update the news page

    Www.battaliongame.com, news page.
  13. Update the news page

    All I know is that when I see about a game in development that gets me interested, the first thing I do is try to find fresh devblog/roadmap info, and if I don't find it on the official website I'll for sure asume the game died after alpha last August. The risk is that I might not go looking on Facebook or twitter, or even steam.. Perhaps its a small amount if potential players that would be affected by this, but it seems like an extremely small price to pay. It's just some copy pasting, right?? All the platforms are already there.
  14. Text Chat.

    Considering the approach they've taken, with wep model and all that, I wouldn't be surprised if this was a thing in the future.
  15. Update the news page

    I'm referring to this homepage. It may be misleading for some new visitors to see latest news on the official website being about some early alpha in August last year. Worst case scenario someone misses out on the game.