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  1. Revolver

    Predictable in the sense that you can control it reasonably well. Not perfect, RNG should be there when you fire fast, but there should be a moderately controllable pattern. So you've got a deagle substitute as a shotgun/SMG? Or am I just not getting what you're saying
  2. Revolver

    Yeah I'm starting to agree, but I don't think the 1911 should behave like a normal pistol. To me, the gun it's based off is less important then the stats. If the 1911 does the most damage, but it should be pretty hard to use (high, but predictable recoil). Most pistols in fps games are: low recoil, average damage, average fire rate, low-average accuracy. personally that's not what I'm wanting, I think (as I've tried to suggest) that the most powerful pistol should pretty much just be the deagle from COD4 in terms of stats. 1911's are a cool design that could work very well for a pistol like the one that I want statistically.
  3. Revolver

    True, most pistols were in 9mm however, and a calibre that could be used would be .357 which existed pre-ww2 and could be used. .357 would be decent enough to essentially copy deagle stats, especially considering a lack of effective body armour at the time when compared to today. this is a pistol that I believe could be the basis of a revolver with similar stats to that of the deag https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smith_%26_Wesson_Model_27 I'd love a 1911/Luger to be viable as well, just want a revolver to be the high-damage/high-recoil/low-capacity option. EDIT: Yes, I realise US pistols were .45
  4. Revolver

    this tbh.. I just want a higher-risk higher-reward version of the deag from cod4
  5. Revolver

    Snipers exist... Bolt action rifles exist as well... I don't think a revolver is right for that, I think it should be mid-range, high damage, but hard to control, so only really good players can be effective with it.
  6. Revolver

    A weapon used in both world wars by officers would be a revolver. I think this would be a really good model to use as a substitute for a deagle (high damage, high recoil). The deagle in COD4 and CS games has been iconic and one of the most loved guns, so a gun with similar mechanics is needed in my opinion as the mechanics of the deagle were so widely loved. It's probably an idea that's either confirmed (in which case sorry for the shitpost) or been thought of, but just a thought. If there's any better ideas for a deagle replacement, someone comment it below, because I believe it's necessary to have in a game that wants to play like the legendary, classic shooters of the early-mid 2000's.
  7. Obviously excluding Batt44, what are some games with decent populations that play similar to cod4 promod? I only really got into gaming a few years back, so missed out on promod, but it looked like my kind of game. Any games with stupid jetpacks can be ignored.
  8. Can someone with an alpha key write a detailed breakdown of the weapons after the alpha has ended ? Include shit like how the weapons compare to the guns from COD 2 and Promod if you've got good experience with these games. Was probably going to happen anyway, but just thought I should ask.
  9. Cheating | smurfing | Trolling

    like a lot of things, they should just copy CS:GO's system, in terms of how long it takes to rank up to level 2. If we assume that for the progression levels we're using the COD ranks and progression is the same speed, then around level 10-20 would be decent.
  10. How did you found your nickname?

    I spelt my actual name wrong once around 4 years ago. RL name: James IGN: Jmaes
  11. ADS sensitivity

    My mistake, hadn't heard anything about it, cheers for confirming this mate.
  12. I like this idea for grenades, but I dislike it for guns. Head armour should have no function other than preventing aim punch.
  13. Help us decide our competitive rank names

    The COD ranks would be best for a progression/leveling system, but for SoloQ I'd have a system similar to that of Overwatch/LoL, with either 5 or 10 divisions of Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum/Diamond (example, bronze 1 would be worst) and 2 top ranks which you can name whichever you like. I like the idea of "Royal" for the #1 rank and "Legend" (perhaps 3 legend ranks) for the #2 rank to summarize, from highest to lowest skill: Royal Legend 1-3 Diamond 1-10 Platinum 1-10 Gold 1-10 Silver 1-10 Bronze 1-10 As far as team goes, I'd have the same naming system for ranks, just displayed separately.
  14. ADS sensitivity

    I think that adding an option to lower the relative zoom sensitivity, such as the one in CS:GO, would be a great design idea and would allow people from CS to more comfortably move over to the game.