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  1. Why no grease gun ?

    Devs have already said they're interested in putting more guns in the game, but I'm not sure what purpose it would fill being honest. Would be cool to equip as an alternate model to the thompson or something though.
  2. Grenade Physics

    Do all grenades in Battalion have the same physics and trajectories? Will a smoke travel in the same way as a grenade? This might be important for developing strategies, if I could get a dev response that'd be great, but anyone who knows is cool Thanks guys, looking forward to the release
  3. Personally I'm a fan of cosmetics in games with cheap price points and I'll probably buy a few things (especially if there's an equipable knife) but I'd rather have market forces shape the cost of individual skins
  4. Hell Let Loose - new WW2 game

    I really hate the slow paced fps shooter games, but the visuals and the theme are spot on, if you like that kind of game it's probably a good pick-up
  5. Overwatch's loot boxes are obtainable without spending money, but people still do it... I agree with you that they should be charging for loot boxes though, but there should also be an option to earn some stuff without paying money EDIT: Obviously the items need to be tradable as well
  6. This tbh.... CS:GO did a good job with it, although the prices of cases/keys should be much lower in Battalion
  7. Hey, so I'm really looking forward to Battalion, and I'm wanting to get as good at that type of game as I can before it launches. I'm enjoying promod, but I'm a complete noob, to the degree where I don't even know where to stand/move during rounds (I'm mainly a CS player so I'm used to standing still for long periods of time) If people can link me some tutorials, literally as basic as possible, that'd be great. I haven't been able to find many things myself, I've only got Crash sorted so far in terms of how I need to play with different weapons.
  8. Wooting keyboard

    Haven't yet, but when I get a new keyboard you've given me a good suggestion
  9. New to the forums? Introduce yourself!

    Hey everyone, I'm James, mainly a CS player with around 3000 hours, but I've been spending the last few weeks trying to grind out as much promod as I can. I heard about the game through one of @[CM] phantasy's youtube videos (love the stream btw) EDIT: Will suck dick for alpha access
  10. Revolver

    Predictable in the sense that you can control it reasonably well. Not perfect, RNG should be there when you fire fast, but there should be a moderately controllable pattern. So you've got a deagle substitute as a shotgun/SMG? Or am I just not getting what you're saying
  11. Revolver

    Yeah I'm starting to agree, but I don't think the 1911 should behave like a normal pistol. To me, the gun it's based off is less important then the stats. If the 1911 does the most damage, but it should be pretty hard to use (high, but predictable recoil). Most pistols in fps games are: low recoil, average damage, average fire rate, low-average accuracy. personally that's not what I'm wanting, I think (as I've tried to suggest) that the most powerful pistol should pretty much just be the deagle from COD4 in terms of stats. 1911's are a cool design that could work very well for a pistol like the one that I want statistically.
  12. Revolver

    True, most pistols were in 9mm however, and a calibre that could be used would be .357 which existed pre-ww2 and could be used. .357 would be decent enough to essentially copy deagle stats, especially considering a lack of effective body armour at the time when compared to today. this is a pistol that I believe could be the basis of a revolver with similar stats to that of the deag https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smith_%26_Wesson_Model_27 I'd love a 1911/Luger to be viable as well, just want a revolver to be the high-damage/high-recoil/low-capacity option. EDIT: Yes, I realise US pistols were .45
  13. Revolver

    this tbh.. I just want a higher-risk higher-reward version of the deag from cod4
  14. Revolver

    Snipers exist... Bolt action rifles exist as well... I don't think a revolver is right for that, I think it should be mid-range, high damage, but hard to control, so only really good players can be effective with it.
  15. Revolver

    A weapon used in both world wars by officers would be a revolver. I think this would be a really good model to use as a substitute for a deagle (high damage, high recoil). The deagle in COD4 and CS games has been iconic and one of the most loved guns, so a gun with similar mechanics is needed in my opinion as the mechanics of the deagle were so widely loved. It's probably an idea that's either confirmed (in which case sorry for the shitpost) or been thought of, but just a thought. If there's any better ideas for a deagle replacement, someone comment it below, because I believe it's necessary to have in a game that wants to play like the legendary, classic shooters of the early-mid 2000's.