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  1. Lenovo T530 (2012-2013): - CPU : Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3610QM CPU @ 2.30GHz - Memory : 8Gb RAM - Graphic card: Intel HD Graphics 4000 & Nvidia Optimus Graphics NVS 5400M I checked but I don't know how my gpu compares with those graphic cards. Okay! Thanks for the answer!
  2. I want to add two additional questions: 4) Are "mouse" and "keyboard" compatibility developed in the game? [ to use instead of buying an 'ad-hoc' emulator] 5) If I play on ps4, can I still compete and play against people using a PC?
  3. Hi guys, I have few questions, and I hope the developers may help me answer them. 1) I have seen online the requirements online. They obviously aim at high end gaming PC. I do not really care about any graphical detail, but more about gameplay. Is it possible on a laptop to run decently the game with all graphic details at the bare minimum? I would really love to avoid buying a new PC only for playing one game. 2) I have backed the game during the kickstarter campaign. At the time, I chose a PC key. Before the final game comes out, can I ask to change it for a ps4 key? [If I realize that on my laptop it would never work decently, I would like to change it to a ps4 that I already have without buying a new PC] 3) Would the game on ps4 work with this https://www.playstation.com/en-us/explore/accessories/tac-pro-for-playstation-4/ ? These are all important questions for me to get ready to play this game at best Perhaps other users may have similar issues.