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    Aim-Punch, Is It Needed?

    Aim punch makes sense in a game like cs when you dont have armor, it would make no sense for a game like battalion.
  2. You need to put you're microphone in the mic slot otherwise it crashes
  3. dAYZ

    I want a key

    250 pesos
  4. Battalion got that oldschool arcade shooter feeling, no overwhelming textures/graphics like cs.go. A real competitive shooter in WW2 setting, damn i cant wait to play this freaking game.
  5. I think people need to stop defending the devs for every negative post aka white knight them, they are grown up man and they can handle criticism on their own. It's part of their job, and it brings the best out of people. They make mistakes, we make mistakes and we are on this forum to have a discussion about certain topics but sometimes it gets ruined by people who downvote any criticism towards the development team imo.
  6. Why would i sell my key? i'm still highly interested in this game and hope it will revive the good ol' cod2 (clanbase) days.
  7. I cant find the post right away, but i do know for damn sure it was confirmed in some way. but I'm ok with it but i just cant ignore the fact that it kinda feels like a letdown but i get things will change during the development of a game thats why it's called development, but as Brammerton said it's just the eager to play Battalion 1944.
  8. You have to realise there are people who payed a full AAA price (Including me) for a game that is being kickstarted by a company that never made any FPS games before, and i cant ignore the feeling that i kinda feel robbed now that we cant boot up the Alpha in offline mode even tho it was promised before. If you have a problem with people leaking the build or w.e just put a big unremovable branding in the top of the screen with ALPHA BUILD (not final) or something.
  9. dAYZ

    Will there be a 16:10 aspect ratio?

    w.e you want dude, it's all preference in the end
  10. dAYZ


    Think the way Starseries does it with CS:GO is the way to go: