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  1. Soldier Service Number

    I like this a lot

    They could always add a setting to turn all weapon skins off, if it's going to be such a big issue. I'm personally really happy with the implementation of skins, it can create a steady cashflow to be put right back into the game!
  3. Will there be a scoped sniper? (or attachment)

    Thanks for the replies guys.
  4. I don't think inventory carrying over various round will be implemented. One of the Devs (I think it was Joe) said that they're not going to do that in the game because that can lead to a player saving his gun, rather than go for an incredible 1v4 clutch that you'd see in CoD4 causing boring gameplay for the spectator. Not to say they won't change their minds.
  5. Will there be a scoped sniper? (or attachment)

    Thank you my friend, much obliged
  6. How did you found your nickname?

    Went through a few such as; Magma, Guilt, Forgiven etc. When I was 14/15 I had a real fascination with unique and kind of edgy alias', it came to the point where I was bored of my current alias and I wanted a new one, I think I used a thesaurus to find the name apathy and it stuck ever since. I also sometimes go as jME which is basically just a shortened version of my name, Jamie.
  7. It's not necessarily essential for me but I am curious.
  8. Stacks - in-game economy

    I'm all for the idea of an economy as it will separate the game from being known as the CoD2/Promod rehash and give the game some identity. Not too sure about the 'Stacks' idea though and I'm really not for the idea of spawn advantage. Although I don't know how it will play or how it will effect the tactical side of the game so I hope it proves me wrong.
  9. Hello!

    Hi there! I'm Jamie but I go by the alias 'apathy' and i'm from Scotland. I only found out about this game a couple days ago and I am excited beyond belief! I unfortunately missed my opportunity to get Alpha access though and i'll need to wait until Early access or something. Anyways I found out about the game through watching one of Phan's videos and being a former Promod player this game is exactly what i'm looking for in a competitive game. I'd like to be heavily involved in it's competitive community and maybe one day attending LAN's and such. Anyway I will keep this short and sweet. I'll see you out there on the battlefield!
  10. A Lengthy Interview with Joe Brammer

    This game just sounds like the perfect FPS to me, can't wait to play it. Really enjoyed this interview.