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  1. Onslaught Gamemode

    Yeah I have been thinking to turn this into a pvp mode as AI will be too hard as i have been thinking about ways of doing it. Though I am debating on what the rulesset is going to be
  2. Onslaught Gamemode

    Yes, thought that it was decently explained and I was giving my reason why I am not making a zombie mod If the AI works decently it could be transferred to other game-modes(maybe objective orientated)
  3. Onslaught Gamemode

    Zombies has been so many times and i wanted to give it a more interesting twist/tense and to make it harder.
  4. Onslaught Gamemode

    Yeah and thats what I am going to focus on after i get the basic gamemode working. Which i am already close to.
  5. Modding requirements

    Unreal engine currently supports both c++(if you never worked with it good luck its a lot to take in) or blueprint scripts which are way easier to learn but not as efficient in the computing department and can be limiting at times. But that shouldn't be a problem as game-mode handling shouldn't be too bad. Just recommend to start with blueprint scripts and already start learning as it will take you a while, go download UE4 from the Epic launcher, I am sure you can make something awesome.
  6. Onslaught Gamemode

    Onslaught So I have been debating and thinking a lot about this idea and I think its worked out far enough to show and receive feedback. Currently working on the learning UE4 and already making general systems that can be prepared for. General Idea Goal and Maps The idea is that a group of players will be fighting a onslaught of AI enemies that will come on in waves. Here the players got to work together to survive and scavenge guns from the AI.Below are a few small map ideas that can support this game-mode. Though I like the map that is surrounded by enemy spawns, this increases tension and possible flanks by the AI AI This is going to be the hardest part as AI is just not easy to program right rather said really hard. Classes The composition of the AI changes on which is the current round, having multiple classes: Sub-machine gunner (grunt that sprints forward) Assault/support (stays more back and throws nades) Sniper (stands back and seeks higher positions to take shots Maybe a 8/4/1 division seems about right Intelligence Over each round the AI enemies are supposed to get more "intelligent". General aspects: Reaction speed on seeing targets Accuracy Focus cone(for spotting people) Specifics(possible tactics and is going to be really hard/impossible): Keep track of players location if spotted to find targets Possible flanking routes Pinching players Additional ideas Just some random ideas that might make it more interesting Restocking ammunition at end of wave Care-package with weapons/ammo DP28 as stationary gun Shop?(kinda goes against the grain with the current game) Barricades Conclusion This will take me ages and hopefully by when the mod tools are complete I have something to show, the AI is going to be the hardest part and will be the focus after I get the basic game-mode working. Until then if you have any additional ideas or critique just please post a reply, I am more than interested to read your opinion.
  7. more rifles ?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhdESIBFxxs me getting rekt by Phan, Supreme and more And it doesnt fit as this game does not go for better weapons, its more about strategy and cooperation. Pure upgrades will never appear
  8. more rifles ?

    Currently in queue trying to find a match, hoping not to face Phan again....
  9. more rifles ?

    Also being passive aggressive with "you will see" wont help
  10. more rifles ?

    I am an alpha player, currently have 41 hours logged
  11. more rifles ?

    Yeah this is not going to happen..... There are several reasons why, the current weapons are there to fill a role which is meant to be balanced, a lot of weapons will make this hard to balance and will take unnecessary amount of resources. The devs are currently holding strong to simplicity is key and more weapons would bring that in danger. Besides all of this is that and this is my personal worry that if they implement more weapons that the older weapons will get an identity crisis. That they feel all too similar which is a problem in Battlefield as of late. And if its for looks, even this could have a game-play impact in the way that iron sights are clearer on some than others but would be the only way without causing too much trouble. This also counts for your pistol post.
  12. Possible API Acces?

    API: Application programming interface, meant for getting data from a source to be used. Like weapon use for a specific player, or a players match history. I really hope it will exist because i would love to make something like a stats website for battalion.
  13. Possible API Acces?

    I've been wondering if there is going to be an API for public acces? Perhaps for 3rd parties to acces possible user stats, or make something like Faceit/Esea. Would be fun to make something like that.
  14. As suggested in the title I don't have acces to the alpha section on the forum even though I do play in the alpha. Wondering if anyone can help me out.
  15. Karma rating system and Cheaters

    @Razor, either the community itself with the teammates or a similar system to overwatch in CS:GO. And you dont quite get why i would want a softban, yes they will still play but it would take them longer to realize that they would have been banned and put up against other cheaters. Causing less hackers to face normal players, therefore having less toxic community. The whole cheaters problem is a fight that cannot be won, but the affects of it can be minimized. This is not a matter of morals, this is a matter of dealing with cheaters in a practical way so that you have less of them interfering with normal players. Otherwise you'll just get another CS:GO where cheaters see a clear ban and just buy another copy of the game.