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  1. May 28th!!!!

    I am so hyped :)))))))))))))))))
  2. I had a few usernames in the past and my main name is 'Jasperzieboon' my real name is Jasper and sperzieboon means special beans, it is sort of dutch name. How did you found your nickname?
  3. How will the ranking system work?

    Okay! Thanks, good to know
  4. Mission style maps/modes

  5. Hello! Jasper here.

    Hihi :PP Do you think a lot of dutch people gonna play this? (The Netherlands is a 'COD' country)
  6. How will the ranking system work?

    Just wondering, Will there be a competive gamemode like you have in Counter-Strike, or will it just be a level system, is there any info on that, couldnt find it here :>
  7. Hello! Jasper here.

    Hello Battalion community! The past few weeks I was looking around for some new titles preferably some more fast-paced style WW2 shooter game. So, I came here, saw the gameplay footage and I was impressed.. Holy sh*t, this is exactly what I was looking for! I was trying out Day of Infamy, great game, but it is not really for me. I played a lot of Counter-Strike in the past, and I always loved FPS games, but Counter-Strike is getting me really mad and bored. I hope I can get into some new games and this game looks just like, if god sended me this game. Holy sh*t! I hope I will meet some people to play Battalion with, I am really looking forward to post here and play the game! Cya