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  1. Mission style maps/modes

    Will something like this ever be a reality?wolfenstein enemy territory had something going unfortunately its old and the gun sounds are very cartoonish
  2. Inspiration from Moh

    How much? I love moh and cod 2 and 4
  3. Search in Destroy in Alpha

    Campaign/mission modes would be fun too one is the attacker other is defender
  4. Mission style maps/modes

    Like campaign where you need to do stuff to reach the enemy and sabotage stuff. defend and attack fortress is a example
  5. Inspiration from Moh

    How much inspiration has been taken or will be part of bat44
  6. Call Of Duty (2017)

    Stopped buying Activision games no improvement whatsoever!!!
  7. Are console versions neglected?

    Its going to get even stronger when volta arrives and amd equivalent Where were you guys all these years!! :p Please take your time too many fails in the last 3 years Will wait for bat44