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  1. Movement System

    So I've read/heard in interviews that Battalion 1944 has almost replicated the CoD4 Promod movement system or is at least aiming to be close to it. I never played promod so was interested in seeing what all the hype was about. I searched around on youtube and found videos like this: Honestly I'm not a fan of these bounce jumps or rocket jumps (panzer jumps in BT44?). The strafing, sprinting, and other aspects seem fine but these insane jumps just look too ridiculous and would break a lot of maps. Does anyone know if these "features" were programmed into Battalion 1944?
  2. Melee and Grenades?

    After reading about the design decisions around Battalion 1944's movement and how the developers feel the players should be in 100% control and not tied to action buttons, I had a couple of questions regarding melee and grenades. Melee - in CoD, melee is an action button. In other games, you switch to your knife and manually slash your opponents. It doesn't require much aim but you had to get the distance and timing right. I'm wondering if Battalion 1944 will use the CoD one button action melee or more of a traditional melee approach? For melee I'd much rather have manual attacking as I hate the autokill nature of melee in CoD. It feels cheap and not skillful at all. Grenades - again, in CoD, grenades are bound to a separate button. In other games, grenades are selected then thrown. Which style is Battalion 1944 using? For grenades I don't mind either version. The CoD style allows faster throwing of grenades as you save that split second of having to pull up your grenade so it may make more sense in the faster gameplay that Battalion 1944 is going for.