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  1. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

    There are some minor changes comapring to RO2/RS1 which I don't like... and I miss the campaign mode
  2. Multiplayer works fine here, but when I want to play SP game crashes with the "can't load default.cfg" error. Any ideas how to fix it?
  3. Call Of Duty (2017)

    Looks nice. Don't like the campaign though, I'm sick of Normandy.
  4. BF1, RO2, CSGO. And COD2, coming back to my roots
  5. CoD2 Fragmovies

    Really, really old efforts: The Last Stand Measure The Time Some compilations: POLISH MIX #1 POLISH MIX #2 THE MEMORIES And more fun stuff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_b-VEWnZOI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EA_2xg-aqUQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXKq9WY-87U
  6. Competitive gun limit ideas.

    You all forgot about one thing - each side got it's own set of weapons and it's characteristics will vary greatly. It's impossible to use COD4 as an example to balance weapons in Battalion 1944. You need to look at vCOD, COD2, DOD or even CSGO. Some examples: Kar 98k: 5 bullets, one shot to kill (body); M1 Garand: 8 bullets, at least two hits to kill (body) MP40: 30 bullets, lower firerate; Thompson: 20 bullets, higher firerate MP44 vs BAR? And what about sniper rifles and trench guns? One per team, I'll take that for granted.
  7. ^1GOOD ^2LUCK ^4& ^6HAVE ^7FUN ^5xD
  8. Headshots (Idea)

    In COD2 you had the sound notification with every single hit, not just headshot.
  9. ePAM and classic SD should work just fine Keep the game as simple and skill based as it's possible. Don't want it to become more-arcade-sort-of-red-orchestra type of game...
  10. fls-gaming craven says hai
  11. New to the forums? Introduce yourself!

  12. Just wanted to say hi :)

    Hey there! Since the CS:GO era started I kinda forgot how much I loved COD2 when I actually played it with my friends. I'm glad somebody was brave enough to make a game which represents such oldschool gameplay. I saw the early alpha footage yesterday, it gave me chills. I'm sure some of you know me just by the nickname, probably even more played against me in numerous occasions, but I'll introduce myself; In 2004 I bought a new game which was called Call of Duty: United Offensive. That wasn’t exactly beginning but there I started enjoying playing online computer games a lot. On the beginning I was playing in some random teams but seriously I’ve started playing since 2007. My first real and famous COD2 team was FLS-Gaming. We were participating in offline and online cups which were necessary for my further career development. In September 2009 I’ve started playing Call of Duty 4 with crosq and then we built such as great team (craven, crosq, r0lka, alZ, crv) which survived untill April with some great successes. Till June 2010 I'm again playing with my old team (craven, pix, WaRdanceR, loko, h3lioS_-) FLS-Gaming. We were playing together for over five years. Since February 2008 we were known as the best polish Call of Duty 2 team. We participated in four EuroCups in 2 of which we qualified to playoffs. During these years we were playing together, we proved that real friendship is the most important factor in bulding great team. Decication, friendship, skill, that was all what helped us to be one of top european teams. Now almost all of us have chosen their own way, but some of us still want to participate and increase experience in esport. I picked CS:GO, but I'm willing to come back to my roots. I overslept the humblebundle thing before it ended, but if you want me to and give me proper tools I can provide a very useful feedback. See you all on the battlefield, when the time comes of course! COD2: #1st place@CoD2LAN Polkowice 2008 #1st place@Polish Championships 2008 #1st place@Polish Championships 2009 #3rd place@Polish Championships 2011 #1st place@Clanbase.pl ladder 2k8, 2k9, 2k10 #2nd place@Clanbase.eu ladder 2k8, 2k9 #7th place@Clanbase EuroCup XVII #11th place@Clanbase EuroCup XVIII #4th place@Clanbase EuroCup XIX #9th place@Clanbase Eurocup XXII #1st place@OneDayCup by p13&Headshot TV #1st place@rage-gaming Night Cup! with rage-tv. #1st place@ODC4 by p13&HSTV #2nd place@Gamers Invasion COD2 WROCLAW 2011 #2nd place@Gamers Invasion #2 COD2 WALBRZYCH 2011 #Clanbase Nations Cup XII - COD2 S&D Player #Clanbase Nations Cup XIII - COD2 S&D Player #Clanbase Nations Cup XIV - COD2 S&D PlayerCOD4: #2nd place@tempus moriendi challenge by PIFPAF #1st place@Cybercup Winter 2010 Wroclaw #1st place@ESL WinterCup 5on5 SDLAN Experience: C2P Polkowice LAN by Divicom 2008, Poland Cybercup Winter Wroclaw 2010, Poland LAN Poznan 2k10, Poland Gamers Invasion COD2 WROCLAW 2011, Poland Gamers Invasion #2 COD2 WALBRZYCH 2011, Poland Honorary FLS-Gaming: craven, pixxx, WaRdanceR, loko, h3lioS_- BTW. Wanted to contact developers via email etc. but couldn't find any contact sheet, so here I am!
  13. New to the forums? Introduce yourself!

    How did I miss this topic? Damn. Hello guys!
  14. Just wanted to say hi :)

    @vozER I remember hpno and anfeli, how come? I still have all my cod2 demos somewhere, time to check'em out. I hang out with pix, loko and WaRdanceR from time to time, it's great that our friendship lasted for so long. @kinda helios, loko and WaRdanceR will try this game when the opportunity arrives. We've been talking about Battalion 1944 and renaissance of COD2 Community when the first sneak peaks came out. Can't wait to try the game for myself