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  1. 31524-hour peak I think I have more neighbours.
  2. Is it dead yet?
  3. craven.

    Kill cam

    dd kill cam, without added the informaiton of killer wat? I do agree killcam is highly recomended for arcade and unranked, though I don't know how they can add it as every single shot looks different on each computer (clientside hitscans). I can imagine a situtation where somebody kills me, then I'm watching killcam and he's not even aiming at me there. Am I missing something?
  4. Except the WWII setting I don't see that many similarities. Gameplay-wise it's much more like COD4, not COD2. B44 rather avoids solutions known from COD2. Going back to the topic, player count continiously drops every day. It's not a coincidence, something drags people away from this game.
  5. craven.


    This discussion is pointless tbh. Maddog, you'll never see grenade cooking in a competitive game, get over it. Feel free to mod it and install on your server. yeah, downvote me.
  6. craven.

    Option to remove sprint server side.

    I don't know, Coastal seems to be the biggest map in the game and yet I find it hardly bigger (feeling wise) than trainstation, carentan, dawnville or matmata. I would simply like to try B44 without sprint to find out if TTK becomes higher and if I'd experience much better map control. I think it at least deserves consideration and/or trying out behind closed doors.
  7. craven.

    Option to remove sprint server side.

    You didn't have such accuracy while strafe jumping in COD2 (don't confuse it with reloadshots). When you were about to strafejump from behind the corner and an enemy was expecting you, mostly you were getting killed. It's not happening in Battalion because peeker's advantage is that big here. Spray n' pray with AK74u was easy in COD4, but here it's just ridiculous as TTK is that low. Last update have improved it a lot, but that pinpoint accuracy is still an issue that needs to be fixed. There's way to many people complaining about it to leave it the way it works now.
  8. craven.


    Wow, it took you really long to come up with that. Because you still can't comprehend why grenades have such big tactical factor, maybe you should just change the game?
  9. craven.


    Yeah, there are like three of them ;D "without cooking there is no tactical use of grenades"
  10. craven.


    Obviously you have no idea what you're talking about so I'll just leave you there. Having good tactical nades is one of the key factors of overall "skill" in any game that includes them in gameplay. You are talking about some fanmade mods running on public servers while there was no grenade cooking in any competitive incarnation of Call of Duty. Want grenade cooking? Fine, make a mod and install it on your server. Don't expect it in the vanilla game though, Battalion 44 is supposed to reach mainly the competitive scene, it's being prepared directly for leagues, cups and lans.
  11. craven.


    Sometimes you need to take out grenade and aim at freaking cloud before you throw it, won't do that if grenade is already cooking. I thought we have explained to you already why cooking grenades will not happen' in B44?
  12. craven.

    Option to remove sprint server side.

    I'd love to see that. Everybody was fine with no sprint for so many years, I'd like to have Battalion as oldschool as it's possible
  13. I have brightness set on "3" and I don't experience such issues on Liberation as you described.
  14. Why would European non-profit lan admins care about NA teams? btw. Budapest, Capital of the country that you americans would call "HUNGRY" (guess why).
  15. craven.


    It is a coincidence. I played Coastal 5 times in a row now, friend of mine played Invasion 6 or 7 times in a row too.
  16. craven.

    CoD WaW Players

    It wouldn't die so quick if it has basic commands from the very beginning. It was impossible to play leagues without /record (sounds familiar? :D) . I remember massive amount of COD2 players moved into COD5 but then came back after few weeks. This game had big potential, such a pity. But if you look at numbers there's more people playing it than Battalion And it's just on Steam!
  17. craven.

    Kill feed should be seen in console

    This. Same with chat.
  18. Brightness it up then lol
  19. I love new lighting. With high vibrance both Liberation and Manor looks so cozy like it's summer evening. There is indeed something about sky flare, but overall it's much better than the previous, dark ones.
  20. craven.


    BRIGHTNESS/GAMMA FIX The main issue with Battalion 44 for me was bothering with really bad lighting on competitive maps. Although I could tweak my monitor settings, I avoided that because I have no profile memory in my LCD. Thanks to an reddit user I have found the perfect combination to improve ingame visibility. I will break it down to you in two steps: 1. Go to control panel -> folder options -> show hidden folders -> go to C/USERS/USERNAME/AppData/Local/Battalion/Saved/Config/WindowsNoEditor -> Doubleclick on "Engine" and add following lines: 2. Go to https://vibrancegui.com/ -> download for PC -> Open -> Click "Add" and find the path to battalion.exe (C/Program Files (x86)/ Steam/steamapps/common/Battalion 1944/Battalion/Binaries/Win64) -> doubleclick on newly added battalion.exe, set vibrance level to 150 -> minimize the program. Turn on the game and enjoy Feel free to move this thread to appropriate forums, cheers. crav.
  21. craven.


    VibranceGUI probably fights your NVIDIA/AMD settings. Happened to several friends of mine.
  22. craven.

    The Future ,,around the game"

    Why nobody mentioned arcade? Every single gamemode is equal to TDM as you don't get any reward for capturing flag or taking points on domination
  23. craven.

    forum hacked?

    Devs are too busy answering on reddit
  24. craven.

    forum hacked?

    That escalated quickly.
  25. How can it be alive with such fckd up netcode, unbalanced weapons, broken economy system and probably the weakest anticheat we've ever had to deal with? This game gives no fun, no satisfaction, no opportunities. March 8th is the deadline. I bet we won't get /reconnect, /record, /r_gamma anyway.