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  1. Youre telling me, theyre all scrambling now!
  2. Hi Guys, Is it one key per backer? Not sure if the devs have said if the alpha backers would get any free invites so people can play with their friends? Maybe at a later stage in development?
  3. Difficult thing being here is that this game is made by the developers for the kind of people that want to play the same game as them. I wouldnt want the devs to give in to much to change. They know what theyre doing, we just need to trust them
  4. Really apologize if this has been brought up or confirmed but iv checked the forums and cannot see confirmation. I understand the card system slightly but will competitive play use the same system? I can understand this being used in public etc but im worried it may over complicate competitive play? At the same time I can also seeing it adding a new dimension so can someone educate me on this system please?
  5. Clanbase revival incoming (although CB was rubbish!)
  6. And get yourself a blowjob and chill the hell out
  7. Just do what rust do. Tie the dog tag into your steam guid. Every character in rust is customised based on your guid. Your skin colour, penis or breast size is all hard set. Works pretty well and makes you appreciate your character more. PS. I'm a confident black women with pretty decent tits PPS. In rust anyway. Haha
  8. Agree
  9. Actually they had carentan in the kickstarter video. It just didn't have textures
  10. What this guy said ^
  11. I'm intrigued to see what bugs come out of this development. Hope there's afew cool things. Cod4 had these things and it really made it what it was. Can't copy them though as we want this game to not be cod4 but to still have it's own unpolished edges.
  12. It's actually closed alpha which is super early. So this is completely normal. Might want to refund if you're not prepared to try and bug report and feedback
  13. Yes tek9 went to preinvite irc. I was in this for abit, although I'm not sure i was a fan. I genuinely think an irc client is a good idea for private match making. Do we have any confirmation on third parties taking the match making on? Faceit, Cevo or ESL maybe? If there's dedicated servers which IV been told there is, then private match making will be easy as pie.
  14. Transparency. Love it
  15. Unless they do a giveaway i dont think there is anyway at present to get a key