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  1. Smut28

    I want my money back!

    You didnt really get jumpshotted 9 out of 10 times though did you. Probably more like 3 or 4 times in a match. Why not put a constructive post forward, its early access which means the devs want our help rather than throwing your toys out the pram like a little baby
  2. Smut28

    Mouse Acceleration?

    I was just abit sick into my own mouth
  3. Smut28

    few issues that make the games feel clunky.

    I said I don't want battalion to be a cod clone. It's a statement, not a fact. I'm not saying battalion is COD4. Chill
  4. Smut28

    A real concern for this game

    Codww2 isn't built as a competitive game. Devs have said time and time again that ww2 is just a setting. It's not a ww2 game, it's a competitive shooter set in ww2. Cod2 Vs COD4 promod has also been used alot. Don't get hung up on one thing. The sounds and maps etc are pretty authentic. If you are after authenticity then I advise arma or squad. A 5v5 competitive FPS will never have authenticity. Simple, it's just not fun to watch as an esport or play and I'm coming from a person who loves squad, backed squad and loves arma!
  5. LETS GO CLOUD9!!! Good luck to the people across the pond! Whos everyone going with? Can they deal with Guardian!
  6. Smut28

    Old but Gold

    Id love to see her do another one in afew months
  7. Smut28

    few issues that make the games feel clunky.

    Although I don't want battalion to be a COD4 clone I would like to see the movement speed up just abit. Things like this would be great. Good comparison.
  8. Smut28


    I wouldve thought ladders will be in, its a simple addition thats already in the engine. Just need to add a ladder clip
  9. Smut28

    This is not the COD2 I ever new

    Pretty sure that was the number quoted
  10. Smut28

    Latest test

    Did the devs change anything about the jumping? Felt like i was stuck to the floor abit more. Couldnt tell. Not complaining, would just like to know.
  11. Smut28

    This is not the COD2 I ever new

    About 100,000 players wanted to play beta so i guess quite afew
  12. Smut28

    Interview with Joe Brammer is out!

    "A little burnt out on counterstrike" Couldnt be better timing and hes bang on with that comment. CS is a great game in its own right but these guys are so well positioned right now and because theyre gamers, they know this. Cant friggin wait for everyone to jump into this. Its only the last 3 or 4 alphas where iv truly felt that this could overtake CS. Its going to be hard but building a game for longevity and not a quick buck is so good to see as a gamer in this day and age.