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  1. Greetings. Me and my friend are looking for a very competitive team, who can commit at least 5 hours/day to reach the peak of Bat44 pro scene in near future. I won't point out every single experience we both have had, it's a nonsense if you ask me - CS:GO is a completely different game, I can say that we can compete at FPL level if we are at our best, but that's not the case here. We of course played COD4, but that was very long ago, when Clanbase was still a thing. You better check us ingame instead of basing on experience on games that doesn't matter. Quickly about us: Position wise - I am more of a SMG/Trench oriented player, although efficient with every weapon. My friend is an all-rounder, we are both pretty flexible and can adapt to every scenario. Both from Poland, age of 23, can speak fluent and proper english. We want to sign up for next Blitzkrieg, so we are in hurry to at least sign up, since there are only 21 slots left as I write this. What we expect from our team? - You need to be mature, - Ready to commit time, - Have a developed awareness, - Think and deduce how to be the best. I am playing under the same nickname as here on forums. Catch me on Steam if you are interested http://steamcommunity.com/id/burakishow
  2. Thank you very much. I have been around here since april, reading everything that mattered for me (almost everything :D), but I decided that this is the time to get involved and contribute. I forgot to add one thing in my thread starting post (now I cannot edit it somehow) - I have been super unlucky as I found out Battalion 1944 just 2 days after Humble Bundle packages sell was over. I was so pissed...
  3. What a bizarre thread title one may think? Greetings to all the people who are a part of this great community and of course deep bows to the Bulkhead Interactive developers - if this game will be as big as CS:GO in terms of esports, then you can be aware of the fact, that you have changed my life by 180 degrees. I play under the nickname "maul" and used to play as "burakishow" when COD4 promod leagues were at its finest. I have seen many visions in my dreams - visions where I play a game that looks similar to COD2/4 on stage in front of a big crowd in one of those great arenas - I keep thinking about becoming a professional player in Battalion 1944 and things related to that most of time - that's probably a reason why I keep seeing those. I always wanted to become a "pro" in an FPS game since I was 15, that was the time when I came upon COD4 promod. I have been playing in many leagues and online tournaments, sadly I was doing that half-assedly (pangs of conscience remain till this very day) because I knew I won't have an opportunity to attend offline events ( my parents didn't wanted to support their son "sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours/day"). Now an opportunity is coming, I am financially independent, I can fully devote myself and my free time besides work so one day I can become full-time paid player for one organisation. I hope I my dream will come true Many of you may think, that this is a bit out of earth, but I can feel in my guts that I am capable and determined enough to achieve something if I sacrifice enough time. Again, it is a pleasure for me to meet you all, I hope all of you are in such a big enthusiasm as me! tl:dr me pro