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  1. Are you a grill? You might even get one if you are
  2. Cod4 training mode was also pretty sweet, you could place bots in common places and try to find new wallkbangs among other things too. This would be super helpfull
  3. And it gave you a significant advantage. So many good smg:s were able to rush before nades to A site on Strike attack thanks to some excelent movement mechanics. I, on the other hand always was blown up by that fucking car
  4. Good points. I think that this will be balanced with the card system, and if you think about it maps were smallish in cod2 too, and there bolt actions were used all around. I don't think the americans had any siginificant advantage over the other factions with the garand and m1. Cod2 didn't have sprinting tho, who knows if it significally nerfs single shot rifles.
  5. They haven't decided yet, have a look here:
  6. Depending what kind of internal trackin program they use, trello is pretty flexible to intergrate to for example jira
  7. This could also be a fantastic way to reward early kickstarter backers / alpha testers and so on. Unique low digit service numbers or somthing similiar
  8. Well, I got to say that I haven't ever seen a company take this much feedback in so early stage of the game development as Bulkhead has. So many ex pros / casters etch have had the opportunity to help make this game as good as it can be. To even suggest that bulkhead is underestimating the community is almost a insult Not to mention the confirmation of mod support etch....
  9. Yes, time of the day is not yet known to my knowleadge.
  10. I find it quite funny that people judge the game from pre alpha footage, especially when it has been stated multiple times that gun balancing is comming later. Also, the devs have said that they will be very supportive of modding the game, Im sure everybody will get what they wan't from the game
  11. Quite like the update, don't see the need to reset them Damn, a few of you have a ton of rep allredy
  12. Stupid question, could it be done with different materials? I Don't know how the UE4 sound engine work Like for example a prop has the material "matress" that when stepped on wouldn't make a sound. Anyways, the same "advantages" that silent jumps made could probably be implemented way better with good map design. Ah almost forgot that the vault didn't make any sound in promod, good stuff man.
  13. This has been confirmed multiple times, and if I am not mistaken Joe actually said in the interview with Dust Mouret that it is actualy allredy built in
  14. Actually not a bad idea at all.
  15. Well this could be debated to the opposite end, a skillfull player will have a deeper set of capabiliteis to deal with the disadvantage. Yes, it potenttialy means you can't rush before a few set nades, and need to play a round more defensive. Though luck, you shouldn't have lost the round before, and maybe you should go for a second sniper to balance the disadvantage out. Also thinkin long term, this system should potenttialy increase the skill gap of bad players and good ones. The good ones have strats for all kinds of different situations (when on the advantage, or disadvantage). This could lead to some very interesting in-game strategy meta changes witouh ever needing to add weapons / maps as the very best teams counter each others habits. The amount of advantage could be too much or too little with 1 second spawn delays, hard to know before playing the maps. But I think this is a great idea to incorporate some kind of punishment to reckless play, and reward those who prevail. Also this keeps the best of 2 worlds, the cod clutch round to round gameplay, with a deep underlying metagame like CS has with its economy system, yet without boring saving in corners for 30 last seconds of the round.