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  1. Would it be possible to add a feature like there was in cod4 promod, that if you don't shoot anyone at the "ready up, waiting for the match to start" you cant take damage from enemies? I would like to use that time to hone my rush routes, not get spawnkilled by someone
  2. Cookiebot

    Kickstarter / Humble backer skins

    True, you could interpret it that way too. Hopefully a dev can clear this up
  3. Cookiebot

    'You are Banned'

    This is a bug. You are actually not banned. It will go away in 10 minutes
  4. Cookiebot

    Kickstarter / Humble backer skins

    There was an interview with dust where Bram said skins would apply also to humble backers Hopefully so!
  5. Cookiebot

    Minimap is over detailed

    Mannorhouse v1 has a nice minimap!
  6. Cookiebot

    Teammate got shot through wall (video)

    No wallbang icon, so yeah you are probably right.
  7. Cookiebot

    Basic Issues that need immediate fixes

    I don't think community servers will ever give you XP, otherwise, there will be AFK lobbys to get warchest and saturate the marketplace.
  8. Cookiebot

    Full Console commands list?!

    Haha man, np thanks for trying to help
  9. Cookiebot

    Full Console commands list?!

    That is only server commands Not what was asked for!
  10. Cookiebot

    visible bomb model

    Why not both?
  11. Cookiebot

    Team colours

    Yeah, Sometimes It feels a bit weird to watch the killfeed Also I would love to customize the colors, aka cod4 promod style
  12. Cookiebot

    Remaning player count

    Ahh sorry fam, misunderstood you!
  13. Cookiebot

    Basic Issues that need immediate fixes

    It is a UI bug, your rank is going up! Will be fixed for sure.
  14. Cookiebot

    Full Console commands list?!

    I would love to see all the commands too
  15. Cookiebot

    Remaning player count

    @Criaza You can change it to that in the gameplay settings menu! It is the very last option (show individual player information -> Disabled)