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  1. Damn nostalgia

    Welcome man! You ain't the only one that got a itch for this game
  2. Sick trailer. Can't fuckin wait for this to blow up. Now to donate with this link on shrouds stream
  3. "Proved" Players & Clans

    It is not that simple. There are many laws in Europe that state what kind of information companies are allowed to keep of customers. Even if playing in a cheat free information would be amazing, your method would be such a legal hazzle that no company in their right mind would start going with a system like that. Only place I know something like this exists is China (Where the government basically own everything). Dude..... That is almost an insult towards the devs. I can promise you that batallion devs would not mind losing the "cheater" money if they could provide a clean game for everyone. This isn't a big studio with money greedy policies. This is a developer who truly want to give a good game, as their trailer state "to fans from fans".
  4. Never thought i'd see the day

    The main game mode will be 5v5, but the devs will release the ability for the community to rent servers and change player count as they please! I am sure you will be able to do whatever suits your needs
  5. Hey

    Welcome man! Hopefully we will find us on the battlefield soon
  6. Beta coming soon

    Yupp, easier that way
  7. 250 fps & 240 hz

    @qozmyox there can be screen tear, but it is hardly noticeable at that hertz. If you buy a freesync or gsync monitor it will adjust your monitor hz to match your fps.
  8. Customizable ScoreBoard

    I know this is pretty early to think about the design of the scoreboard. Still i think many games, even CS:GO misses key features of the scoreboard. Mainly the scoreboard needs to be uncluttered, and yet display relevant information. However, different roles could possible benefit to see different stats to be more relevant. For example, lets say I mainly play assault and have the responsibility to nade a key spot of the map. I would love to see average grenade damage per round to know if it is effective. At the same time, my mate is the entry smg, he would find entry kills much more descriptive how good he is playing he's role. I think it would be pretty neat to have a basic simple scoreboard, where you could add 2-3 different custom stats from a list (ADR, grenade damage, clutches, HS %, bomb defuses / plants etch) What do you guys think?
  9. Are you a grill? You might even get one if you are
  10. MOD training

    Cod4 training mode was also pretty sweet, you could place bots in common places and try to find new wallkbangs among other things too. This would be super helpfull
  11. Movement System

    And it gave you a significant advantage. So many good smg:s were able to rush before nades to A site on Strike attack thanks to some excelent movement mechanics. I, on the other hand always was blown up by that fucking car
  12. Automatics vs Bolts vs Semi

    Good points. I think that this will be balanced with the card system, and if you think about it maps were smallish in cod2 too, and there bolt actions were used all around. I don't think the americans had any siginificant advantage over the other factions with the garand and m1. Cod2 didn't have sprinting tho, who knows if it significally nerfs single shot rifles.

    They haven't decided yet, have a look here:
  14. Trello / Progress status

    Depending what kind of internal trackin program they use, trello is pretty flexible to intergrate to for example jira