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    no more update?

    I just hope they rework (resize) basicly everything so that the game looks realistic and consistent again. Some new and reworked maps would be great aswell. And I hope we'll get a better main menu at some point in the future. I would also like to spawn with 1 Frag grenade all the time. Smokes, Flashbangs (idk if these would make sense to get added), Molotovs, gas-grenades, RPGs, Mortar/grenade launchers, mountable HMGs (buildable MG nest), medikit (allows to revive 1 player per round, only 1 per round allowed) gasmask and heavy armor (decreases movement speed but counters explosives/gas) could be interessting to have in the economy system.
  2. HaraldQuake

    How about change everything

    Personally I think this game should be faster.. Played some MW2 IW4x and CoD4 Promod lately and these games feel like I have way more control (faster everything) and more fluid. Also maps need more small cover like cars on streets, concrete barricades, sandbags, low walls, fences, bushes, trees, etc. and more terrain. Just so you can use phrone, crouch and lean more effectively and in more situations.
  3. HaraldQuake

    Ah well!

    Try again next Update.
  4. HaraldQuake

    Strafe jump poll

    I don't get why all you respectless people don't just leave and go play any of all the other slow-ass 'realistc' games out there. Instead you keep crying about the game just because you are too lazy to adapt to some different playstyle. There are people in this world which liked CoD4 Promod gameplay and yes these people want a new game to play, too. Sure Battalion 1944 is far from perfect but let Bulkhead create their game (which is clearly meant to remake CoD 4 Promod gameplay). They market it as something completely new but you can see it's just alibi to not be a copycat. Sure they have added things to the CoD4 Promod gameplay but that doesen't mean they made / will make something completely new. They wanted to create a game like this so just accept it and play something else if you absolutely don't like it. Or just wait and see hoe updates change the game. I'm sure they will make changes to movement and weapons. The game just got released in EA. With more polish and more interessting maps the game will be great.
  5. HaraldQuake

    Game's Dead guys..

    First the game has to be fun (to keep players want more of the game itself. The game must be addictive), it has to play fair (so you can have tourneys on that uniform ruleset) and well (bugfixed). Then the game is ready to get advertised well to grow playercounts. With higher playercounts and some advertisement we get bigger events.
  6. HaraldQuake

    Gameplay and gun balance suggestions

    I'm ok with most suggestions but please don't nerf movement speed any further. The game feels slow already. Rather increase TTK instead.
  7. HaraldQuake

    Option to remove sprint server side.

    In my opinion maps need a lot more small cover (especially middle on costal) so that you can actually moce around and use phrone to take cover. And I guess nades would become a bit more usefull without sprint because you can't just sprint away easily.
  8. HaraldQuake


    I want a cod4 deagle equivalent in this game ^^
  9. Hey guys, I have some suggestions about Radar: 1. Improve visibility: mark unreachable areas with greyscale effect so you get a better overview. 2. Add an option to display each player in a different, individual color (good for ranked) 3. Add an option to display party members in a different color compared to other teammates (good for casual / unranked) 4. Add an option to adjust Radar scale 5. You can add a complete big Map overview with location names, koordinate-grid and more detailed information about teammates (for example display playernames and class) to Escape-Screen.
  10. HaraldQuake

    Planting Reward

    They should reward teams for planting/defusing with universal coins which can be spent on any class. Also please allow to take picked up weapons to the next round.
  11. HaraldQuake

    New Economy Idea

    Why not add a class limit per round? So that you can only have one scope per round, 2 smgs... Now with no limits it feels just so unpredictable. Also please reward teams for bomb planting / defusing with coins (these could be universal coins which can be spent for any class). And please up the damage for pistol a bit. In my opinion it should kill in 4 shots on stomach atm it's totally useless... Or make it possible to sprint much longer while holding pistol in your hands. (Just give it a reason to be in the game) And rename default-class to support or grenadier.
  12. HaraldQuake


    This game needs Death-Animations on playermodels. Ragdoll only looks extremely boring imo. Being able to watch my enemies suffer horrible deaths after some sick shots just makes any schooter game more appealing ;)))