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  1. Strafe jump poll

    I don't get why all you respectless people don't just leave and go play any of all the other slow-ass 'realistc' games out there. Instead you keep crying about the game just because you are too lazy to adapt to some different playstyle. There are people in this world which liked CoD4 Promod gameplay and yes these people want a new game to play, too. Sure Battalion 1944 is far from perfect but let Bulkhead create their game (which is clearly meant to remake CoD 4 Promod gameplay). They market it as something completely new but you can see it's just alibi to not be a copycat. Sure they have added things to the CoD4 Promod gameplay but that doesen't mean they made / will make something completely new. They wanted to create a game like this so just accept it and play something else if you absolutely don't like it. Or just wait and see hoe updates change the game. I'm sure they will make changes to movement and weapons. The game just got released in EA. With more polish and more interessting maps the game will be great.
  2. Game's Dead guys..

    First the game has to be fun (to keep players want more of the game itself. The game must be addictive), it has to play fair (so you can have tourneys on that uniform ruleset) and well (bugfixed). Then the game is ready to get advertised well to grow playercounts. With higher playercounts and some advertisement we get bigger events.
  3. Gameplay and gun balance suggestions

    I'm ok with most suggestions but please don't nerf movement speed any further. The game feels slow already. Rather increase TTK instead.
  4. Option to remove sprint server side.

    In my opinion maps need a lot more small cover (especially middle on costal) so that you can actually moce around and use phrone to take cover. And I guess nades would become a bit more usefull without sprint because you can't just sprint away easily.
  5. LMG's

    I want a cod4 deagle equivalent in this game ^^
  6. Hey guys, I have some suggestions about Radar: 1. Improve visibility: mark unreachable areas with greyscale effect so you get a better overview. 2. Add an option to display each player in a different, individual color (good for ranked) 3. Add an option to display party members in a different color compared to other teammates (good for casual / unranked) 4. Add an option to adjust Radar scale 5. You can add a complete big Map overview with location names, koordinate-grid and more detailed information about teammates (for example display playernames and class) to Escape-Screen.
  7. Planting Reward

    They should reward teams for planting/defusing with universal coins which can be spent on any class. Also please allow to take picked up weapons to the next round.
  8. New Economy Idea

    Why not add a class limit per round? So that you can only have one scope per round, 2 smgs... Now with no limits it feels just so unpredictable. Also please reward teams for bomb planting / defusing with coins (these could be universal coins which can be spent for any class). And please up the damage for pistol a bit. In my opinion it should kill in 4 shots on stomach atm it's totally useless... Or make it possible to sprint much longer while holding pistol in your hands. (Just give it a reason to be in the game) And rename default-class to support or grenadier.
  9. Killcam

    This game needs Death-Animations on playermodels. Ragdoll only looks extremely boring imo. Being able to watch my enemies suffer horrible deaths after some sick shots just makes any schooter game more appealing ;)))
  10. How is the sound/nades in this game?

    In case of grenades I think cs does them better. I played both cs and promod and I liked cs grenade design more. The thing is that cs doesn't have health regeneration and it has armor (and I have to say I really don't like armor in CS.. Or better: the possibility of having no armor).. This and lack of sprint change a lot.. Having WORMS-style set grenades for spam in this game (like promod) is annoying but probably the best solution. Maybe just increase grenade visibility compared to cod4 to make them slightly more avoidable.. Maybe make the grenade worldmodel slightly bigger or add a short trail-effect. Or experiment with their explosion radius and the slowdown time after hit.
  11. E3 Battalion

    Please don't add reddot-sights.
  12. Attack and defend gamemode

    I remember there was a map on cod 1 we played on LAN so many years ago. It had a long S-road, a church and buildings.. On LAN we played 3vs3 TDM with all weapons allowed. The map had a house with stairs, a broken floor a front and back entrance and windows. We always tried to capture and hold that house. It was a lot of fun. I guess this kind of gameplay could be replicated in a Domination gamemode map.
  13. For consoles: aim assist

    I don't think aim assist is needed. They key here is proper crosshair placement and letting your enemies run into your shots. I'm mainly a PC player but I also own a PS3 and for me MW2 was literally unplayable on console, because it didn't have enaugh options for controlls. Aim assist was always on with no option to disable it. There was no way to bind actions to buttons seperately. You was only able to choose between preset button layouts. When I used sniper zoom the sensitivity instantly lowered itself for no reason and even crosshair placement didn't work, because AA always made my view move towards the direction my enemy was heading to. For example I place my crosshair right beside a corner, then some enemy comes around and moves to the right. Normally he would run directly into my crosshair, I shoot and he would be dead. But not with auto assist. As soon as my enemy (moving right) came close to my crosshair, my crosshair started to move to the right aswell (away from my enemy) resulting in me not hitting the shot. So I think there should never be aim assist, but options for sensitivity, acceleration, zoom-sensitivity and acceleration while zoomed. Maybe even make it possible to have different configurations depending on weapon class. The only 'advantage' you can get from using a joystick is the ability to have a variable player movement speed depending on how far you moved your stick towards an angle, but that has nothing to do with aiming.. And air-strafing on the other hand is a lot harder when using a joystick.
  14. The mp40....

    Hopefully not.
  15. Melee and Grenades?

    Just make it like CoD. Melee is just useless in most games and in CoD (and Bat1944) the time to kill seems to be relatively low so it might be rather useless and unintuitive to have the knife as a seperate weapon. And in CoD 4 Promod the knife had pretty low attackrate, short range and no autofocus on enemy. It didn't boost you towards your enemy either (unlike it is in newer CoDs).