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  1. HaraldQuake

    no more update?

    I just hope they rework (resize) basicly everything so that the game looks realistic and consistent again. Some new and reworked maps would be great aswell. And I hope we'll get a better main menu at some point in the future. I would also like to spawn with 1 Frag grenade all the time. Smokes, Flashbangs (idk if these would make sense to get added), Molotovs, gas-grenades, RPGs, Mortar/grenade launchers, mountable HMGs (buildable MG nest), medikit (allows to revive 1 player per round, only 1 per round allowed) gasmask and heavy armor (decreases movement speed but counters explosives/gas) could be interessting to have in the economy system.
  2. HaraldQuake

    How about change everything

    Personally I think this game should be faster.. Played some MW2 IW4x and CoD4 Promod lately and these games feel like I have way more control (faster everything) and more fluid. Also maps need more small cover like cars on streets, concrete barricades, sandbags, low walls, fences, bushes, trees, etc. and more terrain. Just so you can use phrone, crouch and lean more effectively and in more situations.
  3. HaraldQuake

    Ah well!

    Try again next Update.