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  1. Looking for an alpha key!

  2. Looking for an alpha key!

  3. Refund

    Hi sir, Im looking for a key since i couldnt get one for myself in time. Would you like to sell me your? If yes contact me in private.
  4. Looking for an alpha key!

    Hey guys, i didnt manage to get in time a pre alpha key, now i saw that there are few guys unhappy about the battalion workouts, i would like to ask those guys if there is any who is willing to sell his copy to me, since refunds arent possible. Greetings, nikolev.
  5. Are refunds even possible at this point?

    Hey mate, im looking for a pre alpha copy, since i couldnt manage to get it in time, wanna sell me your?
  6. Order is being reviewed for accuracy [?]

    Oh lord, i have just discovered the answer by myself from BigTuna's twitter. I found out about the game only on the first april at 3 am after i got my annual nostalgia attack that always drives me to rewatch some CoD1 WHO Crew movie, guess I could not get more unlucky. Im dieing inside right now. Is there any way i can still get it?
  7. Hey guys, its since since 31 night /1 april that im trying to buy the game from humblebundle but i always get this error after an email that says Thank you for supporting the Humble Store! Your order is almost complete, but we’re having trouble verifying some payment details. Our support team has been notified, and they will complete the order as soon as it is resolved. and later on their site, Your Battalion 1944 - Alpha Access order is being reviewed for accuracy is this a problem of mine or is this happening to evryone beacuse its no loger possibile to acquire the game? thanks in advance, and much love for your work. xx