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  1. Player Cap?

    So I was just wondering have we had any information regarding how big matches can and will be? In terms of player count. I know they said they want to do 5v5 SnD as their main competitive mode. However my CoD2 experienced consisted of mostly 8v8, 16v16, 32v32 games on public servers. A lot of fun and spend most of time on public servers playing casual rather than comp and scrims. Can we expect such high numbers?
  2. Cod 1 map Harbor?

    Yeah I loved this map I'm sure somebody will make a CoD map pack once 1944 is released.
  3. Help us decide our competitive rank names

    I too would love to see army ranks signifying our rank, not only is it suited to a military WWII FPS and feels right, but I think it looks a lot cooler. Have the chevrons for the rank etc. My personal preference, ofcourse. Somebody came up with a great suggestion in the post before mine. Having the chevrons on the sleeve signifying your actual rank, if it could be done would be very aesthetically pleasing, for everyone. Once reaching Lieutenant or Captain you get the bars on the collar etc.
  4. Search & Destory

    That is fantastic! The bearer of good news, I thank you. I really can't wait for this game. Haha, hence the 'very rare' in brackets!
  5. Classic CoD1+CoD2 maps for the map pool?

    True, but renaming them something different and keeping the design would be a work around. Personally most of my favourite maps were community made and most have since been lost, however my favourites from the stock game that I would love to see in Battalion1944 are as followed; Toujane, Matmata, Carentan, Brecourt, Leningrad,
  6. Search & Destory

    My apologies if this has already been announced that it will be part and parcel of the game, if not then I would like to highly suggest that it is implemented. I remember mainly playing this game type pretty much, all the time during Call of Duty 2. It was fun, immersive, suspenseful and tactical. Not only that but playing a 10v10 S&D game on a public server back then, especially with VOIP, it was a lot of fun and you felt as if you were a team. For those who aren't familiar (very rare), it is an objective based gamemode where the attackers can win by planting the bomb on one of two objectives or by simply wiping out the opposing team. The defending team wins by defending the objectives successfully by disallowing the enemy to plant explosives at said objective, or by wiping out the attacking team. Would like to know other people's opinions and feedback on this.
  7. General Suggestions - CoD2 Vet

    Hey guys, just watched your gameplay trailer and I was very impressed. I'm very excited about this, as my all time favourite game is CoD2. My hour count for CoD2 was topping 3,000hrs, I was part of the player base from birth until death so I experienced countless mods such as tactical realism, zombies, rifle only. Great community made maps like Omaha Beach, Monte Casino, V2 (rocket facility), the list goes on. The rise and fall of clanbase, xfire, mirc for scrims. That covers most of my personal experience with CoD2, I miss it immensely, but that's why I'm here now in my no doubt feeble attempt to help. These are all going to be suggestions and if they are all already imbedded into the game then I do apologise. Game Mechanics -Melee; I remember 'pistol bashing/whipping' at the start of scrims to win decision on the choice of deployment e.g attack, defend. Huge fun and would love to see similar mechanics deployed. One melee hit with main weapon results in death, two melee hits with pistol results in death however one melee pistol hit to the head results in death if my memory serves me correctly. -Pick up enemy grenades that have been thrown at you. -Leaning capabilities bound to left stick in and right stick in (XB1/PS4). -Grenade landing nearby triggers voice from player shouting "grenade" or "take cover". -Cooking on grenades, timer/fuse. Damage Model Weapon balancing will obviously be an ongoing battle throughout the process of making this game, so I'm just going to hit you guys up with some basic suggestions from what I've seen so far from gameplay. Bolt actions shouldn't be one hit kill to the chest in my opinion, only to the head. I think it overpowers the rifles, taking into account the chest is bigger than the head. The time to kill for SMGs should be slightly higher from what I've seen, best thing about CoD2 was that if you were put in that heavy bleed state (screen goes dark red), a good player could find cover and recover or attempt to take out the opposition. From what I've seen, if you get hit by an SMG a couple times, you can count yourself dead. Customisation - Foliage cosmetic, Rosemary beads wrapped round rifle. -Pack of cigarettes, foliage on helmet. -Mud and stubble/beard settings on face. Gametypes -Search and Destroy; my most played gamemode on CoD2 and I remember it being the go to. I don't remember playing much else other than S&D. Would be hugely disappointing if it's not worked into the game as not only is it a great competitive gamemode but it's also very interactive and social. Being on a 32v32 S&D server late on the weekends spectating while dead listening and being part of all the conversation you can imagine some of the hilarity. Crazy how no other game since has that kind of atmosphere since, atleast for me. -Headquarters; I remember this being quite fun too, cluster **** at times but fast, team gameplay. -Scrim Mode; setting on servers just like clan base for clan v clan games, I remember it being a simple mod back in those days but would be great to have it already intergrated. If you have no idea what I'm on about I'm sure you can find it on YouTube but I would be very surprised if you weren't exposed to the competitive side of CoD2. Game Design -Gore; Would love to see blood effects added to the game, FPS titles in general have swayed from gore and blood more than ever. Not only would it be rare but it would be so sweet. Head shot ding sound off helmet. Lots of blood from impacts. Helmet falls off when player ragdolls to the ground if strap is loose on player (helmet customisation). -VOIP; Essential that the quality is good not only for teamwork but also for social. Would be great in the lobby at half time and end of game in scrims/S&D, can imagine it being highly amusing. -Weather; Would love to not only just different environments but actual weather during gameplay. Falling snow, creating an immersive feeling in a quiet forest on S&D for example. Rain! Not just the weak sort that stays constant through but maybe it fluctuates? Gets heavy then dies off etc. Just different weather effects that changes up each map, each round perhaps. Sound Design Tinny sounds whilst moving from soldiers equipment I always loved. Running in mud changes the sound of your footsteps etc. That's all I can come up with off the top of my head I'm afraid and this is only from personal preference and experience, so I hope atleast some of my suggestions helped abit. Good luck with the rest of production! Looking forward to release and you shall see me on the field of battle.