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  1. Joe Brammer needs a Pr guy....

    I don't think anyone is offended by Brammer being "real." It's just kinda ironic that he points out the one time Google messed up, meanwhile no one has been able to play his game for months.. and he bags on Google. lmoa
  2. How can Bulkhead Interactive change the momentum?

    tbh, at this point they could start delivering on their product. Only the competitive players remain now, and most of them are quitting too.
  3. Joe Brammer needs a Pr guy....

    Yeah, this is getting old really fast. Only two weeks into the game and now this happens. Too many delays, too many excuses from them, and they aren't listening to the community either.
  4. Joe Brammer needs a Pr guy....

    Google fixed their issue now. And Competitive matchmaking is still down.
  5. Question Regarding Modding

    What exactly will be moddable? Will we be able to tweak movement values, such as air-control, air acceleration, friction, etc. Also, Will weapon values be adjustable, such as hip-fire spread, damage, fire-rate, ammo, reload speed. Do you think we could get built in HUD scripting? This is more of a technical question, but will we be able to have mouse acceleration built into the game? But Quake Live, Povohat Mouse Acceleration Driver, or Reflex Arena's mouse acceleration options would be ideal. There are a lot of players nowadays that use mouse acceleration (mostly coming from Arena Shooters) and having this as an in-game option instead of it only being available via a driver at the moment, would make it much easier for competition as well.
  6. Aim-Punch, Is It Needed?

    What would that reaction be? And how would you counter it?
  7. Aim-Punch, Is It Needed?

    This was only a suggestion if we HAVE to have aim-punch in the game, which I hope we do not.
  8. Aim-Punch, Is It Needed?

    Yeah, that's what I thought. One way that you could have it set up would be having the maximum duration of the aim-punch that you would receive be based on the weapon that you were holding when you got tagged. So if you were holding the AK74u (800 RPM, so one shot every ~75ms) when you got hit, the maximum duration that the aim-punch could last would be ~75ms. So you would essentially miss one shot every time you got hit.
  9. Aim-Punch, Is It Needed?

    I guess I should use the search function more often =p After reading through that thread, it doesn't seem like there was much conversation about aim-punch, it was mostly about economy and then turned into a shitshow lol.
  10. Aim-Punch, Is It Needed?

    I don't think it would have to be significant (for the bolt rifles), because any type of flinch (minor or major) would cause the bolt players to miss. The SMGs would have to have none of course (like you said). I think this is the only reason to have it. Thanks for the response. Why does there need to be a feature that throws your aim off? Please explain why the feature is needed in order to balance the game. The reason it wasn't that big of a deal for scopes was because the maximum duration of the aim-punch animation is 500ms which is shorter than the time it takes for the scope to be able to fire the second shot. (So if they got tagged when firing their first shot, they had enough time to get cover and pull the bolt back, all while the animation was going on. No matter what, they weren't able to return fire fast enough even if they didn't get tagged because of the rifles firerate) The aim-punch was a massive deal when it comes to the AK47 and AK74u, as the AK47 fires a shot every 100ms (so getting tagged once meant that you would miss 5 shots), and in a firefight, that means quite a lot.
  11. Aim-Punch, Is It Needed?

    Aim-Punch is when your crosshair 'flinches' into the air uncontrollably when you get hit by a shot. Balance-wise, is there an actual reason for it to be in the game? Just because it's 'realistic' doesn't make it balanced and, therefore, a good reason to have it in the game. Imo, no, there isn't. Example: PlayerA gets shot in the back by PlayerB's first shot, causing PlayerA's aim to flinch into the air. PlayerB proceeds to miss the next 3-5 shots, but that's okay because PlayerA is still having to wait for their crosshair to recover from the aim-punch in order for them to be able to return fire accurately. PlayerB finally lands their 7th, 8th, and 9th shot, fragging PlayerA. In this example, you can see how aim-punch can benefit the player with more inconsistent aim. It actually prevents PlayerA from being able to fight back for the duration of the aim-punch. It snowballs the fight in favor of the first player to land a shot (which isn't always the better player). Some people will say that there needs to be a punishment for taking a shot, and I would agree with them. The punishment already exists, you have taken damage, therefore, you have less health. There is no need for another punishment, especially one that snowballs the fight in favor of the worse player. If you were to remove aim-punch, PlayerA would be able to punish PlayerB for missing those 3-5 shots by quickly turning around and landing 4 shots back to back, fragging PlayerB. This means the better player will come out on top, like they should. What are your thoughts?
  12. Battalion 1944 User Interface - Ideas Thread

    I like the idea of HUD customization. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to things like this. I made a post a couple of days ago in the Reinforcement System thread (I included some details about HUD customization from another game as well): http://forums.battaliongame.com/topic/2164-reinforcements-system/?do=findComment&comment=24996 The game Reflex Arena did a perfect job with their HUD system. The game comes with all of the necessary HUD 'widgets' to put you on a level playing field with your opponents. If you don't like the way they look, you have the ability to make your own by using Lua. (They use the NanoVG API to do all the drawing on the Screen for the UI). There are limitations to prevent cheating as well. If you're a player in a match, parts of the Lua system are restricted, such as enemy player positions, their health and armor, their viewangles, etc., but all of those things are unrestricted when you're in spectator mode. The game also has workshop integration, so you can upload all of your neat widgets (called Addons in the workshop) for other people to use! And they aren't hard to install either, you simply browse the workshop and subscribe to an Addon, and all the needed files and everything are downloaded and put in the proper directories for you. All you have to do is check a box in-game that will enable or disable it. Here are some examples of community made Addons: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=850067158 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=850072551 Here's a spectator HUD used for casting a tournament: My Reflex Arena HUD:
  13. Reinforcements System

    I definitely agree with this. Having an economy-like system isn't really needed, as it doesn't really add anything to the gameplay. (Imho, I think it would take away from the actual gameplay that we all love). It might add something for the spectators and commentators to talk about, but if that's the only goal of this economy-like system, then I can suggest many things that other Competitive FPS games haven't done that will add to the spectating and commentating of the game without touching the gameplay. For example: Spectator HUD Elements like heat-maps that have the ability to show things like a certain players route that they've been running off-spawn, grenades that they throw and where they land, frag and death locations, along with in-depth statistics can provide the commentators with information to discuss. They could further speculate what the losing team needs to change based off this information in order to win the next round. The developers could add a Lua based UI system that allows for the community to script HUD Elements (just like you can do in Reflex Arena). I believe Reflex Arena uses the NanoVG API to do the drawing of the widgets/elements on screen.