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  1. LoNeZiLLa

    Joe Brammer needs a Pr guy....

    I don't think anyone is offended by Brammer being "real." It's just kinda ironic that he points out the one time Google messed up, meanwhile no one has been able to play his game for months.. and he bags on Google. lmoa
  2. LoNeZiLLa

    How can Bulkhead Interactive change the momentum?

    tbh, at this point they could start delivering on their product. Only the competitive players remain now, and most of them are quitting too.
  3. LoNeZiLLa

    Joe Brammer needs a Pr guy....

    Yeah, this is getting old really fast. Only two weeks into the game and now this happens. Too many delays, too many excuses from them, and they aren't listening to the community either.
  4. LoNeZiLLa

    Joe Brammer needs a Pr guy....

    Google fixed their issue now. And Competitive matchmaking is still down.
  5. LoNeZiLLa

    Question Regarding Modding

    What exactly will be moddable? Will we be able to tweak movement values, such as air-control, air acceleration, friction, etc. Also, Will weapon values be adjustable, such as hip-fire spread, damage, fire-rate, ammo, reload speed. Do you think we could get built in HUD scripting? This is more of a technical question, but will we be able to have mouse acceleration built into the game? But Quake Live, Povohat Mouse Acceleration Driver, or Reflex Arena's mouse acceleration options would be ideal. There are a lot of players nowadays that use mouse acceleration (mostly coming from Arena Shooters) and having this as an in-game option instead of it only being available via a driver at the moment, would make it much easier for competition as well.