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  1. I bet we’ll have a new experience on our hands in the coming months. The devs are pushing to balance things, update and correct features, and are proactively watching things and reacting accordingly. Ttk still needs addressing, as does the way too accurate sprint jump flailing shots.
  2. comagnum

    Gameplay and gun balance suggestions

    I feel like you’re trending in the right direction. I’ve also competed in cod titles for 15 years and I have similar opinions.
  3. comagnum

    Message to the players

    First of all, I’m glad we have a good platform for constructive and productive conversation and ideas. Between here and Reddit I’ve seen a number of good points, ideas, suggestions, etc. However, we as a collective need to understand a few things. Firstly, issues with launches happen. Especially early access launches. This game is by no means a finished product and we need to take that into consideration before losing our minds on forums/threads/review pages. That’s not to say we should ignore said issues, but we also need to be realistic with our expectations. We’re currently a week removed from launch day and the devs have already taken action on a number of aggravating and game hindering bugs. As I type this, they’re still currently testing fixes, addressing crashing issues, and things of the like while also trying to improve the overall experience with map fixes, gameplay additions, balancing fixes, and economy based changes to the card system. They’re being active in their approach to this game, not resting on their laurels, and trying to put out the best product they can. Be mindful of these things when you’re having issues of your own. With that being said, please also realize that the issues and things you experience, especially related to crashes, are not everyone’s experience. There are a ton of different hardware configurations out there and I am fairly certain it takes a small development group a lot longer to pinpoint these issues and implement fixes than a larger group. Again, be mindful of this. While there may be issues right now, it seems like there’s a few of us (the loudest ones usually) that are convinced that the game is crap, will always be crap, and it’s never going to improve. These people are not productive members of our community. The devs are clearly passionate about improving on their game and I’m willing to bet that in 3-6 months time the game we have then will be much improved over the current landscape. Battalion will continue to improve, will continue to be balanced, will continue to have features added, and will continue to grow. And I’m hoping that we can come together as a whole and be patient, respect the process, and acknowledge that we’re still in this games infancy. Best wishes.
  4. comagnum

    The Best Battalion 1944 Settings

    There are no ‘perfect settings’ in any game. It’s all about personal preference and comfort. There are only suggestions; keep a sensitivity where you can control your spray and accurately place your shots (most of this comes with practice and muscle memory). Set your video settings to a point where you can clearly see player models whilst keeping the best, and most consistent frames possible. The rest is completely subjective and based on your own personal experiences and preferences.
  5. comagnum

    Generally irritated

    My advice is to not get upset with developers when your computer is a couple generations out of date. Computer gaming is not a stagnant atmosphere. Technology is constantly progressing, and in order to continue playing games, we have to adapt. That being said, get an ssd, upgrade your ram, and look at cheap video card upgrade options on Reddit in /r/hardwareswap or on eBay. Good luck.
  6. I bought the most expensive humble offering and I don’t mind. I paid to help a game and help the developers in need of money to continue producing and improving. I’m glad it’s $15 so it attracts other potential buyers to continue funding the progression of this game.
  7. With news of them revamping the card system and working on competitive balances, it reinforces my feeling that they (the devs) have the proper mindset for Battalion to succeed competitively.
  8. comagnum

    The card system is a great idea

    Card system has promise but there needs to be a loss bonus as well as penalties for dying to a bomb explosion, and a way to regain a few nades (through either defusing/planting/killing a planter/defuser or killing a player carrying an unused grenade).
  9. When they get to a point when they feel comfortable adding it. At this point that should be the least of yours, or anyone else’s worries. They have a lot to fix before they should even consider adding extra content.
  10. comagnum

    Fix or remove the shotgun, simple as that.

    The game is not perfectly balanced, with or without the shotgun. The damage should be looked at, however. Same with the smgs, mgs and rifles. A spread system for the shotgun pellets would be a viable option, as well as a steep damage drop off after a certain distance. I don’t feel it should be removed and/or nerfed to the ground. It needs work.
  11. I agree completely. While nostalgia is nice, and I definitely feel that with Battalion, there are fundamental keys to a games success. Balance, fluidity, and map lay out are the most important parts to a competitive FPS and I feel all three of those things need attention. The little things are what matter here. The graphics, are not important right now. Skins, are not important right now. The maps, strange peekers advantages, gun and card system balances, all of those things will ultimately make or break this game. In sports, coaches and players talk about the fundamentals and the little things being the keys to their success. They harp on them week after week, practice after practice. The same applies here. The fundamentals of a competitive atmosphere from a development stand point carry a vast importance. I hope we see that happen with Battalion.
  12. Thank you all for continuing the discussion. @saLz we’ve got a very similar mindset on things. You hit the nail on the head as well.
  13. I’m sure those comments will come. And that’s not what I want, nor am I expecting. I want Battalion to be its own game. But within that, there are things that are at the core of every successful shooter. Unfortunately, our list of successful titles is limited. Movement, skill-gaps, incentives (ranks, improvement, updates, etc) and proper maps are the formula. Battalion has the potential to be in that list of successful titles as well.
  14. Scroll down for a tl;dr I posted this originally in the backers section, but I feel the community as a whole needs to have productive discussions moving forward. Hey all. First off, I want to congratulate the Devs on a fairly successful EA launch. No launch is perfect, which we all as a community need to acknowledge, but your attention to issues that have arisen should give us hope that things will continue to improve in the coming year(hopefully years). Before I start, I’d like to give a little history of my experience; I am a former cod 1 - 2 and 4 invite player, in game leader, league admin with Cevo and Cal as well as the co-host of the first ever Cod4 tournament (xfire tournament) and creator of the first cod4 competition mod (DAMN mod). I also ran a tournament series called Gathering of the Nerds - a 10th anniversary tournament for Cod 1. I’m not here to tout my former glory days and e-accomplishments, I’m simply setting the stage for a productive conversation from someone who has close to 10k total hours of competitive play, many hours of admin duties, tournament planning, and modding since 2002. To start, there are a lot of things to like about Battalion. Their vision of Battalion being a successful e-sports title has a great foundation and as a former competitive player, I love that mindset from the Devs. Additionally, the guns, movement, and design focus is very conducive to a competitive atmosphere. The lack of fog/dust/and bevy of graphical options (even though we can’t use them yet) are again designed and created for competitive players. However, I feel that a few things must be addressed. I’m not going to talk about bugs, or net code issues, hitbox issues, and things of the like. Those are products of the beast, so-to-speak. They will get addressed, corrected, and patched as we move forward. I’m going to speak on core mechanics, how to maintain a solid player base, and how to create longevity that games tend to lack. Firstly, the time to kill issue, or ttk for short, is far too low. By that I mean damage given by certain guns is far to high and/or the rate of fire is far too fast. This makes smg’s vastly overpowered, as well as other issues arising in fire fights with all weapons. There was a similar issue in cod4 with the ak74u. It became a competitive nightmare. I believe that there can be some balance achieved in this area, but it will take time. Taking csgo as an example, smgs are situational, mgs are the middle ground between the awp, and then we have the power houses with the scopes. While I don’t feel like that model would work for Battalion, I still believe that some sort of balance needs to be achieved. This leads to my second issue, the running/jumping/sprinting accuracy. While jumping and run and gun has been synonymous with cod for quite some time, that sort of game play leads to a severely lessened skill gap. A game of this type needs a skill gap to aid in a games longevity. There should be an element of randomness, but mastering the nuances of the game should reward a player far more than a run and gun/spray and prey style. Accuracy should be tied into the movement, not be a product of said movement. What I mean by this is, standing and shooting, strafing and shooting, crouching and shooting, jumping and shooting, and drop shooting should all penalize and/or reward the player in some fashion. I’m all for cRaZy 360 noskopeZ and I’ve pulled a few crazy shots off in my day, but those should be an exception, not the norm. Load up any twitch stream and you’ll find ‘high’ level Battalion players sprinting then jumping whilst iron sighting, hitting insanely ridiculous shots that are insanely baffling and equally as hard to counter. Call of duty has always had elements of this, but I feel that it’s a little much in its current state with Battalion. There’s should be some sort of mastering of the mechanics. Again, take csgo as an example. The shooting mechanics, as well as movement mechanics, have an insane skill gap. From silver to global elite, the two are light years apart. Yet it’s not impossible to improve, which creates desire to improve, which aids in longevity. I’m not suggesting that the whole system needs reworking, I’m just simply saying that there needs to be some sort of penalty/reward system in the way of accuracy. The maps. This is probably the most least liked facet of this game amongst former competitors that I’ve spoken with. It feels as though the devs were trying to ‘reinvent the wheel’ in terms of map layouts and structure. Take any cod 1/2 map and you’ll see hat they all have certain things in common. A path to the a site, a middle, a path to the b site, and rotation spots for the defensive team. Now that’s largely simplified but seriously take a look at the layouts. Dawnville; graveyard to a, mid to a, mid to b, and hobo to a. Clean, ample choke points with rotation abilities. Carentan; arches to a, mid to a, mid to b, mg to b Toujane; same set up with the added option of the roof tops. Villers Bocage; similar set up Railyard; while a little different, there’s still a middle (hangar) with alternate paths to both bomb sites. Matmata; again, a little different but still two alternate paths to each bombsite With Battalion, while it may be true that there’s alternate paths to each site, it’s either a) way too open, b) too cluttered, or c) there are far too many paths. I feel that simple is better here. A, mid, B with little variance in between. A couple paths to one of the sites? Sure. 4 paths to the same site? Ridiculous. An open middle (dawnville is open) sure, but allow the attacking team to be able to combat that openness with out sacrificing the entire rounds utilities (coastal comes to mind). Even if you use cs as a guide for map layout, D2 is set up with an a/mid a/mid/mid b/b layout with clear direction on how to execute those attacks. Mirage, the same. Cache, again very similarly laid out. Etc etc I get the desire to want to do it your way and do it differently, but don’t try and reinvent the wheel. Competitive maps are successful because of their layout. Competitive FPS shooters are successful, in addition to many other things, because of their maps and their lay out. Keep it simple. The only map that I feel has this layout style in mind is liberation. The rest, miss the mark by a long shot in my opinion. The last thing I’m going to touch on for now is the card system. I’ll be honest, during alpha testing.. I hated the idea. I hated the implementation. I hated the stupid design. I hated the whole concept. However, after pugging and scrimming utilizing the system, I don’t mind it much at all. It’s interesting, provides a strategic element, and can make or break a round. With that being said, there needs to be some improvement with the system in general. There should be a system in place that’s similar to cs’s ‘loss bonus’ eco. Where team a loses x number of rounds and they’re given say, one of each class. That way, a team has an opportunity to regain some momentum. As it stands if a team gets steam rolled the first few rounds, it then becomes insanely difficult to regain any momentum. In a competitive setting, momentum is key, and as a spectator momentum shifts are exciting. Next is the limit on nades. I fully understand the idea of limiting nades, however, I feel 8 is far too few. Maybe a way to ‘gain’ a grenade should be implemented, for example a successful defuse nets one frag grenade for the team bank, and killing a bomb planter nets one smoke. Inversely a bomb plant should net one smoke and killing a defused nets one frag grenade. Something along those lines so that utility becomes a focal point of the economy as well. I have more I’d like to touch on, but for now this should provide some groundwork for discussion. Tl;dr love the game and love the direction; however certain things, not related to net code, bugs, etc. need work. Weapon balancing and time to kill tweaks, accuracy rewards/penalties to heighten the skill gap and reward players who master the system rather than abuse the mechanics in a run and gun style, map layouts and design need a serious look, and card system improvements.