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  1. yo Smiley played mw2? remember playing with a dude with that name.
  2. so do i, reason i know what you meant.
  3. just a tip change Holland to The Netherlands.
  4. you can also report bugs in-game see
  5. Nice forum update. Shouldn't this post be locked/sticky-ed?
  6. No Problem , Cant wait for the alpha
  7. Would it be possible to host a server during the alpha stages? this way people would play on a home made server during the week while you guys fix the new build and once it will hit Friday the client will update and is incompatible with the server and needs an update.
  8. True , after mw2 the ESL scene died real fast. @TemplarAsh The game is not even out yet, just wait until early alpha starts and then you can post your opinion on the game, changes you want to see. COD never was a 1 hit kill unless you would hit the head.
  9. Found battleye quite bad at least in Ark survival evolved it is. @the karma system sounds nice. but if you lose a game you prob would - vote the winner(s).
  10. How are you guys going to deal with, Cheating, Smurfing, Trolling? Since a lot of online game now days have problems with the Smurfing and trolling, while in the old days it was mostly cheaters.
  11. My apologies i tough you meant gameplay. and yes we do need a starter tutorial.
  12. @dirtybomb isnt complicated i played the open beta it looks a lot like tf2 unless it was changed.
  13. Thanks i cant Wait! the Option "Notify me of replies" does not work tough.
  14. Thanks for the quick answer, could we expect early alpha to start 1-5-2017 or 31-5-2017?
  15. Will there be a bug report ingame?