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  1. When is the next beta?

    We did i made a topic about it in the alpha section
  2. weapons/equipment should cost points/supply

    Same LOL didnt even see @love the dutch map (dutch guy here )
  3. weapons/equipment should cost points/supply

    It's for Beta/Alpha and backers! my friend has beta and i got alpha i didnt receive an email he did tough so yea kinda weird
  4. weapons/equipment should cost points/supply

  5. CoD2 Fragmovies

    here some cod 4 i love
  6. New map leaked?

    Ever tried to do a math question? Well consider doing that while there are multiple people coming to your room asking questions. You cant get stuff done quickly.
  7. CD Keys - Phases of project

  8. Rifle Balance

    1 shot kill if you hit the head and otherwise it's 2 hit's kill on the body seems fair other wise you will get more campers.
  9. if anyone of you are using hotmail make sure it gets the new mails i had a problem with that yesterday. out of nowhere i got 300 emails from weeks ago.
  10. Some new Devs on the Forum

    Welcome @[DEV] James and @[DEV] Tn6 good to see the team growing.
  11. Alpha 0.1 Times

    I understand that the first weekend is special but will the time's change next weekend? Lets say Friday 18:00 until Sunday 2:00 or will it stay until beta stage?
  12. Hello from the Netherlands

    Kinda surprised that how many people are from the Netherlands. Welcome aboard.
  13. On this forum there is a button on top called " Alpha Access " under that are 2 options "Orders" and "Manage Purchases" there both empty for me when i login into the Humble Bundle my order is there. is there a way in the future to add it or should i just wait until the 26th of may?
  14. Level design

    Yes i agree, i would like to see something like that indeed. if you look at Ark survival evolved they even hired a map maker so the map became an official one.
  15. Smiley Cod1 duder

    yo Smiley played mw2? remember playing with a dude with that name.