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  1. CD Keys - Phases of project

  2. Rifle Balance

    1 shot kill if you hit the head and otherwise it's 2 hit's kill on the body seems fair other wise you will get more campers.
  3. if anyone of you are using hotmail make sure it gets the new mails i had a problem with that yesterday. out of nowhere i got 300 emails from weeks ago.
  4. Some new Devs on the Forum

    Welcome @[DEV] James and @[DEV] Tn6 good to see the team growing.
  5. Alpha 0.1 Times

    I understand that the first weekend is special but will the time's change next weekend? Lets say Friday 18:00 until Sunday 2:00 or will it stay until beta stage?
  6. Hello from the Netherlands

    Kinda surprised that how many people are from the Netherlands. Welcome aboard.
  7. On this forum there is a button on top called " Alpha Access " under that are 2 options "Orders" and "Manage Purchases" there both empty for me when i login into the Humble Bundle my order is there. is there a way in the future to add it or should i just wait until the 26th of may?
  8. Level design

    Yes i agree, i would like to see something like that indeed. if you look at Ark survival evolved they even hired a map maker so the map became an official one.
  9. Smiley Cod1 duder

    yo Smiley played mw2? remember playing with a dude with that name.
  10. Question about the Backer Surveys

    so do i, reason i know what you meant.
  11. Question about the Backer Surveys

    just a tip change Holland to The Netherlands. https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holland
  12. you can also report bugs in-game see
  13. New Reputation

    Nice forum update. Shouldn't this post be locked/sticky-ed?
  14. No Problem , Cant wait for the alpha
  15. Would it be possible to host a server during the alpha stages? this way people would play on a home made server during the week while you guys fix the new build and once it will hit Friday the client will update and is incompatible with the server and needs an update.