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  1. Rangers101

    Update on progress please

    Well, i'm sorry to see it didn't work out. But i'm an old one (52), and been at these video games since the 70's. These young developers tried, but most all these WW2 games coming out early access are flopping. Even BF is not faring well. And the reason as i see it, are WW2, and most all these historical shooters are best as a Campaign. Not MP. Today, it's all about the red dots sights and easier ways to kill in the shortest amount of time. Thats where MP went over the years. I'm not a fan of it, but that's where it's at. Even when you talk about these new games coming on PC in the Civil War, Vietnam, WW1, even the Revolutionary War, they all flop, b/c they're all focused on MP, and they fail. For me on consoles, it was all about MOH from it's inception to Rising Sun. Brothers in Arms, COD Finest Hour to Big Red One. Even Sniper Elite on ps2, they were all big great campaigns. Until a developers comes out with Campaign based historical shooters, i just don''t see it working in this day and age. Sad, but i'm afraid true.
  2. Rangers101

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    I thought the last i checked it was coming to PS4 around July. Now it's next year ? Idk, this is the whole thing when you're dealing with smaller devs.
  3. Rangers101

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    They should've went the Campaign route. Everyone seems to be going to WW2. First COD WW2 got em, now BF is going to WW2. On PC, there's just too many great WW2 mp games coming out, that i wish would come to console, but it may be on PC counts are suffering for that reason. It's not that the developers came late to the party, but like Verdun, are being sunk by bigger developers who can come out with the games much quicker, and at higher quality, as i unfortunately predicted awhile ago. However, a great WW2 campaign would have been something unique, and really what my greatest memories years back were. It was about MOH in 98, or MOH Frontline, COD Finest Hour or Big Red One. Anyhow, i'm still buying this, but does anyone know when this game is actually coming out on consoles?
  4. Rangers101

    CoDWW2 is the best $60 spent

    Well, here's the two main big problems imo. One, gamers are getting older. I saw a pretty good vid, on why PS is beating the pants of off Xbox. And the main reason, seems to be "games'. PS puts out quality SP Campaigns, while Xbox is stuck in yesteryear, with Halo, GOW, and games folks played as kids, who are now outgrowing, MP games. Example, my younger brother loved Halo in it's inception, teen, but is now 35 and outgrown it. These very Devs, talk about their sentimental feelings of yesteryear. I agree, but, aging demographics are getting out of MP, and certainly away from twitch shooters. What COD was effectively able to do, is give everyone a place in their game. The Campaign is good, the WW2 genre is geared more towards older gamers, and they have a Bot Mode for those of us age restricted hand/eye impaired folks lol. This game, is a twitch shooter, mp exclusive. And so what i'm finding more sentimental, are those epic MOH and COD Campaigns, being, i can't play twitch shooters effectively anymore, or have the patience.. The second issue is, content. What's killing BF from a MP standpoint, and say killed The Division from a SP standpoint, is folks get bored quick playing the same maps and content. Even those huge developers have to struggle getting out new content, let alone this small studio. And so, although even if they do well with sales, the game base may not last. Verdun between Xbox and PS4 had about 40k players, but, it was a relative few maps, and bugs, that wore off very quickly, to the point it's almost literally dead. So, these are the minefields i see coming here, in addition to being a bit late to the WW2 hype party. I mean right now, they're moving the hype to BFBC3 Vietnam lol. That's how quick that went.
  5. Rangers101

    CoDWW2 is the best $60 spent

    Honestly, i have to say, i think this game may be in big damn trouble. I mean, COD did sort of slow the game, and got rid of many of the whistles and bells, and i just can't see after that, who may buy this. I will, but can we really say this rather small developer is gonna compete with that? It's like what happened to Verdun. The BF1 torpedo sunk it in the WW1 genre. And it's a shame, being it seems both these developers beat them to the punch, but, they get games out much quicker being huge developers, and these game are just too long to wait.