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  1. SupreMe

    Gameplay and gun balance suggestions

    I agree with all of your point except number 4. I think hipfire with smg's should be a little inaccurate, otherwise ads would be unnecesarry and they would just be railguns. Or just increase the recoil a little bit on the smg's, they are just too easy to handle at the moment.
  2. SupreMe

    Battalion 1944 - Re-design

    This looks pretty bland to me aswell. I preferred what that other guy made. It looked more modern and a bit like the menu's from csgo.
  3. SupreMe

    Red dots

    I think the radar is too illegible, clustered with vague colours. You should be able to locate in an instance where the enemy is shooting from. I saw you can download this radar for csgo and although it would not fit the ww2 theme I would really like something similar. http://simpleradar.com/ It's simple (hence the name ^^) and legible.
  4. 1. yes I agree 2. no this would make the card system useless 3. no you can ADS
  5. SupreMe

    Pick up sounds

    I agree. Cards pick up sounds should be client side only.
  6. SupreMe

    Dedicated Servers at start of beta?

    This game is in development for three years, give or take. I'm sure you can wait ten days longer ^^
  7. SupreMe

    Alpha gameplay

    It's dutch.
  8. SupreMe

    Where’s my key..

    I don't need an EA code, I already overpaid for one (this is a joke people, don't be offended) . A beta code would be nice though, but i'm not going to annoy the devs by begging them on social media for a beta code. They got better things to do, like building this awesome game!
  9. SupreMe

    Where’s my key..

    Come on, you can't be that naive? Well then accordingly to what y'all are saying I assume I don't know how kickstarter works, but that's fine. I fell for it once, will never fall for it again
  10. SupreMe

    Where’s my key..

    You're missing my point, but that's ok. Let's agree to disagree.
  11. SupreMe

    Where’s my key..

    I get that, but I still think their kickstarter campaign was misleading as they stated the full game would retail for 30 pounds, so i bought in for 20 quid. And not getting rewarded (in fact overpaying) for contributing to this game leaves me a bitter aftertaste. In my opinion this is not how the world works. If you take the risk you should be rewarded for it, not the guy who sits on the sideline doing jack shit and waits how thing turn out. Still stoked for the game, just never going to help fund anything ever again if this is common practice.
  12. SupreMe

    Where’s my key..

    I understand it and will never do it again ^^. Why would I take the risk for supporting something unknown instead of waiting how things play out and pay less in the end. This is not the way it should be imo. Backers should be rewarded not punished.
  13. SupreMe

    Closed Beta keys

    Are you sure? I'm a kickstarter backer and didn't recieve anything yet, did you?
  14. SupreMe

    Question about Closed Beta

    I believe the devs said that from that stage everybody is free to share any content they want.
  15. SupreMe

    Price Strategy

    I did not yet recieve a key. Did other kickstarter backers recieve theirs already? Anyway I also signed up for the beta, just to be sure.