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  1. SupreMe

    Gameplay and gun balance suggestions

    I agree with all of your point except number 4. I think hipfire with smg's should be a little inaccurate, otherwise ads would be unnecesarry and they would just be railguns. Or just increase the recoil a little bit on the smg's, they are just too easy to handle at the moment.
  2. SupreMe

    Battalion 1944 - Re-design

    This looks pretty bland to me aswell. I preferred what that other guy made. It looked more modern and a bit like the menu's from csgo.
  3. SupreMe

    Red dots

    I think the radar is too illegible, clustered with vague colours. You should be able to locate in an instance where the enemy is shooting from. I saw you can download this radar for csgo and although it would not fit the ww2 theme I would really like something similar. http://simpleradar.com/ It's simple (hence the name ^^) and legible.
  4. 1. yes I agree 2. no this would make the card system useless 3. no you can ADS
  5. SupreMe

    Pick up sounds

    I agree. Cards pick up sounds should be client side only.