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  1. Update the textures

    That video is very old i played the closed alpha is it looking way better and more colorful
  2. Just play promod thats what im doing to get ready for bat44

    Skins will give the devs more money in which gives us more content and also a lower game price which will bring more players. So I dont see why you are complaining.
  4. Stacks - in-game economy

    I couldn't agree more
  5. Stacks - in-game economy

    Yea the idea needs a lot of work. He was also talking how if you on a winning streak you can get up a 4 second head start which seems like it would be impossible to balance. Cause you could be on the bombsite before the defenders and it seems like if the maps aren't to big.
  6. A Lengthy Interview with Joe Brammer

    Yea I was a bit worried about how they were balancing win bonus by giving the winning team a head start. It seems kinda hard to balance but will see by alpha.
  7. A Lengthy Interview with Joe Brammer

    Just watch the whole interview and I would love to see a discussion of the details on economy system he showed to us.
  8. Specs.

    Yes you will be able to run the game well
  9. What would you do differently?

    About the hit markers if you are going to add wallbanging(which you should) can you make it like cod4 promod were you didn't get a hitmarker when wallbanging.
  10. Search in Destroy in Alpha

    Their will be a early prototype of SND in the alpha phantasy confirmed it.
  11. Error

    You can't buy the game anymore they closed it on Mar 31
  12. Order is being reviewed for accuracy [?]

    Nope im sorry man ;(