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  1. Battalion 1944 abbreviation

    i like BAT44
  2. CoDWW2 is the best $60 spent

    I hope there will be no paid DLC, no skin shop or other stuff that adds even more cheats. We want clean fluid gameplay (good animation race players) something simple cod2 nothing more
  3. MOD training

    it's this cod2 mod
  4. MOD training

    Hey, I come to you to know if there will be (or else to think to put it) a mode of training. To do strat nade ECT with the noclip as COD2. sYVET
  5. Battalion1944 Keyboard !

    Nice lean left/right and melée COOOOOOOOOOL !!!
  6. Server dedié

    thx cool
  7. Server dedié

    Hi, I wanted to know if there will be server dedicated or server integrated in the game. I would have liked server like COD2, more convenient to make wars sYVET.
  8. Greetings from Holland!

    welcom to france
  9. I find that it goes too fast (run), speed to change weapon and shot I like it. I would like to have the opportunity to lean right / left. The textures in the video of the building and others are too smooth, lack of details. Obviously this is only a game play ALPHA I am aware of it but if this can help develop to make us an even better game it is only beneficial. I can't wait to try the Alpha in May. too
  10. Alpha access

    Salut! beaucoup de français ici c'est cool Ok merci bha plus cas attendre
  11. Mod game

    hey! have a question. What will be the game mod? SD, TDM, DM ect. The SD remains the best mod for the competitions. I hope there will be sYVET
  12. Alpha access

    Hi, I just bought the alpha, I would like to know how this pass to receive the keys as well as to download the games. I am impatiens to finally found the sensation of COD2 :). I hope developers will listen to the community PS: i am french and i dont speak really good english pp