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  1. Hey all my 30 day free avg antivirus is up. Just wonder what everyone else uses? any recommendation?
  2. Re installed and put headset in mic, had it in just the headset one befor
  3. a short video watch in 1080p
  4. Fixed by re installing and using advice above. many thanks all
  5. did this put still no luck
  6. Thanks for it the advice, all taken in. Sorry for being such a noob, st lest it may give you something to laugh about haha
  7. Hmm strange it was longer than one second haha. ill upload it to YouTube or something similar
  8. Bugger. Any suggestion on how to upload? i jsit uploaded via the reply on this thread straight from fraps folder
  9. Thanks for the Info! Will give it ago later on this evening
  10. Yeah sorry for the lack on info, I am indeed very new to pc gaming so hard to use all the correct terms to describe stuff. Has anyone oke been able to view the gameplay I put up?
  11. Just downloaded cod2 but keeps crashing
  12. just played around with the settings and cant seem to help. there is deffo "purplenesss" ingame when i play, hopefully the video shows that
  13. Ah okey dokey, ha yeah maybe it is not very high end. I'll have a look around st monitors and a fiddle with the settings
  14. maybe its jsut me i dont no lol. just objects close to me when moving around sone seems as sharp or stable as they should be
  15. Ping is around 30 getting good fps It's hard to describe so will try to use fraps tonight and get some game play.