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  1. Scope Diffrence

    Maybe there could be a scope thickness as well.
  2. Competitive Players

    vcod - played in a couple TWL leagues cod2 - played CAL Open and CAL M cod4 Promod - CAL Open pug teams then moved onto CSGO and finished playing esea main this season. looking forward to coming back home!
  3. Competitive Players

    Played CAL in v/codCod2/Promod. Looking forward to this game.
  4. ex-MoB JoueFlux!

    Decerto brings back so many memories omg .... Good to see a fellow CAL player here. lets gooo!
  5. Cyberathlete Amateur League They had different divisions like Open, Main and Invite
  6. Hey everyone, Just wanted to give a quick introduction and a hello to everyone. Some good friends introduced me to Battalion 1944 a couple weeks ago and I'm really looking forward to playing it. The progress and dedication from the developers and staff have amazed me. I can't wait to support the game and see it grow. I started playing Call of Duty since 2003, entered into the competitive scene during CoD2 and continued playing cal-m / cal-i until promod. I really do miss the golden days haha. Crossing my fingers that this game will have a solid competitive scene so I can tapper off from csgo and come back home to a good ww2 shooter. Looking forward to playing with you guys! I already got my early access copy and am counting down the days til march. During the early access will we be able to stream the game? I would love to be able to stream it from day one! See you guys out on the battlefield!