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  1. Hey all, I was wondering if this has been an issue for anyone else. I've noticed a massive fps drop whenever I alt-tab back into Battalion 1944 while streaming. Since the launch of the game I'm getting a constant 150 fps but once I alt-tab and re-enter into the game, my fps is cut in half. It even dips down to 10fps at times. I've tried pretty much everything and even a fresh install of windows. I was hoping someone else would chime in hoping they have solved this issue as well. Details: i7 4790k - Temps are 58* under full load. 16gb ram 1070 gigabyte ssd Streamlabs OBS - Running game capture/nvec encoding Steps that I have taken * Updated drivers * Running game as administrator * Reinstalling Windows 10 * Adjusting various settings on obs * adjusting process priority of OBS in task manager
  2. dogo

    MAPS: When or where to get.

    Just remember this is the costal pre update.
  3. dogo

    MAPS: When or where to get.

    Overview of maps will be released soon. I know Howard is working on it. Call outs will be included as well.
  4. dogo

    Scope Diffrence

    Maybe there could be a scope thickness as well.